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  1. I bought it in Toronto and drove it across the USA at -23C - warm and toasty all the time....
  2. 4592513, Cabriolet Injection 1964, scrapped - someone has the VIN plate and Carrosserie Peugeot plate, BERLIN GERMANY 4599692, Carrosserie 12271, Coupé Injection, 09 novembre 1966, Rouge, Cuir Noir 2000, No corrosion, CABRIES FRANCE 4499099, Carrosserie 10520, Cabriolet Carburateur 1966, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, On eBay January 2019, poor condition, READING PA USA Total: 2201 !
  3. Well now that I've cut my teeth for nearly five years (!) on a smart VIN registry, I thought it'd be time to reach back in time 39-49 years and try the same thing with my greatest love in cars (yes, smart included, I'm sorry to admit that here), the Peugeot 404 Coupé and Cabriolet (404 C). This poses some challenges: the serial numbers of these cars are not visible through the windshield even if they were, there are only about three or four of these cars near me and they rarely appear on the road so "spotting" à la smart is out nearly a half century has passed since these puppies were made On the other hand, the VINs were dead simple back then, being only a sequential 7 digit serial number. Peugeot assigned number ranges to the 404 C, quite different ones depending upon whether the car had fuel injection or a carburetor. Coupés and Cabriolets are not identifiable from the serial number. So the methodology is very different than the smart spotting: I get into contact with a 404 C owner and ask them to send me their VIN. You might think I'd get no response, but so far I have had people share over 50 of these numbers with me. When cars get to this age, I guess the owners are somehow closer....? I wonder if I did that with all club members here I'd be banned for spamming Best not to think of that, Finding the owners is interesting. In pre-Internet days, it was nearly impossible. If you saw one at a car show I guess you could ask to see the engine and then have a peek at the serial number. Now with the Internet, a lot of owners find it easy to share information and that includes the VINs. So......17,223 of these cars were assembled in Italy and then finished in France back in the day (1961-1968). With 55 in my records so far, the raw percentage is pretty poor, .03%. But I would hope that perhaps as many as 15 or 20% of these cars still exist, so my percentages are getting better, maybe 2% have been spotted already! Anyhow, I thought I would share my latest obsession and maybe also put out the word to all that if you know anyone with a 404 C (yeah, right), please let them know about my list! Cars found so far Carbureted: 4495784 4496096 4497320 4498184 4498203 4498223 4498412 4498457 4498736 4498738 4498879 4499232 4499371 4499847 4499883 4499956 4670032 4670938 4671036 Fuel Injected: 4590120 4590175 4590219 4590936 4591027 4593113 4595579 4596027 4598544 4598557 4598609 4598615 4598700 4598867 4599100 4599167 4599493 4599598 4599740 6800274 6800519 6800984 6801278 6801658 6801663 6801894 6801986 6802060 6802283 6802292 6802340 6802594 6803095 6803319 6803410 6803412 Mine is in the latter grouping, somewhere Cheers
  4. Here are some more details: AO2 - pulse model C17 - dealer fitted sound system (they probably skipped the upgraded main speakers) EB1U - anthracite tridion colour IAAA - Twister Green interior (the stuff that looked tan was once green - probably the dash I31 - luggage cover I42 - underseat drawer I43 - pollen filter I75 - Leather covered steering wheel with paddle shifters R11 - sportline (skinny) 6 spoke alloy wheels V11 - softouch auto shifting V31 - tachometer and clock Originally the panels were stream green but the owner changed them to Bay Grey Metallic by 2006. This car was spotted in 2006 at a Club smart Car event at Qualicum Beach, and has been a Vancouver car since Day one. It does not have heated seats (S17) or electric heated side mirrors (V21) but is otherwise well equipped.
  5. Hot on the heels of the identification of two more Canada 1 BRABUS cdi cars and their subsequent purchase by me and smartzuuk, it is time to start a registry for these, the rarest of all smart models in Canada. Until January 2010 we only had one of these in the VIN registry, the original concept car at the CIAS and Vancouver Auto Show (PIAS). The original publicity material from smart Canada suggested that no more than ten of these cars would be made for Canada. Various estimates of the number in existence range from 3 to 6, but we are certain there are 4 (although we don't know the 4th car's serial number (yet). If you ever see an all white or all red smart fortwo cdi (tridion too) please, if you can,record the last six numbers of its VIN for this registry, and pass it onto me or smartzuuk. Thank you. 253912 - red cabriolet - silver wheels - CIAS and PIAS Show Car 285108 - white cabriolet - black wheels - BC 287593 - red cabriolet - black wheels - BC 295910 - red coupé - black wheels - BC For the latest information on where these cars are, please see subsequent postings.
