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  1. Hope you are enjoying your visit. Too bad our trip to Frankfurt isn't for 3 weeks. The good news is we will be on a house hunting trip to Frankfurt as my wife just got a terrific job there starting mid Nov. Trying to sell my smart so I don't have to store it for 3 years, but I can buy another when we get over there. Maybe we will meet you on your next trip. Cheers
  2. Some reflective yellow and reflective white vinyl would look really good at night.
  3. Those pictures don't do it justice. I sat in one last week at the smart center Saarbrucken. They had 4 for sale there. My wife loved the color and the coordinated interior package. Got lots of pictures of that one and the chocholate brown 10yr special edition smart there. Still travelling all over europe for a while, maybe post some pics later.
  4. I have to agree with Steve C, that is one cool looking smart.
  5. I would agree with him, we own a pair of scooters and a pair of smarts. I tell the neighbors that the cost to fill up the smarts is too much so we ride the scooters to save 3 or 4 dollars a week.
  6. Saw lots of new 500's all over Europe but none as cute as the ones running around Capri
  7. I got this smart watch on a recent trip to smartville.
  8. No "Bad Santa" fans out there?
  9. It is a thriving site and I enjoy hanging out there, but I am proud to say that I was a clubsmartcar member way before scoa became interesting. Most of the smart knowlege I have came from here. I certainly would not have made the pigramage to smartville without the wonderful stories from Mike T, I wouldnt be driving a smart with a santa hat if not for R Helms, and if not for Duck.... well anyway, this is a great site because of it's great members. SCOA has nothing on you guys. Thanks!
  10. My 451 measured 49 inches by 44 inches.
  11. I remembered this was a cool hat. Now I have to talk my wife into doing some sewing. Going fabric shopping this week!
  12. http://www.smartcarofamerica.com/gallery/d...hp?imageid=5170 I got a nICE watch in smartville a while back.
  13. Congrats! Some of my advice is to practice saying " Yes Dear" or " I Love It! " with sincerity! Has worked great for me for 12 years. More recently -- seperate smarts. Doing lots of things together is great too. Wish you the best!
  14. I would go with vinyl. Either computer cut vinyl or digitaly printed. Vinyl is inexpensive and will not hurt the paint. I have vinyl applied to both our smarts with no problems. I change the artwork on my wifes about once a month. Magnetic is limited to the cell as the panels are plastic.