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  1. One other thing: the headlights on the Canadian cdi cars are E-Codes, not DOT. Canada allows E-Code lights under its certification, but they're illegal in the USA.
  2. I think it'd be nearly impossible. The diesels say right on the certification sticker in the engine area that they're not intended for sale in the U.S. Most grey market cars have been imported through Ohio or Florida. Those states are apparently loose and fast with the rules. Check with Washington DOL to be sure.
  3. The front seats have been reupholstered by Geoff Chrysler. Very nice: natural grain dyed through light grey "Hyde" brand leather, with heating elements (I'll need a better alternator than it came with to power that!). Parts of the headliner (also redone by Geoff) are visible in the foreground. His next task is redoing the rear bench, which has a fold-down armrest. I may get the parts in the photo this coming Monday.
  4. March 2019: Canada: 11 USA: 90
  5. Thanks to the 404 Club members in France who got these numbers for me: 4594799, Carrosserie 6468, Coupé Injection 1965, Gris Clair, Int. Noir, For sale April 2019, 9900 €, carbureted engine, much body corrosion, VERSAILLES FRANCE 4670285, Cabriolet Carburateur 1968, Noir 1000, Cuir Rouge, Auctioned in Avignon, restored, AVIGNON FRANCE Total: 2214 !
  6. The handbrake cable and control were assembled and mounted today, along with the pedal box. The worst part of the whole operation was discovering that the buttress under the driver's side, which is a Peugeot original, has a captive stud that is about 6 mm too short to hold the metal handbrake sheath under the driver's floor. So I had to remove the brass clamp and reduce its thickness by about 3 mm on both sides using a Dremel and files (good old engineering on this part, with massive redundancy) in order to get it on. The pedal box was dead easy of course and the stuff under the car was as well.
  7. Really? You have saved no money on running and depreciation costs compared to a German SUV? That's shocking, because German cars generally depreciate like rocks and they guzzle fuel too.
  8. Mine has never been off - it's leather and Alcantara so doesn't get dirty
  9. Styled by Mercedes - engineered by Geely? No thanks. That's like the old joke about French mechanics, German artists and Italian logistics....
  10. Today's news is that Geely may buy 50% of smart....what's going on there????
  11. The problem is economics. The margin on small cars is tiny and volume has to be very high to make it worthwhile. No-one buying a car like this wants to pay much. Everyone hates the dealers. Not a good sign for profitability. Renault has now bailed on the next generation smart platform and even with them as partners it was losing money. So smart will most likely be gone in 2020. There won't be a run on the diesels, at least not for another 20 years until they become classics after maybe only 800-1000 are left. And then it won't be a run, probably a slow trot
  12. Our 405 needs some repairs that - at this point in time - tell me it's time to retire it and get something new. It has life left in it to be sure, but it needs a driveshaft, two new shocks on the front, a ball joint, 4 new tires, front pads and rotors......I am just thinking that I don't want to pour money into a losing prospect. The km is a little over 360,000. So I am looking at a few options. First the Cahier des Charges: [*]seats four comfortably, five adults in acceptable comfort [*]lots of rear seat headroom and legroom [*]lots of luggage room, more than the 405 preferably (and it has a huge trunk) [*]airbags all around plus side curtains [*]Maximum price with tax around $36,000 [*]good fuel economy potential [*]good car for highway road trips [*]manual gearbox [*]car only to be used infrequently, mainly for road trips We were considering a few cars: Audi A3 + looks good + good safety - only available with muscle-bound 200 HP engine - cost is above my preferred range - middling fuel economy - headroom and legroom issues in rear Toyota Prius + fantastic fuel economy potential, even on highway (4.x range) + reasonable legroom + massive gov't rebates ($4000 total) - rear headroom issues - trunk is smaller than 405's - brain-dead automatic transmission - safety is optional - need $4K option package to get stability control and sidebags Mercedes-Benz B 200 + good fuel economy rating on highway (6.7) and city (9.2) + tons of rear seat room, head and leg + looks OK, even though it's a van + price has been reduced to under $30,000 for 2008 model, without de-contenting it + heated seats available for $550 (used to be $200 more) - service costs will be high - no CDI!!! We would have considered a VW TDI wagon had they been available, but that is not gonna happen. As far as power and so on, I would find the 136 HP engine of the B 200 to be adequate....the car is supposed to do 0-100 in about 10 seconds and have a top end of 196 km/h, which makes it slightly quicker in both respects than my 405 was. That should be fine for our purposes. Any thoughts/words of wisdom?
  13. Now my response (above) seems to be to nothing, never mind!
  14. What?!! I will never buy another German car. Least of all an Audi. A friend had an A3 TDI and the engine grenaded at 95,000 km.....then came the cheating scandal....the car was bought back by the cheaters (VW/Audi) and he got something better to replace that POS. My sister has owned an Audi Q5 2L turbo for a while and it just had a major failure of a safety component in the steering - "known issue" with a service bulletin that expired at the end of 2018, no recall, but it stiffens the steering up to the point that the driver can lose control. Cost is about $1500++. She left the car at the dealer today because although it's out of warranty (by two weeks!) they have not offered to cover the full cost of this thing that should be a Transport Canada safety recall. Her Q5 had three major recalls in the year and a bit since she has owned it and the gas door mechanism also failed before the end of 2018 when it was under warranty - that would be a $1000 bill today. My B 200 has 174,000 miles on it and I will have to change the other driveshaft sooner than later. I expect to get at least 250,000 miles on it and then scrap it when it's done. I may buy one new car in my lifetime but it will not be German! Leasing - no chance!
  15. Button 1 does the first digit - starts at 1 and scrolls up to 9 as you push the 1 button. Same for 2-3-4. Stereo must be on of course....
  16. punch the number into the stereo. Use buttons 1-4. hit lower right button on the left to enter code.
  17. 6801078, Cabriolet Injection, 01 mai 1967, GERMANY 4670597, Cabriolet Carburateur, mai 1968, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale March 2019, 39,250 Euros at Hans LAMMERS B.V., MIJDRECHT NETHERLANDS 4594055, Coupé Injection 1965, SARTROUVILLE FRANCE Total: 2212 !
  18. TPM was adding a loyalty incentive on top of all that. I got rid of the email because I don't want one of these cars, but the math indicated about $15-16K for a new one. Compelling enough if you live in a big city. Not for us.
  19. All such incentives skew the marketplace....I keep waiting for them to come up with a new road tax to replace fuel taxes. The local dealer is unloading new smart electrics at low prices like in the high teens I think after provincial incentives.
  20. Got the whirring replacement headlight changed for a good one and the grille repainted at the shop that forgot to do it the first time. So she's back to as good as new, for looks (BRABUS Canada 1).
  21. I finally got the steering column mounted. Instead of the flector I used a Paulstra Septor for the pinion link.
  22. A spare new old stock window winder for the 404C. There are two good (I think they are!) used ones in the car, so this is my reserve.
  23. The seats went to the upholsterer 11 days ago, to be redone in dyed-through light grey leather with natural grain (not embossed) and they will be fitted with heating elements.....which will necessitate a better alternator than the standard 400W SEV-Motorola unit the car came with. And.... I bought a different set of rubber isolators for the wiper motor and drive, because it's in a colour that more closely matches the latex rubber original. The pale red ones in the photo will be used in the 404C and the others will be spare parts. All the red ones are in what seems to be silicone rubber so should handily outlive the originals.
  24. Better not wear those Pooh Bear shirts! don't mention Huawei or Meng! Stay safe