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  1. That is true. I probably won't get a Mercedes but it has definitely opened up my eyes to the Mercedes brand and its inner workings (and garnered greater appreciation for the brand). I'm not getting one not because I don't like MB cars but because I don't see the need for one at this stage of my life.
  2. Well, you can always swap the panels for the Rally Red! (That's the new red, not the orange-y red)
  3. I'm surprised they even had a better spec'd GLK as a loaner. It has the sport package hence the 20" fruit loops wheels. The look good but like you said, the rubber is thin.
  4. Welcome to Edmonton!Isn't there some sort of car show at an A&W up north every Sat?
  5. Did it with a 451, not a 450. Not a problem. Hwy 97C westbound was (90km/h was about all i could do with a full load in 4th gear but you have more torque so you should be able to sustain the speed better).
  6. I thought they offered a Grand Cherokee CRD and Liberty CRD (when the Liberty was still around)
  7. Well a cabrio would go for more. Ok, it looks like my trade-in value is fair You mean front passenger legroom? oh yeah. Not a lot of cars can beat that lol. You'll need an Avalon or a Grand Marquis or even a full-size SUV to get that kind of legroom. Shoulderroom is better though.
  8. Softtouch is nice (esp. if you're tired and don't want to shift). Softip is fun! I use both the paddles and shifter.
  9. for the smart? but it still has 3 years/67,000km left.
  10. Hmm... yeah I never took it to a dealer cause it only occurred once or twice and never again (and I've washed the car several times).
  11. About $19,500Oh I know. I just wanted to make sure it's a fair trade Ok, if it's fair, then I'm ok with it. I'll try to sell it privately (anybody want one?)I'm upgrading to my dream car - 2010 Prius.
  12. Nice! It'll come in cheaper than the 335d for sure if it's the 4 cylinder model.
  13. They wanted 12K claiming that's what they got at an auction for another smart as well as an older smart (I called BS on that one cause the old one was a diesel and I've seen them selling for omre than $12k esp. the passion models). They "worked" on it and came up with $14.5K as trade-in value. What do you think?
  14. So I wasn't seeing things. I had water on my tonneau cover but that was last year. I haven't had it happen again but I do hear water sloshing around the rear window and every time I lift it up, water comes out of the right side (passenger side)
  15. Tell that to my dealer. I took it in just to see what they were offering. They wanted $14,500 for a 2008 passion cpe.
  16. So it's going to make its own 3 cylinder engines or continue to buy them from Mitsubishi?
  17. My squeak (or creak) appears to be coming from the driver's side, near the seat mounts. It happens while driving. I can't duplicate the noise (tried shake the seat left and right and grabbing things around that area and giving them a shake but no dice)
  18. Smart has confirmed that an electric version of the Fortwo will go on sale in the UK from 2012, to coincide with the start of a £250m government initiative to promote low-carbon transport. Full Article
  19. No kidding!
  20. lol
  21. Nice! It's only a matter of time before the mhd makes it over.Anything new for 2010 on the B-Class?