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  1. Our 405 needs some repairs that - at this point in time - tell me it's time to retire it and get something new. It has life left in it to be sure, but it needs a driveshaft, two new shocks on the front, a ball joint, 4 new tires, front pads and rotors......I am just thinking that I don't want to pour money into a losing prospect. The km is a little over 360,000. So I am looking at a few options. First the Cahier des Charges: [*]seats four comfortably, five adults in acceptable comfort [*]lots of rear seat headroom and legroom [*]lots of luggage room, more than the 405 preferably (and it has a huge trunk) [*]airbags all around plus side curtains [*]Maximum price with tax around $36,000 [*]good fuel economy potential [*]good car for highway road trips [*]manual gearbox [*]car only to be used infrequently, mainly for road trips We were considering a few cars: Audi A3 + looks good + good safety - only available with muscle-bound 200 HP engine - cost is above my preferred range - middling fuel economy - headroom and legroom issues in rear Toyota Prius + fantastic fuel economy potential, even on highway (4.x range) + reasonable legroom + massive gov't rebates ($4000 total) - rear headroom issues - trunk is smaller than 405's - brain-dead automatic transmission - safety is optional - need $4K option package to get stability control and sidebags Mercedes-Benz B 200 + good fuel economy rating on highway (6.7) and city (9.2) + tons of rear seat room, head and leg + looks OK, even though it's a van + price has been reduced to under $30,000 for 2008 model, without de-contenting it + heated seats available for $550 (used to be $200 more) - service costs will be high - no CDI!!! We would have considered a VW TDI wagon had they been available, but that is not gonna happen. As far as power and so on, I would find the 136 HP engine of the B 200 to be adequate....the car is supposed to do 0-100 in about 10 seconds and have a top end of 196 km/h, which makes it slightly quicker in both respects than my 405 was. That should be fine for our purposes. Any thoughts/words of wisdom?
  2. Just north of Williams Lake on November 10th, we passed 265,000 km. I expect to be at 266,000 when we get home on Wednesday evening. That's 100,000 km less than my Peugeot 405 went before we scrapped it after the head gasket blew. And over almost exactly 11 years (a few days over), averaging over 24,000 km a year. She's a workhorse. I expect our next car to be a hybrid Peugeot or maybe an electric Peugeot or other. Meaning, I expect to be driving this car for another 5 years and to 400,000 km. Got her some new steelies and winter tires (from my sister, whose B was destroyed in a collision) so it's black wheels right now, no hubcaps. I kind of like the rustic look. The hubcaps just end up chewing the paint off the rims anyway. It's funny going back to the beginning of this thread, with some advising me to wait until the new (illegal) VW diesels come out. Glad I didn't wait for that! Plus the 2.0 TDIs like to blow up real good. Ha!
  3. It's being used at the moment for commuting by our son.
  4. Hot on the heels of the identification of two more Canada 1 BRABUS cdi cars and their subsequent purchase by me and smartzuuk, it is time to start a registry for these, the rarest of all smart models in Canada. Until January 2010 we only had one of these in the VIN registry, the original concept car at the CIAS and Vancouver Auto Show (PIAS). The original publicity material from smart Canada suggested that no more than ten of these cars would be made for Canada. Various estimates of the number in existence range from 3 to 6, but we are certain there are 4 (although we don't know the 4th car's serial number (yet). If you ever see an all white or all red smart fortwo cdi (tridion too) please, if you can,record the last six numbers of its VIN for this registry, and pass it onto me or smartzuuk. Thank you. 253912 - red cabriolet - silver wheels - CIAS and PIAS Show Car 285108 - white cabriolet - black wheels - BC 287593 - red cabriolet - black wheels - BC 295910 - red coupé - black wheels - BC For the latest information on where these cars are, please see subsequent postings.
  5. The Tesla 3 looks to me like a Mazda 3 with no face, with an interior by the guy who did the first generation Cavalier. The tech is nice but the rest is meh, especially at that crazy price. The analysis of the bodyshell indicated they don't quite know what they're doing yet.
  6. Yup I got that; I meant that if you pull both paddles at once or one paddle and the horn, sometimes the confusion in the system will resolve.
