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  1. Perhaps it'll look better on another colour. It doesn't quite match the red to be honest.
  2. diesel maybe? or a hydrogen fuel cell.
  3. +1
  4. And that's the top-of-the-line passion leather-wrapped shifter. The pure's shifter looks worse.
  5. Probably this smart lol. Not that it's a bad car, it's just relatively "bad" compared to the other cars our family had (which were all Toyotas). However, it's the most fun to drive of any car we've owned and the best service of any dealer. Guess we never really had a ****box.
  6. Just letting you guys know that there is a small smart roadster (1/64 I think.. I can't remember but the standard small toy car size from Matchbox or Mattel) made by Ruff 'n Tuff. It's a black on black and I found it in Zellers.Also SuperStore (at least my store) still has a Maisto 450 die cast with extra panels for sale
  7. Good catch!!
  8. I have the gasoline version. Did Toronto-Vancouver via the Great Lakes (So I never crossed the border to the US). Just under 5,000km in total with no cruise control, 2 passengers and most of my personal belongings from Toronto along with the usual travel stuff like food and water. The only extra stuff I brought was washer fluid.I've gotta say, these are the most comfortable seats I've been in. 4 hours stretches at a time and no backaches.
  9. Sounds good to me. Saturn has been a good brand, if not shadowed by its bigger brothers. I know Saturn has a loyal following although I'm not sure how loyal they are now that Saturn is on the chopping blocks and only in the last few years did they receive new vehicles.
  10. Welcome! I've yet to see one on the road. I saw them at the auto show.
  11. That could've passed as an updated forfour lol. It does look better with that extended rear end and extra window.
  12. aww... it's been a good run. No doubt, you'll have just as much fun in a MINI Cooper S!!
  13. That would be for a base pure with some sort of downpayment (just read the fine print). So take it as a "starting at 158/mth". There is a $1,250 rebate offered but I don't know when it expires. It's a spring promo.
  14. Don't know but it's now available in the 61hp version.
  15. There's no GST rebate.
  16. The smart fortwo has been on the Canadian market since the end of 2004, and has become a familiar sight in major metropolitan areas. This latest iteration, which replaces the first generation's diesel engine with a gasoline powerplant, went North America-wide starting in 2008 and is gaining popularity on both sides of the border thanks to its perfect sizing for city dwellers and miserly appetite for gas. For 2009, there have been only minor changes, noticeably the swap to flexible door pockets and the addition of two new colours plus an uprated, limited edition Brabus model. Beyond that, the gas-powered version of Daimler's minicar is pretty much the same as it was in 2008. Full Article Not a bad article but one tiny error in it.
  17. I was thinking optional radio (clearly she was thinking about the US model as we get Radio 9 as standard equipment).
  18. The point is?I have two mats on mine (carpet and heavy-duty all weather mats) and I have no issues with the pedals (I even had, at one point, aftermarket pedals which were slightly longer than the stock accelerator pedal. Brake pedal was the same size).
  19. welcome and congrats on getting your car!
  20. It doesn't have TCS or VSA either. Moonroof is the glass version of the sunroof. Moonroof allows light to come into the cabin while a sunroof doesn't. Both will tilt and slide. (motorised ones, not the pop-ups lol)
  21. So far I've been satisfied with their service.
  22. Sounds fantastic!! well done!
  23. Not sure but I know if the engine is cold (and we're talking 30°C summer weather here), it won't let me upshift to 2nd until past 3,000rpm. This is before the upgrade.
  24. US$2,100 wholesale price for a Prius NiMH plus labour and taxes.