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  1. What's the reason for cleaning the intake? I haven't needed to do that in 400,000 km of diesel smart motoring. The EGR will have to be removed to clean it.
  2. A few more: 4495163, Carrosserie 132, Cabriolet Carburateur 1962, Bleu Pavone 1036, Cuir Naturel 2034, A vendre été 2019, WATERLOO BELGIUM 4596405, Cabriolet Injection 1965, Voiture chez As.oldcars pour les travaux sur trains avant et arrière, BLANCAFORT FRANCE 4497485, Cabriolet Carburateur, 01 septembre 1964, Blanc Saratoga 1031, Cuir Noir 2000, Véhicule à restaurer, ARTANNES-SUR-THOUET FRANCE 6802446, Carrosserie 15772, Cabriolet Injection 1968, Rouge, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale August 2019 on eBay Kleinanzeigen, 15,800 Euros, 2 hard tops, carbureted engine , NEUHAUS GERMANY 4670437, Coupé Carburateur 1967, Noir 1000, Simili Noir 3000, A vendre Août 2019, 29.900 Euro, CLERMONT-FERRAND FRANCE 4499154, Carrosserie 10743, Cabriolet Carburateur, 11 mai 1966, Cuir Noir 2000 Véhicule resté dans la même famille, VALENCIENNES FRANCE 6803189, Carrosserie 16714, Cabriolet Injection 1968, Épave pour pièces, sélecteur Nardi, Tableau de bord Jaeger, ST-JEAN-BREVELAY FRANCE 4592837, Cabriolet Injection, 05 mars 1964, Pour restauration, complètement démonté, SARTROUVILLE FRANCE 4670830, Coupé Carburateur 1968, Pour pièces seulement, SARTROUVILLE FRANCE 68012xx, Carrosserie 14038, Cabriolet Injection 1967, Rouge China 1135, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale September 2019, HOMBURG GERMANY Total: 2352 ! A photograph of each vehicles is visible on the Register website under the VIN.
  3. Original Italian rubber mats glued in on the passenger side. 53 years old and still in good shape.
  4. Sounds like oil pump chain failure. If that's what it is, it's pretty much terminal.
  5. That nose looks a LOT better than on the first one, but the same old range is a disappointment. In theory, because of the decision to pull out....
  6. A NORMAL radio only draws that much. A faulty one will drain it overnight. I know of two diesel fortwos that had mysterious drains that ended up being a faulty Grundig unit.
  7. The wiring harness is fine - the stupid thing is putting the full amperage through the SAM. So the solution if the SAM is not toasted totally is to mount three external relays.
  8. That's a gasoline engine so you need to contact smart in Europe. And they may not be able to help either if the number on the block is cast and not cold chiselled.
  9. July 2019: Canada: 25 USA: 56 August 2019: Canada: 21 USA: 74 I won't be doing this much longer, as the car is phased out.
  10. Shoot, 30 km/h is what I average on the 27 km into work on my racing bikes when not trying too hard.
  11. It'll take about 4 weeks of riding every few days to break your butt into the saddle....it will be sore but then it gets better. I do 2500-5000 km a year on a racing bike and once the butt is broken in, you're good to go.
  12. I mounted the sill trims (stainless steel) yesterday. And today I retrimmed the driver's door panel in vinyl to match the seats. It turned out well, despite me being an amateur. Next: passenger side....
  13. It's probably a function of driving cycle and style. The more the EGR is open and the shorter the trips, the more of a problem it will be. Some remaps disable the EGR while leaving it in place. That's the case with my 2006 Canada 1 BRABUS. 150,000 km now. The first smart I had was a 2005, stock engine, and it had one new EGR under warranty at 60,000 km (it was not the problem, virtually clean) and the second updated one lasted the next 190,000 km it was perfectly fine, never needing a cleaning. This car was driven at least 27 km at a time and often 100 km at one time, on the highway. It's just anecdotal but maybe useful.
  14. Only in Europe, where the 06 models had a DPF. The DPF blunted the responsiveness so much they had to shorten the final drive ratio. Canadian cars never had the DPF or revised gearing.
  15. Check for chewed or chafed wires near the intercooler fan (below the car)
  16. The other thing to consider is they're kind of slow. Even the BRABUS version with 101 HP does 0-100 km/h in just a tick under 10 seconds, and the top speed is 190 (which in Canada is plenty). So nearly all new cars, commercial vans and other light vehicles will be quicker. They are fun to drive but I'm not sure about the ownership prospect. If you get a good one, it'll be fine, and if you get a bad one, you'll not be having much fun.
  17. Make sure it's been leakproofed according to the service bulletin. They are nicknamed "leakster" in Britain for a good reason. I test drove one when new in France and I could tell they were not properly developed. The roof messed up on (the new) car when closing it. LHD would be better, obviously.
  18. I think he said it had been used briefly in another engine.....
  19. What, you want them to fall off? You're trying to remove them? More precision would not go amiss.
  20. The left fender peak trim is also on and now the rear roof trim as well. The clips that hold the trim on have teeth that bite into the body seam so all were treated with a thick goop of Waxoyl before installing, to protect the metal.
  21. Is there a space to plug it in if the car has a subwoofer AND an iPod player? I haven't had mine out for ever....
  22. Better there than the glass roof!
  23. Welcome!
  24. Just lots of what seems like the rear springs bottoming out on bumps but I figure it can't be.