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  1. Did your pure have the transmission upgrade? If not, then that's probably what you're noticing (as a difference). I know my passion drove a lot nicer after the transmission upgrade. The shifts were a lot smoother.
  2. lol. Isn't that most people?A typical 4 cylinder car driven 24,000km/yr will likely be close to the $2k limit in fuel and maintenance. At least that's my experience with our 2002 Camry 4 cylinder.My friend with the TSX will likely be above the $2k limit if driven the same way but he's been cutting back on driving so it should be under. Unfortunately, an EV won't work because he needs to come home (300km) for the holidays or even just for the weekend when he has time and he doesn't have a 2nd accessible vehicle here if he takes the Greyhound.
  3. Technically 2nd coldest Only Dzalinda, Siberia, appeared to be colder, with a weather station there recording temperatures of -48 C.
  4. That is odd. 240,000km is pretty young for a Camry (Camry or Corolla are the two you can count on going past 300,000 since its their bread and butter cars). Our oldest car is the 2005 Prius (105,000km the last time I checked in with my dad). The 02 Camry was 105,000km back in May '07 before a taxi totalled it.
  5. Seriously?!?! wow... Guess I'm used to seing 500,000+ cars on original engines. Mostly Toyotas and Hondas.What's the underlying issue that requires a rebuild? Do the cylinder heads need cleaning? or the cylinders polished? or gunk build-up, or what?
  6. What do you mean? Regular cars don't need their engines replaced every 10 years.
  7. Congrats! That is a sweeet deal!Yeah I got a few incentives in Apr 2008. I got my first two payments up to $600 paid as well as 0.5% discount off the rate (so 6.5%.. still pretty high imo).
  8. Need is a strong word methinks. It's not necessary unless your battery is struggling and the engine is running all the time to charge the battery. Remember that there are plenty of Prius taxis running around in Victoria and Vancouver (starting to show up in Edmonton and there's a handful in Winnipeg). These do 100,000-160,000km a year. That means they even run the hybrid warranty out within a year or two (8 years or 160,000km). I mean, the oldest Canadian model would be 9 years old now (if you bought a 2001 in the Fall of 2000) and they're using an inferior battery compared to the Gen 2 (hatchback model)Oh and the current price for a Gen 2 Prius battery is $2,250 US plus labour.
  9. Why would they need to be replaced? I don't think they wear out that quickly.I spoke to a guy who has a RAV4 EV back in '07. He said he lost about 20 miles of range (120 to 100 miles) in the RAV4 EV but it's still going strong. I forgot his mileage but the battery is NiMH. Not bad for 5 years of use. Compare that to a regular hybrid that doesn't see full charge/discharge, the battery should last even longer. I assume if we did the same to the Leaf (rather than letting it run close to 0% then fully charging it), we might see longer lives.
  10. I haven't seen it in person but everything I've read about it so far is impressive to me. I'm still unclear about the battery lease bit.I think it's stylish (ok the nose is a bit long and the rear is a bit... empty) but it's distinctive like the the smart and with a 160km range, that's plenty for a day's work (the most I've ever done in a day is 100km so even if you factor in A/C or heater usage and hills, I'm sure that 60km buffer is enough.Plus, it could be longer (the range) if I go home in btwn the trips so it's charging for the few hours I'm at home between errands.
  11. lol.. this after I filled out their site surveying saying I couldn't find information on the Leaf (well i did but it was a one-pager.)
  12. Well I had all except the sunshade issue on mine (CEL, stuck shifter, loose driver's seatback, blown fan motor, poorly stuck on "passion" sticker etc).
  13. Hello and welcome!In addition to Mike's question, petrol or diesel? (presumably you get both in the new and old style)
  14. ^ what he said
  15. Looks good to me. It's light blue and welcome change =)
  16. Something's not right. I was quoted $2,100/yr and I'm definitely younger than you but I lived in Oakville and commuted to Mississauga (last year).
  17. wow... talk about a year-end clearance.
  18. TORONTO, ON - The smart fortwo recently received the Canadian Black Book award for “Best Retained Value”. Designed to identify specific models that outperform their competitors, the awards are based on real performance and measure actual value retained after a four year period. Full Article Guess the diesels are still worth something!
  19. well speaking of resale, my 1 year old smart lost $6k on its price. what's the biggie? You always lose the most in the 1st year. I knew that. The incentives in 2008 made the deal less hurtful on the wallet. If I had paid taxes on the smart, the difference would've been larger than $6k.@SameGuy: I thought it was 50% after 5 years? Our 5 year old Camry XLE 4 cylindernetted us $18k. MSRP in 2002 was $32,795 plus PDI and taxes.
  20. Congrats and welcome!
  21. Congrats and welcome!
  22. If you pay cash but wow....
  23. Congrats and welcome! It's equipped exactly like mine except it had a black tridion! Not a lot of leather-equipped smarts here
  24. luxury cars will have greater depreciation than lower models. For one thing, there are fewer buyers (until they're a good 5-10 years old and they're down to the level the rest of us can afford).this is the best I can find no, it's not a Turbo, despite what the guy's title said. Those wheels look like B200 wheels.Here's another from an MB dealer'm actually surprised at the prices of these. Low $20s for what is essentially the same model that's only 2-3 years old, still under warranty and lost 1/3rd its value.Our 5 year old Camry XLE gave us $19k. Original MSRP was $32,795 plus PDI and taxes.