  6. Welcome. It won't be a genuine BRABUS unless it is black on black coupe outside and has light bluegrey leather unheated seats. That version was called the BRABUS nightrun and only 50 were made. The BRABUS Canada 1 referred to in this thread is much more rare: three were Cabriolets - one white on white (mine), two red on red, and there was one red on red coupe. Send me the last 6 digits of the VIN and I will have a look in the database and tell you what I know about the car's history before you make an offer. Even a genuine BRABUS Canada 1 is worth no more than about $8000 today and that would be hard to get. So if it's a modified regular cabriolet, it could be worth about half that if it's nearly perfect.
  7. I have got a bit of an early start this year and now have 104 km on the road - 52 km this weekend and 52 the week before. We're heading to Europe, Britain and Eire for the entire month of May, so I had to start early! Over to you....
  8. The Canada 1 went to Victoria to the GAIN Classic Restoration and Collision Centre for its front end damage repair. One or more of the guys who restored the 404C will be working on the car - Coachwerks was sold to GAIN and their former employees now work for GAIN. I provided a nearly new stream green fender to replace the cracked one. I may have the car back next week. Meanwhile it's parked by an MGB, Austin-Healey 100-6, Porsche Turbo, Mercedes 280 SL and Citroën DS 21.
  9. Nice! Welcome!
  10. I am Mike, mainly a French car enthusiast from WAY back. Luckily the smart is made in France In 2002 I learned that smart -might- be coming to Canada, so I test drove a European 2002 gasoline cabriolet in Victoria (July 2002) and a few days later a bay grey metallic EU gas coupe in Nanaimo. Impressed, we put $500 down on the off chance that the car might be actually arriving in Canada in 6 months to a year. Then we waited and waited...updates trickled in...there are problems with the fuel system....more waiting.... At the begining of January 2004 we pulled the plug and seriously considered a Toyota Corolla. Then (saved by the bell) the formal announcement that the cdi was coming was made in February 2004! So we waited until April 17th, when we test drove a cdi cabrio. Impressed, we re-deposited our $500 and got in line again. I thought we might be getting our car as soon as October, but that was not to be. Official prices were released in August and we made our choices. We finally got the car in January 2005, more than 900 days since the initial deposit was made. The wait is worth it! Congratulations and kudos to Mercedes-Benz Canada for deciding to import this car!
  11. 14 years ago today we got Rana smartii, the green on black pulse that died in a collision in 2012.
  12. Welcome!
  13. It should have said "Outlanders Only".
  14. January 2018 Canada: 20 USA: 105 (of which 84 were electrics)
  15. December 2018: Canada: 25 (2018 total: 345) USA: 122 (2018 total: 1276)
  16. Not a bad proxy but then retreads will make a comeback
  17. I am waiting for the "EV fuel tax" to be announced. I wonder how they're going to do it...Canada does not have a road tax for road construction/maintenance/repairs. Enjoy the free ride while you can!
  18. The front rings are cast into the hub and don't crack.
  19. When the 404C goes back on the road, it will be with this - its original instrument panel. I tidied it up yesterday - took it apart, cleaned it, repainted the fuel tank and temperature gauge needles. The car was sold when new in Canada, hence the MPH speedometer. The 120 MPH scale was particular to the Injection version. The car came with an alternator so the "battery" gauge is a thermal voltmeter. The sports instrument panel I have the equipment for will go in once the car has been on the road for a while.