  7. They're OK in the snow. Get proper winter tires: Continental and Bridgestone are two decent brands in smart sizes. The main problem is the car has low clearance so in deep snow it can get grounded out. Secondary issues are the ABS and the effects that has in snow (lengthens stopping distances in some conditions) and the ability to get moving due to the simulated limited slip differential that uses the rear brakes. This can prevent wheelspin in cases where you need it to get moving. But generally they're quite OK. I drove one from Toronto to Vancouver Island in a snowstorm in February on I-90 and I-94, and we were the fastest thing on the road.
  8. Try pulling both paddles at once, or honking the horn and using the upshift paddle. They're all on the same circuit and sometimes the multiplexer gets confused. Also, if you have carbon dioxide spray shoot some in the area where the contacts are.
  9. I'd scrap the Benz for 6 grand plus 5 more off a new electric car. But that won't be for a long time.
  10. 2.7L actually. Canadian Tire often has 0W40 M-1 on sale, at $35 for 4.4 litres, sometimes cheaper.
  11. My deep appreciation goes to John Waller for having taken a photo of the ID plates of this unique and historically important 404. It set world speed records for a diesel powered car in 1965, averaging over 160 km/h for more than 24 hours. The records stood for 13 years. 638033, Carrosserie 34, Monoposte, Diesel, 1962 (modified in 1965), Blue, experimental prototype 404 Diesel record, identified on manufacturer's plate as "404D 638033", Bodyshell No. 34 - meaning this car was built up in 1965 from a carbureted 1962 Cabriolet, Nardi floor shifter, in the collection of l'Aventure Peugeot, SOCHAUX FRANCE Total: 2190 !
  12. Well now that I've cut my teeth for nearly five years (!) on a smart VIN registry, I thought it'd be time to reach back in time 39-49 years and try the same thing with my greatest love in cars (yes, smart included, I'm sorry to admit that here), the Peugeot 404 Coupé and Cabriolet (404 C). This poses some challenges: the serial numbers of these cars are not visible through the windshield even if they were, there are only about three or four of these cars near me and they rarely appear on the road so "spotting" à la smart is out nearly a half century has passed since these puppies were made On the other hand, the VINs were dead simple back then, being only a sequential 7 digit serial number. Peugeot assigned number ranges to the 404 C, quite different ones depending upon whether the car had fuel injection or a carburetor. Coupés and Cabriolets are not identifiable from the serial number. So the methodology is very different than the smart spotting: I get into contact with a 404 C owner and ask them to send me their VIN. You might think I'd get no response, but so far I have had people share over 50 of these numbers with me. When cars get to this age, I guess the owners are somehow closer....? I wonder if I did that with all club members here I'd be banned for spamming Best not to think of that, Finding the owners is interesting. In pre-Internet days, it was nearly impossible. If you saw one at a car show I guess you could ask to see the engine and then have a peek at the serial number. Now with the Internet, a lot of owners find it easy to share information and that includes the VINs. So......17,223 of these cars were assembled in Italy and then finished in France back in the day (1961-1968). With 55 in my records so far, the raw percentage is pretty poor, .03%. But I would hope that perhaps as many as 15 or 20% of these cars still exist, so my percentages are getting better, maybe 2% have been spotted already! Anyhow, I thought I would share my latest obsession and maybe also put out the word to all that if you know anyone with a 404 C (yeah, right), please let them know about my list! Cars found so far Carbureted: 4495784 4496096 4497320 4498184 4498203 4498223 4498412 4498457 4498736 4498738 4498879 4499232 4499371 4499847 4499883 4499956 4670032 4670938 4671036 Fuel Injected: 4590120 4590175 4590219 4590936 4591027 4593113 4595579 4596027 4598544 4598557 4598609 4598615 4598700 4598867 4599100 4599167 4599493 4599598 4599740 6800274 6800519 6800984 6801278 6801658 6801663 6801894 6801986 6802060 6802283 6802292 6802340 6802594 6803095 6803319 6803410 6803412 Mine is in the latter grouping, somewhere Cheers
  13. Photos of some of the cars from the above post: 4596781 4593174 6802060
  14. I don't know, but it won't be cheap.
  15. Photographed outside Steamworks Pub in Gastown, 2010: 1908 Peugeot 40 HP Labourdette Double Phaeton. Chassis DDD1170. Registered in BC. When this car was delivered in 1908, Peugeot had been making cars for 19 years already. Photo by Beachhead Photography.
