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  1. Thanks to the owners for this: 4497108, Cabriolet Carburateur, 15 novembre 1963, Orange, Restauration prévu, LABARTHE-RIVIERE FRANCE 6800305, Carrosserie 12980, Cabriolet Injection, 08 février 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, Hard top, SEGONZAC FRANCE Total: 2209 !
  2. Minus 12? Woof! Today I bought a new battery for the Canada 1. The other one was depreciated by the alternator and not as healthy as it should be.
  3. Update: 4591171, Cabriolet Injection, 07 mai 1963, SILLERY FRANCE (no photo) 6800411, Coupé Injection 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, Simili Noir 3000, For sale March 2019, 12,000 Euros, missing engine, ARRAS FRANCE Total: 2207 !
  4. Paint - done with water transfers in tanks, then clearcoated.
  5. Those are almost impossible to find. Check with British and Italian smart websites for used ones.
  6. February 2019: Canada: 15 USA: 58 That rate is under 1000 cars/year for all of North America. The jig is up, it seems.
  7. It should be left in that room the photo was taken in....forever.
  8. It's worse than the MINI with the weird hardtop-helmet!
  9. Last bit of work done at Victoria Plating Ltd: The 4 holes that a previous owner had punched into the sill embellishment strips when the captive bolts rusted off decades ago were welded shut and the outside was polished so this patching work became invisible; the two upper rear fender trims were de-dented and then polished; cadmium plating on the headliner trim panels which are covered with soft headliner material. This was done because they could rust as the originals did and that distorts the fabric as the iron oxide builds up; and finally the hardware for the handbrake components under the car were replated in yellow cadmium.
  10. 6801112, Coupé Injection, juin 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, toit Noir, Simili Noir 3000, For sale February 2019, 28,500 Euros, Robergel hubcaps, MENETOU SALON FRANCE Total: 2205 !
  11. The Dynamat party is over. Onto the electric washer pump (mounted under the dashboard) next and then the steering column + pedal box will be installed in a week or so.
  12. Thanks to the new Club 404 member Pascal : 4498050, Cabriolet Carburateur, 28 décembre 1964, Blanc Saratoga 1031, Cuir Noir 2000, Enjoliveurs Robergel, ex-(F) 9108 PV 69, ST-JEAN CAP FERRAT FRANCE Total: 2204 !
  13. Peep, dude, are you keeping warm? I remember the horrible story of the moose and your Baja....
  14. If it took 150K for the EGR to clog, you're doing well. (I went 247,000 km on one.) The 2005 models had an early EGR that's a bit more prone to clogging. Either way you will have to clean it out or replace it. The diesels suffer from short trips and ideally every drive should be over 20 km.
  15. That doesn't sound good at all. Those threads are super easy to destroy when removing the plugs. Only do by hand, very very carefully, super low torque.
  16. And if I may predict, the 453 will be the last of the smarts and Hambach will become only an EQ Mercedes plant in relatively short order. The 453 has lost its market worldwide and most car companies are abandoning superminis, not to mention microcars.
  17. Non-CAN cable, Linear Logic will send one for free.
  18. They're kind of cool but even with the range extender it's about 300 km total.
  19. New rubber parts for the wiper motor: Instrument panel connected - the wiring as built in my car is very different than the wiring diagram: The instrument panel installed. Ventilator switch is now mounted on the dashboard rather than the SOFICA heater box:
  20. Hey Steven, what caused the fire? Sorry to read that. Maybe you need another cdi. They're almost free these days....
  21. I got the car back from the body shop today. The right headlight was replaced too because the original was cracked and - of course - the used replacement has the dreaded "infinite adjustment motor" noise. They now have to get another. Otherwise the work was good enough. $2550 in damage.
  22. My favourite dogs are people!
  23. Perusing the oldest bulletins of Le Club 404, two more "known" 404 Cabriolets were discovered. The information is from 1982/83, so it's a bit stale, and there is no assurance that the cars still exist. I expect the stolen one was broken up for parts shortly after. 6803140, Cabriolet Injection, 04 juin 1968, stolen in May 1982, Brown Metallic, Black Leather 2000, Hard top in golden colour, stolen 23 June 1982, BECON-LES-BRUYERES FRANCE 6800465, Cabriolet Injection, 20 février 1967, NORD FRANCE Total: 2203 !
  24. Yeah some of them suck right out of the box. My car had a "lucky" one from the factory.
  25. I bought it in Toronto and drove it across the USA at -23C - warm and toasty all the time....