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  1. Matte Aluminium version with a leather gaiter. $100 local pickup (or $100 + shipping) Uploaded with
  2. Hmm... only 800kms in and the CEL came on last night. I didn't notice anything peculiar. No weird engine noises, it does have a burnt oil smell but I think someone said that was normal. The tank had 1 bar left, topped it up this morning and the CEL is still there.Appointment made for Friday morning.In the meantime, anybody have any ideas? Something loose maybe?Edit: Also, as you can see, I finally have a reading from Spritmonitor as it's my second tank. I pumped 29.161 litres.... in a 33 litre tank... Isn't there a 5 litre countdown?
  3. Congrats and welcome!
  4. Because we all know mom 'n pop who own a convenience store in small town BC need a $55,000 vehicle to support their business (i dun think they would even spend $30k on a vehicle, let alone $55k).
  5. They might wanna fix the photo in the brochure. It shows manual crank windows instead of power windows.Hmm... so basically the design black interior is "free" since yellow panels were a standard MIC anyway. Not bad esp. if you hate the pure's light grey interior. I just noticed that the pure isn't available in metallic colours for 2010.
  6. It's listed on the website
  7. Don't forget that the Tracker is based on the Suzuki Sidekick.
  8. Very cool! I'm going to the show tomorrow!The Panda looks cool. it could be a good rival to the SX4 (both FWD and 4x4 versions)
  9. Sweet. $125k eh? That's not too far off the US list price, right?
  10. The High Style looks pretty good, Jeffrey! When will it be in?
  11. THat's ok.. a lot of them have MB grilles (~$300 mod).
  12. No!!unless it's electric
  13. Congrats on passing the exam!
  14. At those speeds, the stop-start wouldn't kick in. If you mean you're coasting to a stop and almost came to a complete stop and had to, for whatever reason, accelerate quickly, the delay won't be that bad. The engine starts once the foot leaves the brake pedal so there are those few milliseconds before your foot hits the accelerator.
  15. Ohh... yeah I'd faint too if it was $9k! I don't know anyone who has $9k lying around for repairs (not even those who own S-Classes)
  16. lol. <shrug> My experience is with Toyota. I'm still learning from the HCH and Insight owners. I've driven them (2nd Gen of each vehicle) but never owned them.
  17. Thanks! I missed it the first time around!Edit: That is a pretty cool animation!
  18. He said $4,600 Yeah but I'm wondering if the older packs are more expensive (The Gen 1 and 1.5... the Gen 1 uses D-Cells and the 1.5 uses NiMH).$4,600 seems about right if you factor in labour and taxes. Even more amazing is the fact that it's the original Insight. I was expecting those to have more expensive battery replacement costs than the Prius.
  19. I'll have to take the Prius at my workplace out for a drive then. It's a 2001 Prius and sits on the lot most of the time.
  20. And the battery can't last 250,000km because....?
  21. It's still available in HTML form just use the sidebar to navigate through the numbers.
  22. and the smart's turbo isn't a ticking time bomb?
  23. The engine comes on to power the battery. The car works as a series-hybrid in reverse. The engine doesn't power the car (this is for the full hybrids).Our '05 Prius is 5 years old and a new battery is US$2,250.... If I needed one but it's still under warranty.
  24. Well I paid $225 (after tax) for my service A for the 451.