  16. Thanks to John Waller for this new list of previously unknown cars: 4596781, Carrosserie 8790, Cabriolet Injection 1965, Rouge Métallisé Cuir, Noir 2000, Official RHD conversion (1 of 79) by Distributors Peugeot Ltd., Marshall House, Waddon (Croydon) in 1965; spotted by J.W. in 1990 when it was owned by a Peugeot dealer in Cornwall who had owned it for some time; sold to a fellow in Backwell near Bristol who partially restored it then sold it on before completed. Original colour was Ivoire Safari. May not exist today, BACKWELL ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN 4596803, Carrosserie 8780, Cabriolet Injection 1965, Bleu Ciel 1041, Cuir Noir 2000, LHD, imported from France; exported to New Zealand circa 1998, had been restored to a very high standard at the time of exportation, NEW ZEALAND 4591311, Carrosserie 2399, Cabriolet Injection 1963, Bleu Ciel 1041, Cuir Noir 2000, SAN FRANCISCO CA USA 4592601, Cabriolet Injection 1964, Bleu Ciel 1041, Cuir Noir 2000, ex-(GB) MYR 135L, LHD, ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN 4498347, Carrosserie 6803, Cabriolet Carburateur 1965, Noir 1000, Cuir Rouge 2043, Last spotted by J.W. in London around 2000, LONDON ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN 6800090, Cabriolet Injection 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, Last spotted by J.W. around 2000 in London, LONDON ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN 4590453, Cabriolet Injection 1963, Noir 1000, Cuir Rouge, LHD, last seen around 2000, IRELAND 4596723, Carrosserie 8581, Cabriolet Injection 1965, Blanc Saratoga 1031, Cuir Noir 2000, Official RHD conversion (1 of 79) by Distributors Peugeot Ltd., Marshall House, Waddon (Croydon) in 1965; last seen by J.W. in 1994 when it was reaching the end of a very good restoration, ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN Total: 2189 !
  17. Update. Thanks to Simo Veharanta, John Waller and the other two owners who used the registry website to add their cars: 6801035, Cabriolet Injection, 07 juin 1967, Gris Clair Métallisé 1162, Cuir Noir 2000, Hard top, ST-VITH BELGIUM 6802223, Carrosserie 15454, Cabriolet Injection 1968, Rouge China 1135, Cuir Noir 2000, Imported to Brighton from Frankfurt/Main in 1969, LHD, Hard top, XC6 engine, front disc brakes, some plates welded on, sold in London in 1983 and not seen since, ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN no photo is available yet 4590701, Cabriolet Injection 1963, Blanc Saratoga 1031, Cuir Noir 2000, Bought in France by U.S. serviceman who owned it until October 2018, original paint, will be restored by SV Auto (svauto.com), Hard top, European model, ONTARIO CA USA 4599423, Carrosserie 11929, Cabriolet Injection, 17 octobre 1966, Blanc Saratoga 1031, Simili Noir 3000, Nardi floor shifter, Hard top, NEDON FRANCE Total: 2181 !
  18. Reminder: Don't use regular silicone when sealing electronics!
  19. The last time I had the dealer do it I think it cost $12 or maybe $15.
  20. That's right. The returning fuel gets incredibly hot.
  21. The fuel cooler stops the fuel tank from melting, so it's rather important. You could drain the cartridge and then clean and try to reuse the sensor but I am not sure if that'll work, if it actually was water in the fuel. Check what comes out of the filter to be sure.
  22. How a pisstank like Juncker can be the face of the EC is beyond me. They should be so embarrassed!
  23. Take THAT, Juncker!
  24. With Mercedes-Benz now being a fully generalist carmaker, it's clear to me that they don't need smart for their "cheap" cars. All their cars are "cheap" these days, at least in terms of comparing to the quality of Mercedes of old.