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  1. Apparently the diesel was sold because it was easier to convert to Canadian standards than the gasoline version. Fast forward to 2008 with the new diesel emissions standards and ULSD, it's now cheaper to have the gasoline version meet Canadian (and US!) standards.However, the diesel and the turbocharged gasoline version may be introduced later in its life (They haven't been ruled out by MB)
  2. Does anyone know when the bluetooth will be available? It says "late availability" but does anyone have any timeline?
  3. Thanks Regina!Mike, yeah I can live with the low 5s. I'll see if I can get my hands on a 451 for a test drive.
  4. Yeah I heard if you use the manual mode (most likely the paddle shifters since they're easier to use than tapping the shifter back and forth), you can smoothen out the ride. Just like the Prius, if you learn how to drive it, you'll maximise its potentials. Correct?Glad to know the wider wheels help (and in fact wider wheels can be fitted). Do I need to change the rims if I do a +2 in the width of the tyre? hmm... well the prices I got quoted were internal estimate prices. I had to copy it down myself cause he wouldn't (or rather couldn't) print it out.Also, I was told the 451s have an oil life sensor so the 15,000km is just an estimate. Could be earlier/later depending on your driving and road conditions (e.g. sandy/hilly etc)Well we don't get the 451 cdi now do we? The 5.24 sounds about right for an "average" driver. Of course those of us on PriusChat have much lower averages than that. I presume the same goes for this site?
  5. Yepyep. Hopefully I can learn a lot more about the car here! Yeah, I'll be looking at the Passion Coupé if I purchase one. Kinda miffed that I only got $7xx back when I bought my Prius and now it's $4,000 back. I always thought the idea/concept of the smart was brilliant but the execution was sorta half done (I probably just insulted 90% of the members here ). 2 doors, almost Prius-like fuel economy (or better in some cases, looking at some of your lifetime averages), relatively inexpensive (in absolute terms) but I hated the shifter. The lag was just unbearable and the dive/squat was rather disconcerting (left it in automatic mode most of the time. I did try the manual mode a few times). I also didn't like the crosswinds while doing 90km/h along Hwy 99. The interior was funky and matches its persona.I had the convertible and it was pretty nice, esp. the "sunroof" mode. There was tons of space inside for the driver and passenger.I don't remember who told me about spritmonitor but I got it off someone from PriusChat. Oh? Hmm... I have here $1,154 plus taxes over 5 years. Better than Lexus, that's for sure lol.
  6. He probably was referring to the engine output of the old Civic Hybrid. Combined, it's 110hp (with IMA)