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  1. Jesus, that is pathetic! Zero QC?
  2. Update: ( no photo ) 6801368, Coupé Injection 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, In restoration 2018, imported from France, MAINE USA ( no photo ) 6802632, C Injection 1968, DieselWely Brenner GmbH is looking for engine parts May 2018, whether it is a Cabriolet or Coupé is not known to us right now, LUDWIGSBURG/OSSWEIL GERMANY 4670704, Cabriolet Carburateur 1968, Gris Clair Métallisé 1162, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale May 2018, MARSEILLE FRANCE 6802137, Carrosserie 15342, Coupé Injection 1968, Rouge et Noir, Skai Noir 3000, Inactive since 1977, soon to be restored, CHATEAUROUX FRANCE Total: 2150 !
  3. Well now that I've cut my teeth for nearly five years (!) on a smart VIN registry, I thought it'd be time to reach back in time 39-49 years and try the same thing with my greatest love in cars (yes, smart included, I'm sorry to admit that here), the Peugeot 404 Coupé and Cabriolet (404 C). This poses some challenges: the serial numbers of these cars are not visible through the windshield even if they were, there are only about three or four of these cars near me and they rarely appear on the road so "spotting" à la smart is out nearly a half century has passed since these puppies were made On the other hand, the VINs were dead simple back then, being only a sequential 7 digit serial number. Peugeot assigned number ranges to the 404 C, quite different ones depending upon whether the car had fuel injection or a carburetor. Coupés and Cabriolets are not identifiable from the serial number. So the methodology is very different than the smart spotting: I get into contact with a 404 C owner and ask them to send me their VIN. You might think I'd get no response, but so far I have had people share over 50 of these numbers with me. When cars get to this age, I guess the owners are somehow closer....? I wonder if I did that with all club members here I'd be banned for spamming Best not to think of that, Finding the owners is interesting. In pre-Internet days, it was nearly impossible. If you saw one at a car show I guess you could ask to see the engine and then have a peek at the serial number. Now with the Internet, a lot of owners find it easy to share information and that includes the VINs. So......17,223 of these cars were assembled in Italy and then finished in France back in the day (1961-1968). With 55 in my records so far, the raw percentage is pretty poor, .03%. But I would hope that perhaps as many as 15 or 20% of these cars still exist, so my percentages are getting better, maybe 2% have been spotted already! Anyhow, I thought I would share my latest obsession and maybe also put out the word to all that if you know anyone with a 404 C (yeah, right), please let them know about my list! Cars found so far Carbureted: 4495784 4496096 4497320 4498184 4498203 4498223 4498412 4498457 4498736 4498738 4498879 4499232 4499371 4499847 4499883 4499956 4670032 4670938 4671036 Fuel Injected: 4590120 4590175 4590219 4590936 4591027 4593113 4595579 4596027 4598544 4598557 4598609 4598615 4598700 4598867 4599100 4599167 4599493 4599598 4599740 6800274 6800519 6800984 6801278 6801658 6801663 6801894 6801986 6802060 6802283 6802292 6802340 6802594 6803095 6803319 6803410 6803412 Mine is in the latter grouping, somewhere Cheers
  4. January 2018 Canada: 20 USA: 105 (of which 84 were electrics)
  5. 26 of the 35 cars sold in March were electrics.
  6. We are in Japan again. This time we've seen 4 smarts in 5 days: a blue and grey 450 coupe in Tokyo, a black/black 451 in Tokyo, and these two forfours in Kyoto. The first two spots were in fast moving traffic, so I could not get the camera ready in time!
  7. The bambis really like acorns. You can make them do tricks with those. We did that.
  8. We're back home now. I don't have other smart photos to share but I thought members here could be interested in this: We rented a Kei-car in Nagano for one day 10 days ago and we did a long tour through the Japanese Alps to the Snow Monkey (Japanese Macaque) Park: Toyota Pixis Joy. With a 658 cc engine and no turbo, and four up, it was a little slow but was fun to drive. It's made for Toyota by their subsidiary, Daihatsu. You can see one of our daughters dashing up to read the piste map in the super heavy rain! The other rental car was kind of boring: a Toyota Corolla Axio sedan. It definitely was quicker and had more luggage room than the Pixis Joy, but not as fun. I shared driving duties of both cars with one of our daughters.
  9. April 2018: Canada: 33 USA: 93 The death watch continues....
  10. I haven't seen a smart for over a week now but I did see this cutie today. We're driving a Toyota Corolla Axio all over Izu Peninsula.
  11. I test drove one with auto a couple of years ago and there was no 1 second lag. The only complaint I had about it was the lurching into first gear when decelerating in heavy traffic.
  12. Apparently the cause of the rash of fires is flammable (!!) insulation that falls onto the engine. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/smart-vehicles-recall-engine-fire-1.4657669 Thanks to Muriel for the tip.
  13. Reading the OP I get the idea that it's a more than one second lag, and there should be zero lag when stabbing the accelerator pedal, hill holder or not. The car should move off the line smartly immediately. The idea that the car shifts to neutral at a stop is just wrong. First is selected and the clutch is disengaged, unless the driver shifts the car to neutral. The full stop is a good reminder for everyone - no "California Stops" where you roll through a stop sign. That could lead to some weird laggy situations when shifting to reverse in particular!
  14. Assuming it's under warranty, get it into M-B pronto for a warranty check. Neither of those things is normal.
  15. Multiplexers are the bane of the analog home mechanic.
  16. It's not the map - something else is wrong. Even a stock cdi will go 130 km/h. Check for codes that don't generate CEL.
  17. It is possible but TAN codes would be needed and frankly it'd be easier and far cheaper now that 450s are basically free to find another 450 with opening sunroof and sell the one you have.
  18. Enjoy!! They're really fun to drive. I drove the 82 HP middle of the range version in France in 2005 and I imagine the BRABUS would be even better, with its extra 17 HP. They had their fair share of quality control problems but on a nice day, no worries!
  19. We were in Nara today to feed the bambis... and look what was there. Pulse RHD with black steelies.
  20. Haha and a good play on the German slang for thief too!
  21. Yes, and one can only wonder at the complexity of this new technology and how it will work at age 20 and 350K km.
  22. A crank sensor? Really?
  23. I think wanting 1 cm more tread width at the expense of ESP issues is not an experiment worth doing. Either go back to the 1 cm narrower 175/55-15 on the rear or get proper wider rims with smart-recommended tire sizes front/rear. Also, if the car has 145s on the front and 185s on the rear, it will just increase the understeer.
  24. Huronlad is correct, your rear tires have to go.