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  1. Our office fleet has three cars with that used electric propulsion (partially in two cases): a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid, a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid and a 2012 Nissan LEAF.


    Whether it was in sympathy with the legal demise of the head of Nissan or not, the LEAF today was found unresponsive after a cool weekend, spent plugged as usual into the 120V charger.  It would not charge and although the doors would open with the key fob, the key was not recognized and there was no way to get the car to go into neutral to allow the tow truck to access it easily.  So it went on the dolly.....we will see whether it's a big bill or a BIG bill, but this is potentially "the" nightmare scenario for electric car owners.


    Then there are the two HCH cars.  


    The 2008 has its original battery pack still and it has been dying for a couple of years.  Now it probably holds 2kWh if that and it's both filled and depleted completely according to the onboard gauge in a minute or less, while driving.  Half the time, the CEL is on with a battery failure warning.  85,000 km.  The car was crap from Day One, with faulty rear suspension that ate tires and being just cheaply built and quite nasty to ride in.


    The 2009 had a battery pack failure in the last weeks of warranty.  So around 2014 it had the new battery installed, and this past weekend, when a staff person was in Vancouver with the car, it died completely and the car was limped home on the wheezy engine alone and the soul sucking CVT.  It looks like three of the supposed workhorses in the fleet are duds.  It's not easy being "green".

  2. So the head of Renault Nissan, called "Le Cost Cutter" when he was popular, and saved Nissan from bankruptcy15 years ago, is in jail in Japan for fraud.  What a moron!  The "other" Carlos (Tavares) had a falling out with Ghosn several years ago and went to Peugeot, where he has turned a moribund 200 year old company into a going concern again.

  3. So the head of Renault Nissan, called "Le Cost Cutter" when he was popular, and saved Nissan from bankruptcy15 years ago, is in jail in Japan for fraud.  What a moron!  The "other" Carlos (Tavares) had a falling out with Ghosn several years ago and went to Peugeot, where he has turned a moribund 200 year old company into a going concern again.

  4. 2 hours ago, Sydney said:

    Here is my right rear light. The empty socket is for the rear fog light (switch on light switch stock).

    Looks like MB disabled it by snipping off the positive feed in the socket


    The European version of the cabriolet has two tail lights per side, only the upper one of which has a brake light too.  What I did is buy replacement bulb holders and put them in, so now I have twin tail lights on each side.  I first noticed this in Europe in 2005 so I immediately bought the new bulb holders.


    The rear fog light is on the driver's side and replaces the reversing light.  In other words, Canadian cars do not have it.  And buying a set of EU lenses won't help because then you will have orange and red brake lights, still no rear fog light and one red and one clear reversing light.  You will have to remove the Canada-E-Box in order to revert to European light operation.  Dang, former member here, did this conversion to his car, that Glenn now owns, and it was a huge amount of work.  It's documented here, somewhere....


    The fog light switch goes where the dimmer switch (more or less an on/off switch, so useless) goes.  The dimmer switch is unknown in Europe.  The switch position "4" on the rotary part of the headlight switch is the rear fog light switch. 

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  5. Just north of Williams Lake on November 10th, we passed 265,000 km.  I expect to be at 266,000 when we get home on Wednesday evening.  That's 100,000 km less than my Peugeot 405 went before we scrapped it after the head gasket blew.  And over almost exactly 11 years (a few days over), averaging over 24,000 km a year.  She's a workhorse.  I expect our next car to be a hybrid Peugeot or maybe an electric Peugeot or other.  Meaning, I expect to be driving this car for another 5 years and to 400,000 km.


    Got her some new steelies and winter tires (from my sister, whose B was destroyed in a collision) so it's black wheels right now, no hubcaps.  I kind of like the rustic look.  The hubcaps just end up chewing the paint off the rims anyway.


    It's funny going back to the beginning of this thread, with some advising me to wait until the new (illegal) VW diesels come out.  Glad I didn't wait for that!  Plus the 2.0 TDIs like to blow up real good.  Ha!

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  6. The Tesla 3 looks to me like a Mazda 3 with no face, with an interior by the guy who did the first generation Cavalier.  The tech is nice but the rest is meh, especially at that crazy price.  The analysis of the bodyshell indicated they don't quite know what they're doing yet.

