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  1. I think he said it had been used briefly in another engine.....
  2. What, you want them to fall off? You're trying to remove them? More precision would not go amiss.
  3. The left fender peak trim is also on and now the rear roof trim as well. The clips that hold the trim on have teeth that bite into the body seam so all were treated with a thick goop of Waxoyl before installing, to protect the metal.
  4. Is there a space to plug it in if the car has a subwoofer AND an iPod player? I haven't had mine out for ever....
  5. Better there than the glass roof!
  6. Just lots of what seems like the rear springs bottoming out on bumps but I figure it can't be.
  7. I think I need to do this....
  8. stickman would like to buy your dual exhaust!
  9. Ah thanks. I know my Mercedes has one of them too - noisy as hell.
  10. ....and add about 20 HP and 30 Nm of torque..... There were only 54 BRABUS diesels made for Canada. 4 Canada 1 cars (three all red - two cabrios, one coupe; and one all white cabrio), and 50 nightruns (all black coupes with blue-grey leather). The engines were 100% stock, with 40 HP. I think all the Canada 1s have been remapped by now, and probably several nightruns. Any other diesel smart with BRABUS gear on it is an accessorized regular diesel. Not that they're mechanically different anyway, but for the purists, provenance is a factor.
  11. Diesel BRABUS? nightrun? A remap by Flying Tiger in Richmond will disable the EGR electronically.
  12. Bad joke. Why is it that some smart owners think that it's cool to make the car do things it's clearly not suited for?
  13. That's good. I always get my best FE on the Icefield Parkway Hwy 93. Even my Mercedes B 200 5 speed will do in the low 5s on that highway, like 5.1 or 5.2.