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  1. What I did was go to princess auto and get a package of those small magnets. The little round (ceramic I think) ones. Nice and skinny and strong. Then I placed the antenna on the roof close to the hatch and placed one of the magnets under it on the inside of the car. It stays put wonderfully. 2 years of brushing snow off and a high pressure washing wand and it hasn't moved. Also there is no signal fade from obstruction inside the car.
  2. $450? I'm betting that's not installed either......
  3. DING DING DING! We have a winner. Seized alternator. Thanks tolsen. Now, can I free it up or am I stuck getting a new one? Hmmmmmm
  4. Temp here was over 10 C yesterday. Don't think fuel gelling would be an issue. The last time it was fueled id got a good shot of cetane and fuel additive. The air cleaner is clean. That was the first thing I checked. Anyone else have any ideas? Double checked last night and I do hear the fuel primer working when the key is turned. I'm coming up dry here
  5. So I parked my smart for about a month or so while I got some enjoyment out of my summer toy. Now, as the weather starts to turn colder and the inevitable salting of the roads draws closer I decided to get the smart ready for use again. Major issue, it doesn't want to start. It turns over and wants to but just can't catch. As a result, I've replaced the battery and cycled the glow plugs god knows how many times but it just won't catch. I've even (yeah I know, major no no) used a little ether to try to give it that little edge. Still no joy. Any suggestions? 05 pulse cdi
  6. I'm just wondering, is there a Smart Car Club here in Halifax? There is a Camaro club, a Mustang club, heck even a Caviler club. Any SmartieParties around?
  7. Ether = Bad. The best thing to do is go to a truck stop (or travel center I guess they're called now) and get some diesel antigel. Or even Canadian Tire , Napa etc. It's good stuff to use anyways. Keeps the alge from growing. Kills the bacteria that causes diesel to sludge.
  8. Bridgestone Blizzaks. love'em. expensive but still love'em.
  9. 2 things. 1, ditch the Conties snow tires and go for the Blizzaks. They are worth it. What a difference. The rear 2 cost me $430 but I haven't been stuck yet. Worth it worth it worth it. 2, I have a pair of fold up traction mats from Wal-Mart which btw, haven't been out of the package since I got the Blizzaks. They sit very nicely behind the driver seat. As for adding weight.... remember the old beetles man , they went through everything. "How do you think the snow plow drivers get to work?" for those of you who remember the 60's.
  10. Speaking of coolant heaters, I was in Canadian Tire last night and noticed that they have rad hose coolant heaters there for $45. Looks like they have one to fit the tiny hoses we use too. Not sure on that because 1, I was more interested on the stick-on oil pan warmer that was right next to it for $100 and 2, I don't know the exact size of the rad hoses we use. They did have a 1" hose warmer though. On a side note for those that have the espar or wabaso heaters, It's not a good idea to run them while you're driving. We use them as bunk heaters on our tractors and they are the bomb. However they have a tendency to suck up salt dust which plugs the injectors and leads to a very expensive servicing and a very cranky maintenance boss. Just a little info on the side.Mike
  11. And the curse continues... kind of. The other morning, a really friggin cold morning (-15 C or so), I started the car and let it warm for about 5 min. Got in to go to work, popped it into gear and "bling" on comes the ABS and TC lights. Great. Shut it off and restart it, same thing. Now the night before I had a medical call and a chimney fire to go to and both times the car ran with no problems. It was about the same temp outside as the next morning. By the afternoon though, the problem seems to have righted itself. Of course it was above freezing so.... ice issues? Is this happening to everyone else when it's really cold? Just a thought.
  12. Good to know. I will indeed keep this in mind. Thx
  13. Ok, so how cool is this? I took my 05 in for it's 40K service with a little fuel leak coming from somewhere under the driver seat area. Having checked the service records at the local dealer, it was shown that the fuel/water separator had yet to be changed. Fearing that this might be where the leak was coming from, I asked how much for the replacement. $170. Ouch especially just after Christmas. The said it could wait and would check to see where the leak was coming from anyways. Might get lucky and just have a bad O ring or something. Ok, now here's the really cool part. The leak was coming from a pinhole leak in the fuel/water sep. casing. The service manager checked the warranty and ...... it was totally covered. Item passed it's service interval replaced free of charge without a fight. I almost wet myself with gleeeee that day. Just had to share the coolness. Party on eh!
  14. Hello all, and holy frig, I finally found a Smart. I have been frothing at the mouth for a used (yeah I'm a little cheap and not so rich) ForTwo to come my way and it finally happend with a 2005 Pulse with all the goodies I wanted except for A/C. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers can they. Picked it up from the dealer early this afternoon and after taking half the neighborhood for a spin around the block, I still want to go for a cruise around town. I was very surprised to feel how well it handles as well. Expect to see Green over Black pulse doing a little SOLO racing here in Halifax. Now all I have to do is find those mods that were mentioned else where on this site. Feel like I'm running on here so I'm off! Mike