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  7. They're OK in the snow.  Get proper winter tires: Continental and Bridgestone are two decent brands in smart sizes.  The main problem is the car has low clearance so in deep snow it can get grounded out.  Secondary issues are the ABS and the effects that has in snow (lengthens stopping distances in some conditions) and the ability to get moving due to the simulated limited slip differential that uses the rear brakes.  This can prevent wheelspin in cases where you need it to get moving.  But generally they're quite OK.


    I drove one from Toronto to Vancouver Island in a snowstorm in February on I-90 and I-94, and we were the fastest thing on the road.

  8. My deep appreciation goes to John Waller for having taken a photo of the ID plates of this unique and historically important 404.  It set world speed records for a diesel powered car in 1965, averaging over 160 km/h for more than 24 hours.  The records stood for 13 years.


    638033, Carrosserie 34, Monoposte, Diesel, 1962 (modified in 1965), Blue, experimental prototype 404 Diesel record, identified on manufacturer's plate as "404D 638033", Bodyshell No. 34 - meaning this car was built up in 1965 from a carbureted 1962 Cabriolet, Nardi floor shifter, in the collection of l'Aventure Peugeot, SOCHAUX FRANCE




    Total: 2190 !

  9. Thanks to John Waller for this new list of previously unknown cars:


    4596781, Carrosserie 8790, Cabriolet Injection 1965, Rouge Métallisé    Cuir, Noir 2000, Official RHD conversion (1 of 79) by Distributors Peugeot Ltd., Marshall House, Waddon (Croydon) in 1965; spotted by J.W. in 1990 when it was owned by a Peugeot dealer in Cornwall who had owned it for some time; sold to a fellow in Backwell near Bristol who partially restored it then sold it on before completed.  Original colour was Ivoire Safari.  May not exist today, BACKWELL ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN


    4596803, Carrosserie 8780, Cabriolet Injection 1965, Bleu Ciel 1041, Cuir Noir 2000, LHD, imported from France; exported to New Zealand circa 1998, had been restored to a very high standard at the time of exportation, NEW ZEALAND


    4591311, Carrosserie 2399, Cabriolet Injection 1963, Bleu Ciel 1041, Cuir Noir 2000, SAN FRANCISCO CA USA


    4592601, Cabriolet Injection 1964, Bleu Ciel 1041, Cuir Noir 2000, ex-(GB) MYR 135L, LHD, ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN


    4498347, Carrosserie 6803, Cabriolet Carburateur 1965, Noir 1000, Cuir Rouge 2043, Last spotted by J.W. in London around 2000, LONDON ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN


    6800090, Cabriolet Injection 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, Last spotted by J.W. around 2000 in London, LONDON ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN

    4590453, Cabriolet Injection 1963, Noir 1000, Cuir Rouge, LHD, last seen around 2000, IRELAND


    4596723, Carrosserie 8581, Cabriolet Injection 1965, Blanc Saratoga 1031, Cuir Noir 2000, Official RHD conversion (1 of 79) by Distributors Peugeot Ltd., Marshall House, Waddon (Croydon) in 1965; last seen by J.W. in 1994 when it was reaching the end of a very good restoration, ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN


    Total: 2189 !

  10. Update.  Thanks to Simo Veharanta, John Waller and the other two owners who used the registry website to add their cars:


    6801035, Cabriolet Injection, 07 juin 1967, Gris Clair Métallisé 1162, Cuir Noir 2000, Hard top, ST-VITH BELGIUM

    6802223, Carrosserie 15454, Cabriolet Injection 1968, Rouge China 1135, Cuir Noir 2000, Imported to Brighton from Frankfurt/Main in 1969, LHD, Hard top, XC6 engine, front disc brakes, some plates welded on, sold in London in 1983 and not seen since, ENGLAND GREAT BRITAIN no photo is available yet


    4590701, Cabriolet Injection 1963, Blanc Saratoga 1031, Cuir Noir 2000, Bought in France by U.S. serviceman who owned it until October 2018, original paint, will be restored by SV Auto (svauto.com), Hard top, European model, ONTARIO CA USA


    4599423, Carrosserie 11929, Cabriolet Injection, 17 octobre 1966, Blanc Saratoga 1031, Simili Noir 3000, Nardi floor shifter, Hard top, NEDON FRANCE

    Total: 2181 !