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  1. Nice article and finally someone who "gets" it. The Z vs. Flex is a prime example. Every comparison says "buy a Yaris or a Fit cause they're cheaper, more practical and not much worse on fuel" Err ok but are they fun to drive? cheeky? what about safety equipment? (only just are they getting TCS/ESP as std or opt. equipment). What about luxury features? What about the fact that there's a cabriolet model?
  2. So why from Vancouver and not the head office in Ontario?
  3. On the other side of the Rockies lol.We've been setting record temperatures. It got up to 18 at the int'l yesterday! Normally, we should be at 0°C as a high and -9°C as a low. The ground is bare and brown. No hint of snow.
  4. I'm impressed that a large corporation would pay attention to something small like this. It doesn't cost them much in terms of money but it'll gain a good deal of publicity. Kudos to Hyundai Auto Canada!
  5. I thought it was a simple countdown?? Everytime you reset the counter, it counts the days (365) and kms (15,000) til the next service.
  6. Hello and welcome to CsC!
  7. Great article. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Thanks SheepRock for writing to MB and posting their response online. It's the same with the Toyota dealers. I usually take it in right in the morning so that I only wait 45 mins. If I drop it off at a "normal" time like 9am, it'll be there all day and "ready at 5pm"And I refuse all car washes. My car always end up with scratches.
  9. I thought it was Renault?? Or is Renault the equivalent of Dodge? (i.e. plastics coming apart within months of ownership)
  10. Yeah my "A" service was $225. Our Toyotas have cost $40-$60 for the same service. Yes, the service at MB was better but I don't know if it's really worth 4-6x the cost. It could be mostly labour too. Maybe MB design their cars that don't have easily accessible parts so it takes longer to do a job.
  11. Love the flat black. Thanks for the pics!
  12. Someone used the Olympic clock to calculate the date. It was around April. If you want the exact date, use the Olympic clock.
  13. I've seen them offered for $16-$17k depending on km. Seems like the 451 has a higher turnover rate than the 450s (although we all sold it for different reasons and none are because of issues on the 451)
  14. Nope. Can't see our vehicles (then again, it's usually kept in the garage)
  15. Yes. In Europe, the model year of the car is the actual year so while ours was labelled a 2008, theirs is a 2007.Also note that the grille is black, not silver.1. That doesn't seem right2. Not sure about that3. That's correct cause the toy car is a passion, not a pulse so it gets a 2-spoke steering wheel4. That's correct. They get a proper SMG shifter, not the PRND that we have.
  16. I only had 4,000kms of driving with them on so I can't comment on it.
  17. stick with the Forester
  18. If the car is still on, yes but that's no different from leaving the keys in the ignition in a normal car.If the car is off, the car cannot be driven away unless the fob is inside the car and it's very sensitive. Even if you were standing by the door, the car won't start. You have to be inside the vehicle.
  19. From all the comments here, looks like he might as well stick with the new Forester! It's cheaper, has a lower centre of gravity, is slightly larger than his old Forester and is something he's familiar with. I'd also throw in my votes for the Jetta and Golf TDI wagons.
  20. I guess people only lay things flat. I've fit a few luggages and 24 pack of water and two small soft coolers, among other items on the trip across the country.
  21. Same.... UPS charges ended up making my item cost 2x what it originally cost. What the hell is a storage charge and why is it being stored on my account?
  22. Well the "top 3" come to mind - Ford Escape (and Escape Hybrid), Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. The first two meet the "slightly bigger" criteria. The last one is a lot bigger. There should be some good deals on the Torrent given that Pontiac is on its way out. Might as well look at its sister the Saturn Outlook too (or is that a midsize??)If it doesn't have to be AWD, then the Mazda5 fits the bill too. It's affordable, practical and easy to park.
  23. that's roughly what I pay even though I'm almost maxed out on the roadstar discount.
  24. bah... sorry Mike. It didn't occur to me to copy down the VIN for the 10th Ed. at MB Broadway.