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  1. the good news was that I filled the tank from 1/4 in Sandpoint for $11.00 US.
  2. I travelled from Calgary to Cour D'Alene this weekend and had a rude awakening when fueling up at the Junction of Highway #3 and #95 (Hummer Gas & Diesel) just west of Yahk B.C.There are few opportunities to purchase premium gas outside of the major centers and this guy obviously knows it although his regular fuel price is just as bad. Premium - $179.9 per litre or translated...$8.10 per gallon !Regular - $159.9 per litre or $7.20 per gallon.The station down the road about 2 km had regular fuel priced at $1.09.9. I feel sorry for the folks driving SUV's with the 120 litre tanks - imagine the bill at $200.Keith.
  3. I installed my scanguage about a year ago and love the functionality. I mounted it in left pocket beside the steering wheel, attached t the top lip where it is clearly visible and out of the way. That's the good for the dark side. About a month or so after installing it, I began to have issues with cold starts and shifting into reverse. At first, it happened occasionally but slowly progressed to a point of not engaging in reverse after starting the engine (cold start only). I had to restart to get it to reverse. Also, it would sometimes not engage in drive either but this happened about 50% of the time. The transmission readout would show P and N but not R or D if it wouldn't engage indicating the software wasn't sending a shift command. Restarting would cure the issue. I took it to the dealer and left it overnight so they could cold start it and see the problem themselves. Of course, it didn't do it! After having it happen every morning for the previous ten days, it chose to behave at the dealership. They downloaded an update and sent me on my way. Needless to say. it did it again the next morning. I thought about this for a while, then realized, they unplugged the scanguage and plugged in their disagnostic tolool before the tried to start it to ensure whatever was wrong would show up. This made me wonder if is might be the scanguage...sure enough, I unplugged it and the problem disappeared. That was a week ago and it hasn't happened since. Unfortunately, I now have a dead guage to look at.Has anyone else experienced this issue?Keith.
  4. I had the unfortunate experience of losing my shift lever control and required a Roadside Service tow from Red Deer to Calgary this last weekend. The tow truck was a roll on deck from City Haul and was operated by a very professional young lady who obviously had experience in both towing and Smart cars. She knew about the hook but chose to use my trailer hitch instead. This would have worked perfectly except that she didn't have a hook small enough to fit in the hitch. She then used the large J hooks connected underneath and gently pulled it on the deck. She did mention this was the third Smart towed this week....I knew that hitch would come in handy - as a side note, the aluminum frame bar was replaced with the hitch bar and there are no threads inside to use the screw in hook anymore.K
  5. Calgary has a really great parking system downtown that does away with individual meters and allows use of cellphones to register for a spot. You only pay for the exact time you use and ..Smarts park for 75% of full rate!I understand many other jurisdictions are buying this technolgy from the city so you may see it in other places soon.K.
  6. I had my first service done at Lone Star and had no issues with them. I asked about fixing wind noise around the doors and they responded by replacing both door seals under warranty.
  7. My 451 just turned over 16K and it is really starting to perform. There was a noticeable difference at 10K but it seems that at 15K, it happened again. I find that in first and second gear, 3/4 throttle gets better acceleration than pushing it to the mat. Once into 3rd, it really starts to show off at about 4500 rpm. Getting around traffic is no problem and merging onto the freeway is a breeze. If necessary, I take it to about 110 kph before shifting to forth. After that, forth gear comes in at about 4500 rpm and you are right on the power band. I find that when cruising on the feeway, fifth is reasonable for passing but if you need to do it quickly, drop it back to forth and hang on. My biggest surprise was how little the AC affects engine power. In previous cars, anything less than a V8 would labour once the air was on and power was needed. Of course, I may be a little biased.....
  8. Is it electric? No, it's a "wind up" How far will it go? Depends on tight I wind it!
  9. Got to admit, you had me going there for a while. I am into scale tugboats and would love to convert to diesel but these engines look a bit too fast and likely wouldn't emulate the proper model scale. Still looking for something that generates black smoke though. You can see why and look for the tugboat section (watch the video).CheersCG
  10. Experience here in Calgary is to stay away from the Esso washes as they tend to all behave badly when the Smart goes through. Many explanations from the attendents have convinced me that they really don't know how to set them up for the shorter vehicles.I use the Petrocan wash on McLeod Trail South and it does a great job. I buy the commercial wash tickets in bundles of 10 and get them for $49.95 which is a bargain.CG
  11. I got the formula from the scangauge website and I did think that I might have set it up for the 450 engine until I realized that at 6000 rpm, I was getting about 61 HP. Don't think the 450 will do that.... Given that this is all based on engine information, I suspect it is calculating flywheel HP
  12. On a recent trip I was playing with my scangauge and have installed the horsepower readout option. I was expecting to see numbers a bit higher than what showed up. My observations were that this reading seems to be almost directly related to RPM readings. For example, 3500 RPM = 35 HP, 4500 rpm = 45 HP, 5500 RPM = 55 HPUsing this progression, I doubt that I will ever see 71 HP.... Has anyone else set up this readout?CG
  13. Would the ESP not show up on the dashboard lighting? I realize this is a very quick incidence but maybe the next time you expect it to happen, watch your warning light to see if the ESP is cutting in.Just a thought..CG
  14. Mike, I have been puzzled by this noise as well. Your explanation makes sense but do you know why it is intermittent? In my case, it happens occasionally, about every third start and usually after an extended shut down of about 8 hours or more and only on start up. It seems that it is happening more often in the warm weather than the cold.Cheers. CG