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  1. I just can't help but think that all this car needs is a big stinger sticking out the rear panel and a few more black stripes to make it the ultimate Bumble Bee car since a high speed the engine already buzzes like mad (or least the one I test drove did!)
  2. My smart is Star Blue with the silver trim... the dark blue colour of the body panels look just like the old police boxes in the UK which is why I named my smart "The Tardis" along with the fact that everyone says they are surprised how big it is inside!
  3. I have a 2006 smart Passion that I bought used and it didn't come with either the clock or tach which I find a bit of a bother. I have the Passion grey interior and would like to know if anyone knows where I can get one of each (black faces, not white). Also, does anyone how difficult they are to install or would this be a dealership job (read BIG $!!). BTW... I'm located in Ottawa. Many thanks to all.
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy a MDC cruise control for my 2006 smart CDI? The only CCs I can find for sale online anywhere are for the 451 models!
  5. Flossy,I did the 13 / 15 connection and now my AUX shows up and my iPod and I are happy together again. Many thanks.CloudGuy
  6. Thanks Flossy,As it is nearly 1:30 AM and a bit cold out (-18°C right now), I will wait until the morning to try this mod and let you know what happens. Thank you for the info and hope to meet soon.CloudGuy
  7. Grandstyle,Did you get this to work for you? I recently bought an MP3 lead (the type you plug into the back of the Grundig) and I can't get the radio to recognize that there is something plugged into the MP3/CD Changer port at the back of the unit!CloudGuy
  8. MikeT,My last six of the VIN is 243862. I bought it as Presley's Auto on Carling Avenue (near the Royal Ottawa Hospital). It has all the Passion equipment plus the heated seats and the locking drawer (under driver's seat) but doesn't have the clock & tach which doesn't bother me at all. Anyone have any recommendations for tire shops (pref in the west end of Ottawa) that might carry winter tires for our cars? Thanx,CloudGuy
  9. I have been lusting after a diesel Smart for years and finally bought 3 days ago... Star Blue with Silver with heated leather seats (damn those seats feel so good in this cold weather). I love the car but I found out that for some reason the block heater isn't working (tested the cord for continuity) so back it goes on Monday for a fix under the 30 day warranty. BTW.... am I the only person who actually likes the smell of diesel fuel when filling up at the pump?!
  10. I just bought my first smart (2006 Passion Coupe) two days ago here in Ottawa and paid one dollar under 8G. The car had been on the lot for about 5 months but the salesman said that with fuel prices under $1/litre plus the economic downturn that no one is buying the smart... perhaps seen as more of a luxury item rather than a smart economical alternative to larger cars?
  11. Long time lurker here... just got my first smart 2 days ago (2006 Passion Coupe)... I was just wondering what size headlamp bulbs our smarts take. I did a search on the site but didn't see what size the high and low beams take... I went to Canadian Tire but the headlamp book didn't even list smart as a manufacturer! I saw a couple of references to the H7 bulb but is that for high or low? Thanks for any light shed on this situation! LOL