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  1. ...if it's like mine, with a few "accessories".
  2. You disappoint me
  3. Got an extra large poop scooper too?
  4. Heater controls mounted - all silver cadmium plated Both rear quarter panel trims were mounted. New headliner mounted. Front part is not mounted because the windshield has to go in first. That's one of the next tasks: front and rear windshields.
  5. ...and even with 96 HP, the smart is slow by modern standards....as evidenced by the turbocharged BRABUS in Europe, which has more than 100 HP.
  6. In Canada the IC fan was programmed to run at lower temperatures (20 or 25 C) than it was in Europe.
  7. September 2019: Canada: 22 USA: smart sales not reported
  8. Something is not connecting in the CAN bus, so likely a wiring issue. Could possibly be the SAM. For the record: single horizontal bar = CAN bus error three horizontal bars = shifting system fault Very different issues.
  9. Not to worry. Europe uses RON (Research Octane Number) and North America uses RON+MON (Motor Octane Number)/2. The North American 94 is 99 RON.
  10. Today I bought a set of engine/transmission mounts for Snowball at TPM Victoria, 25% discount ("garage sale"). The car's engine mounts are crap now, time for a change! Same for the B 200 - bought them too and they're also gone.
  11. Wow, what a lot of assumptions. Running rough can be from a whole swack of things, most of which are cheaper to deal with than injectors. Try using a good diesel injector cleaner in the tank first.
  12. NOW you're talking! A secret weapon for when I'm 85.
  13. So this morning on the ride into work on my Cervélo - admittedly not trying too hard because it was cool out - I was thinking of this e-Bike and what effect it'd have on my average speed into the office and my fitness. Today's average speed was slow, at about 28 km/h (normally my average is 30-32). Today's top speed was 65 km/h. On the flat sections I was averaging about 35 km/h. So I figure if I got one of these e-bikes, I'd be no faster* on my 26.5 km commute but I would definitely be less fit due to the presence of electrical assistance when going uphill. I can see the utility of an e-bike for people who require assistance for whatever reason when on a bike, but in my case it'd be a waste of money. (*because they lose electrical assistance above 32 km/h, are not aerodynamic, have big high friction tires and weigh a "ton", and would be slower on the flats and downhill)
  14. 32, even downhill? That'd drive me nuts, because on my regular bike I'm usually at 35+ on flat roads. Downhill, up to 100!!