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  1. It's not the map - something else is wrong. Even a stock cdi will go 130 km/h. Check for codes that don't generate CEL.
  2. It is possible but TAN codes would be needed and frankly it'd be easier and far cheaper now that 450s are basically free to find another 450 with opening sunroof and sell the one you have.
  3. Enjoy!! They're really fun to drive. I drove the 82 HP middle of the range version in France in 2005 and I imagine the BRABUS would be even better, with its extra 17 HP. They had their fair share of quality control problems but on a nice day, no worries!
  4. We were in Nara today to feed the bambis... and look what was there. Pulse RHD with black steelies.
  5. Haha and a good play on the German slang for thief too!
  6. Yes, and one can only wonder at the complexity of this new technology and how it will work at age 20 and 350K km.
  7. A crank sensor? Really?
  8. I think wanting 1 cm more tread width at the expense of ESP issues is not an experiment worth doing. Either go back to the 1 cm narrower 175/55-15 on the rear or get proper wider rims with smart-recommended tire sizes front/rear. Also, if the car has 145s on the front and 185s on the rear, it will just increase the understeer.
  9. Huronlad is correct, your rear tires have to go.
  10. Pull the high beam stalk while unlocking the car from the fob. IIRC this disables DRL. Lock does the reverse.
  11. pulses came with alloy wheels! More likely a pure, but who knows....
  12. 4.25 is quite OK - my lifetime average with the modified Canada 1 is just about 0.03L less than that. Anywhere in the low 4s is decent. Carefully driven at speed limits, the mid-3s are possible.
  13. ScanGauges are not particularly accurate for fuel consumption and need to be carefully calibrated for semi-accurate results. I have 370,000 km of records to show that
  14. Total litres, divided by how many hundred km you went on the tank. For example: 20L and 450 km: 20/4.50 = 4.44 L/100
  15. Well that just sucks and it's weird too because they're not exactly rare wheels. May be a slimeball pure owner.... So: look for pures riding on styleline wheels. This could be in the General forum. But I can't move it for you.
  16. Put it in the pump nozzle before pumping fuel and then it's easy.
  17. No worries, mine's fully loaded and hence needs no upgrades, but it's always interesting to see what others have done.
  18. Welcome, more detail and photos please.
  19. It's the ratio that matters. I usually put 30 mL in each tank, of Petrolabs which is probably too much but those puppies gum up really badly if there is not enough.
  20. Welcome back, Noah. Mercedes is going to hell in a handbasket - I think their new cars are utter crap; in chasing the mass market they have sacrificed the good taste and higher quality of 30 years ago for a quick buck. However, some of the dealers are still good. Three Point Motors in BC has good service.
  21. It could be worth a trip north of the border if this persists....
  22. After buying a Fiesta for the kids to drive I will never buy another Ford again. Hah! The tech in Diesels has been teased too much, they're too complex. I thought for a short while about buying a new Mercedes E 250 a couple of years back but the incredibly complex technology is a major turnoff, so decided against it. They probably cheated on emissions too. This is not the W123 of old, good for 600,000 km of relatively trouble-free driving.
  23. Himself being a TV star in the fifties, this was pretty good!
  24. Mine's been good for three years and still looks good too.
  25. I bought a fob shell for my third key from China. I just needed the bit with the buttons on it and it snapped beautifully into place on the OE other half. The only issue is that there's a pictogram of an open hatch on the third button instead of an opening top. As far as programming, when my SAM failed TPM had to reactivate all the TAN codes (including cruise control, but that's another discussion!) and I gave them the third fob from our written off first smart and now I have three working keys. The cost was high for SAM replacement but the extra key cost nothing.