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  1. "Report" does nothing of the sort but I can't actually remember wha it does. If you post the last 6 digits of the VIN I may be able to tell you something about the car's history.
  2. The last time that car was spotted was 2011 in Oakville...which must have been before you sold it. It had a BRABUS grille. Sorry I don't have newer data. But if you have Autocheck, Carfax or something similar you can get its latest whereabouts.
  3. G&K converted just over 1000 of these and so there are some others for sure.
  4. Nice, what are the last 6 numbers of the VIN? They are decent engines but do need regular maintenance.
  5. In BC where I live, more than 95% of power comes from hydro. We presently export huge amounts (at a loss) to the USA. So at least here, operating an EV is not adding much to the pollution burden and there is capacity to repatriate exported power when contracts expire. Even though dams flood thousands of hectares of carbon sink and the concrete they're made of is on the most wanted list for carbon dioxide....
  6. He got it here, landed and tested, for $17K. Good deal!
  7. Today's bit of fun, a friend dropped by in his Japanese import Alpine-Renault in LHD. The year is 1989, the engine is a PRV 90 degree V6 with a big turbo, top speed is 250+ km/h. It was a great pleasure to finally drive one of these!
  8. VIN? Or at least the last 6 digits?
  9. Just an update for the new members (since 2005!): We have the VIN of every smart 450 diesel that was imported to Canada. On top of that, Max J. in Ontario downloaded from the WIS (electronic parts manual) the complete set of SA Codes for every diesel smart. Well, almost complete; colour data for panels, tridion and upholstery are missing for about 2500 of the 10,239 cars. But, the good news is that a lot of those gaps were filled in by actual car spotting by members of this Club. I also did an Autocheck search on every single smart 450 cdi VIN in 2012, and got location data (town, province) as well as damage status (insurance claims). So we have a reasonable base of information. If you have any questions, go ahead!
  10. On the ride east, I would always take the Crowsnest. Once into Alberta, the secondary roads that parallel the Crowsnest and TCH.
  11. I have the first owner's name if you are interested, but I won't post it here.
  12. Good question. Let me check....11 are known to be scrapped due to collisions, but my VIN data were collected in 2012 and therefore are out of date and if 150 of the 200 are still on the road, I'd be surprised.
  13. July 2018: 31 Canada 103 USA
  14. WPG railway museum has the first western Canadian CPR locomotive! We were there a week ago.
  15. No news, Ron? Meanwhile I rode to work on Wednesday and Friday, getting up to 1700 km for the year. Should do another 70-80 sometime this weekend.
  16. Huronlad is correct. Technically none of these will be legal to import to USA until they're 25. The emission certification sticker clearly states they're not intended for sale in the USA. There are certain states that evidently have loopholes but I don't think NY is one of them.
  17. The roadster is too low to have the double floor. And any 'bike engine in any smart would be WAY to frenetic for me and my wife. We like our comfort: quiet cars, comfortable suspensions, good seats. The smart diesel is about as hardcore for noise and discomfort as we will ever get. Speed doesn't matter on the public roads; a remapped smart diesel is plenty. It's funny, some modern Mercedes and BMWs (AMG and M but others too) are in many ways like the '68 Mustang my friend had in high school: ugly, with super noisy induction roar (sometimes artificially amplified by the car's sound system), super loud exhaust, painful suspensions. Is everyone buying this overpriced garbage really enjoying this crap? haha!
  18. smarts with the bike engine are virtually undriveable because of the ridiculous noise inside and the lack of a reverse gear. Fun on a dragstrip, dire everywhere else.
  19. There is an updated hose kit that stops the leaks. Mine has held firm since 2010. 8 years!
  20. Ouch, that's quite the list of problems. If Rocinante is the car's name, it's appropriate..... Start with the battery. It sounds as though a bunch of components were swapped and you need to have a shop with Mercedes STAR system to see if they can sort that out. The turn signal bulbs are likely either the upper or middle rear bulbs. Once STAR has done what it can, the other issues can be addressed.
  21. Welcome. how many km?
  22. Nice, enjoy!
  23. How far did he make it before coming to this realization? There are a couple of ways to do it and the Trans-Canada Highway is by far the worst.
  24. The Granfondo went well. We finished it 1 hour and 4 minutes earlier than last year, so around 6.5 hours in the saddle to do 161 km. Next year will be a tough one because we're probably going to Europe in the spring of 2019 for 5-6 weeks and that's prime training time. Sample scenery, about 100 km into the ride: Today I went out in the hottest day of the year and did 78 km. The temperature - according to the bike computer - ranged between 35 C and 40 C, usually at 38 for most of the 3 hour ride. The photo below shows the peak temperature of 40 C.
  25. What a fun day! OK not really. I managed to get the passenger door lock installed and working, something that eluded me last time. Then I put the side glass in and tried rolling it up, and the cables were binding on the winding drum so it would not go up more than halfway. Recognizing that the previous installation was not done properly I had to take it out. The drum that has the cable windings on it was a total mess, a rat's nest of tangles. I spent about 90 minutes doing random stuff to it like un-looping cable, not fully knowing what I was doing. But in the end I got the drum wound properly - one end of the cable on one side of the drum and the other end on the other, with five windings of cable over the drum in between. Holding it carefully I reinstalled it in the door and then installed the glass again (1 hour's work there) and it works! Driver's door next.....