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  1. Oh I don't know about that. I drove a 1963 Peugeot I used to own 580,000 km.
  2. Just finished the Granfondo Axel Merckx today. It was the least prepared I've been in 9 years riding the event with only 600 km of riding since the start of April - longest ride at one time: 52 km - so the 160 km was a tall order. I rode within my capabilities and finished. My riding partner (brother-in-law) is more fit (I am 110 kg) but he too hadn't trained much this year. Plus one his Cervélo R5's jockey wheels went bad (it's not an old bike!) and he needed three mechanical sessions at service areas to limp it home. Nice to have the 9 under the belt! Next year I will be in a different age category.....
  3. Interesting post. But I would call that scenario fascism. If even half of what you posted is correct, it's frigging atrocious.
  4. Eddy is very good but not really that much cheaper than a dealer. I'd still recommend him though, nice guy!
  5. That's what I'm thinking - that the sprocket failure(s) probably did a lot of collateral damage to the engine. So I'd agree that if your sprocket(s) go, do all that work. If your car's not showing any sprocket wear issues, carry on.
  6. And yet the dinosaurs are wanting to build new gas stations......
  7. The one variable that does not appear in the "150,000+ km time bomb" statement is the degree to which the engine you bought that was already blown up was over-revved, and how long it was driven with a failing timing chain sprocket. I can say that in my experience there are five or ten testimonials of 250,000+ km for every horror story like this.
  8. The turbocharger compresses the air and it gets REALLY hot. Plus there's some heat transfer from the exhaust side of the turbine to the intake side.
  9. Mine's always running in summer, kicks in around 25C
  10. I think the IC fan switches on at about 25°C. IAT of 100F or 37.5C is also normal, if the ambient temp is about that or a bit lower. Boosting up a BC mountain gets me to well over 80C IAT momentarily if it's hot out.
  11. You should be able to get to 16.7! That's what mine boosts to.
  12. I can't explain that lack of boost in 6th.....mine boosts to 1.15 bar in all gears.
  13. Let it idle after boosting on a highway drive for a few minutes. These tiny turbos are not water cooled so they do suffer from bearing coking.
  14. Same displacement; 45 HP then 54 HP in the last ones. Higher emission control standard.
  15. You're right, it was 74. LOL - 496 is YTD