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  1. New rubber parts for the wiper motor:


    Instrument panel connected - the wiring as built in my car is very different than the wiring diagram:


    The instrument panel installed.  Ventilator switch is now mounted on the dashboard rather than the SOFICA heater box:

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  2. Perusing the oldest bulletins of Le Club 404, two more "known" 404 Cabriolets were discovered.  The information is from 1982/83, so it's a bit stale, and there is no assurance that the cars still exist.  I expect the stolen one was broken up for parts shortly after.


    6803140, Cabriolet Injection, 04 juin 1968, stolen in May 1982, Brown Metallic, Black Leather 2000, Hard top in golden colour, stolen 23 June 1982, BECON-LES-BRUYERES FRANCE


    6800465, Cabriolet Injection, 20 février 1967, NORD FRANCE


    Total: 2203 !

  3. 4592513, Cabriolet Injection 1964, scrapped - someone has the VIN plate and Carrosserie Peugeot plate, BERLIN GERMANY


    4599692, Carrosserie 12271, Coupé Injection, 09 novembre 1966, Rouge, Cuir Noir 2000, No corrosion, CABRIES FRANCE


    4499099, Carrosserie 10520, Cabriolet Carburateur 1966, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, On eBay January 2019, poor condition, READING PA USA


    Total: 2201 !

  4. Here are some more details:


    AO2 - pulse model

    C17 - dealer fitted sound system (they probably skipped the upgraded main speakers)

    EB1U - anthracite tridion colour

    IAAA - Twister Green interior (the stuff that looked tan was once green - probably the dash

    I31 - luggage cover

    I42 - underseat drawer

    I43 - pollen filter

    I75 - Leather covered steering wheel with paddle shifters

    R11 - sportline (skinny) 6 spoke alloy wheels

    V11 - softouch auto shifting

    V31 - tachometer and clock


    Originally the panels were stream green but the owner changed them to Bay Grey Metallic by 2006.


    This car was spotted in 2006 at a Club smart Car event at Qualicum Beach, and has been a Vancouver car since Day one.


    It does not have heated seats (S17) or electric heated side mirrors (V21) but is otherwise well equipped.




  5. Welcome.  It won't be a genuine BRABUS unless it is black on black coupe outside and has light bluegrey leather unheated seats.  That version was called the BRABUS nightrun and only 50 were made.  The BRABUS Canada 1 referred to in this thread is much more rare: three were Cabriolets - one white on white (mine), two red on red, and there was one red on red coupe.


    Send me the last 6 digits of the VIN and I will have a look in the database and tell you what I know about the car's history before you make an offer.


    Even a genuine BRABUS Canada 1 is worth no more than about $8000 today and that would be hard to get.  So if it's a modified regular cabriolet, it could be worth about half that if it's nearly perfect.

  6. I have got a bit of an early start this year and now have 104 km on the road - 52 km this weekend and 52 the week before.


    We're heading to Europe, Britain and Eire for the entire month of May, so I had to start early!


    Over to you....

  7. The Canada 1 went to Victoria to the GAIN Classic Restoration and Collision Centre for its front end damage repair.  One or more of the guys who restored the 404C will be working on the car - Coachwerks was sold to GAIN and their former employees now work for GAIN.


    I provided a nearly new stream green fender to replace the cracked one.  I may have the car back next week.


    Meanwhile it's parked by an MGB, Austin-Healey 100-6, Porsche Turbo, Mercedes 280 SL and Citroën DS 21.

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