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  1. @ both: Thanks guys!
  2. so what's the difference between bluetec and blueefficiency? one's diesel and one's for petrol?
  3. Disagree with what? I didn't say anything about light coverage lol. Puddle lights are mounted under the mirrors and flood the area around the driver's door with warm light. These are underbody lights.
  4. They're also called VIP lights (because they're individual pods of LEDs vs. the neon strips that teenagers use).They're legal if the vehicle is stopped/parked. Like Huronlad said, you can't have them on while driving.
  5. you mean like an elec. heater for the fuel cell?
  6. I saw one at the Edmonton auto-show.... kinda looks like a military smart (you know.. special assignment vehicles) with that Arctic Grey colour and black wheels.
  7. @xak: Same.... but we kinda need it to start at temps colder than -25°C.@Mike: mmm... about time. They don't know what they're missing!
  8. Guess Alaska will get shafted since the winters will be well below -25°C. Guess it's mostly CA usage since they have some H2 filling stations.
  9. well it's 93.4¢ in oil capital so what is it in B.C. now? $1.10?
  10. Well you can get an Outback PZEV which has superbly low emissions (even if the fuel consumption is higher than the TDI)
  11. SO SMRT on 82nd/Whyte & 98 St. Fri, Aug 21bumbebee passion on Calgary Trail/23rd Ave Sun Aug 23rd
  12. Nice!! Sounds promising!
  13. That looks fantastic!
  14. Driver's side setup. It'll be like the FJ Cruiser with the lamp on the mirror.
  15. Congrats! She's a beauty! 4.1?!?! Dang. Best I got was 4.7.
  16. The smart fortwo is definitely not suited for everyone. You have a family? Forget it. You play golf? Forget it. You spend a lot of time on highways? Forget it. You’re not environmentally conscious? Well, forget it too. On the other hand, if you need a second car for mostly urban use, you have a real gem right there. The smart sure is tiny -- like, where's the missing half? -- yet it’s probably the queen of city go-karts. Full Article
  17. Yeesh... you can tell when an author doesn't really like a vehicle they've tested but this guy is just making a fool of himself.
  18. shifts are supposedly quicker but other than that, it's mostly looks. There are suspension, tyre and exhaust upgrades however.
  19. mmhmm. I was under the impression both fogs were on at the same time so that makes 6 lights (low beams plus dual fogs) like shown in the pic.
  20. Yeah but are they scrapped or just sitting in the used car lot?
  21. I thought you were not allowed more than 4 forward facing (head) lights in Canada. Ah well, looks cool anyway.
  22. Congrats and welcome! I have a black/silver passion coupé.
  23. well the cage's intact. I would say that age may have played a role in it. The tolerance to injury decreases with age, does it not?
  24. Interesting. Here are my first year stats for my 2008 smartMileage: 12,085kmFuel cost: $997.06Service: $225.62Insurance: $2,068Repairs: $0 (blower motor, secondary air intake pump, transmission lever stuck, wiper hits window frame in "HI" mode, passion sticker coming undone, some play in the driver's seatback that isn't present in the passenger seatback)
  25. Err.... ok.... interesting design.