  20. I was sorting some photos today and came across a couple of my 1966 Peugeot 404 C looking reasonably OK....it is, after all, a restoration project car for sometime in the future and so it's not all that nice right now, especially in its partially stripped condition. The Coupé and Cabriolet models were built on a 404 sedan floorpan shipped to Torino Italy from Sochaux France. There, Pininfarina fitted the body, assembled and painted the car, trimmed the interior and then shipped the cars back by train to Sochaux for fitting of the engines and suspensions. This assembly process was very expensive, and so was the car, as a result. In Canada, they cost close to $5000 in 1966, which would have got you into a very nice Mercedes at the time. Still, Peugeot did sell somewhere between 50 and 150 of these cars in Canada between 1966 and 1968. Worldwide, about 17,000 were sold. Most of the cars sold in Canada had the optional Kugelfischer-injected engine, which is one of the sweetest engines I've ever experienced. It's a 1618 cc four, slanted at 45 degrees to the passenger side, largely oversquare and therefore smooth as butter. The engine was brought to a new level with the fuel injection. MOTOR magazine in Great Britain tested one in 1965 and found it would do 0-60 MPH in 12.2 seconds (that with the 400 pound test equipment!) and it lapped the banked circuit at MIRA at an average speed of 105.2 MPH. They said it performed like a 2 or 2.5 litre car, with the fuel economy of a 1.6. The Canadian 404 C models all had the optional NARDI floor-mounted shifter fitted as standard, which was only a dealer-fitted accessory in Europe. The 404 sedan won the East African Safari Rally 4 times, in 1963, 1966, 1967 and 1968, the latter three times with the same Kugelfischer fuel injected engine as my car has. The suspension of these Peugeot 404 cars was extremely tough and many 404s are still in service in Africa as bush taxis. The entire lower front suspension is made of forged steel, and the front crossmember is cast iron. The sedans were strong, but the Coupé was even stronger, due to them having the same lower body reinforcements of the Cabriolet, but with a welded roof as well. Most 404 fans think the Coupé is the best-looking 404. Fewer than 7000 Coupés were built, the rest of the 17,000 being Cabriolets. My 404 C VIN registry sucks but I do have 25 cars in it *well that was a long time ago; now it doesn't suck and it has about 2000 of the 17000 cars that were made on it. I owned one of these from February 1981 through July 1985. It was silver and rustier than this white one, but still looked good outwardly and went like a bat out of hell. I swear it was faster than the MOTOR test figures, and I managed to outrun the West Vancouver cops one hight on the Upper Levels highway in this car (well I was going at an indicated 110 MPH when I passed the stationary radar trap and so had a head start!). The car was beautiful to drive and Sandy T almost passed her drivers test in it. Got to work on that one......it was a difficult car for a learner to drive! I have owned this white car - which cost me $500 - for nearly 20 years and it's been garaged all that time. It needs a fair bit of surgery to the body due to rust; the car has never been hit. To that end, I have been accumulating as many OEM body panels as I could find over the past 20 years. The ones common to the sedan aren't too hard to find if you scratch deeply for them, but the ones specific to the Coupé and Cabriolet are super-rare. Fortunately I have still managed to get: NOS front hood from Sochaux NOS front fenders, L and R, from a Peugeot collector in Cincinnati OH NOS rear fenders, L and R, plus L rocker panel and under bumper shield from a Peugeot repairman in eastern Ontario other NOS panels from a vendor in Germany replacement trunk lid for the (rusty) white one in the photo from a friend in Victoria - the very trunk lid from the silver 404 Coupé Injection I owned from 1981-1985! new floor panels and other undercarriage items from Peugeot Germany in 1989-90 The plan is to restore the car once we have stopped hemmoraging money form post-secondary educational expenses.....which should be in about 8 years.In any case, here are the photos. The rear window's chrome trim is in my possession and just wasn't on the car for the photos.
  21. I'll be interested to read about the improvements over the 2011 we have at work. Will charging two cars at home bump your BC Hydro rate per kW/h up a tier or two?
  22. Two more - the total is getting close to 2200 in total, but I probably won't make it this year....my guess is there are at least 800 more to find. Like Pokémon, I've got to catch them all.... 6800559, Cabriolet Injection 1967, Submitted without information on Register website, guess it's a Cabriolet, FRANCE 4598948, Cabriolet Injection 1966, Rouge China 1135, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale December 2018, 42.500 Euros, Robergel wire wheels, restored, Hard top, stainless steel exhaust, CRULAI FRANCE Total : 2198 !
  23. Thanks for the reality check, Rick, It's not really "now restored", I meant the body. I have ordered some more Dynamat Xtreme to finish the interior soundproofing, a new gasket for the steering column (which has to go in with the column!) and a few other bits and pieces. I will commission a new headliner soon and once it's in, the front and rear windows can go back in. Victoria Transmissions will do a rebuild of the gearbox soon (I'll take it down in January) - new bearings and seals is all I think it needs. Then what will be left is the engine and upholstery. Well see how far the money takes us in 2019. ETA on the road is still 2020.
  24. Not replacing the Fiesta. I'll give the smart BRABUS away too. Then be down to two cars. The now-restored 404C and for the moment, the 270,000 km B 200. I expect to buy a new Peugeot in about 5-6 years, as a DD.