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  1. I've been fearing what my total amount would be... not that i regret a single dollar spent on my loved smart car...I was actually surprised that it was lower than the number that was floating around in my head. :)here's the breakdown.. 2006 Pulse Coupe $26,215.76Cup Holder $58Wheel Locks $254.10Wheel center caps $25.20Crossblade wheels $3,800.00V-Remap and de-lip $800.00Brabus Spoiler $751.20Brabus Side Skirts $1,171.00Brabus Stickers $141.15Brabus Rear Valence $368.20Brabus Gear knob $198.80Brabus Hand brake $217.20Brabus Pedals $184.70Brabus Carbon Trim $444.60Brabus Decal set $20.02Brabus Floor mats $154.55Brabus Black Grill $222.00Brabus Sports Suspension $1398.00Brabus Rear Fender Extenders $160.00Aluminum tach/clock rings $87.00Aluminum ac/defrost rings $20.00Aluminum Vent balls $141.00Aluminum Speedo trim $126.00Aluminum Suspension caps $85.00Aluminum Ignition Ring $39.00Aluminum Speaker Rings $42.00Aluminum Window buttons $55.00Aluminum Door Latch $109.00Aluminum wiper caps $56.00Aluminum Vent Rings $31.00Aluminum Heater knobs $50.00Aluminum Parts4smarts Keychain $28.00Blue LED dome light $5.50KN Air Filer $44.95LED Side Markers $25.00LED console light $2.00Stereo Fascia Adapter $34.00Spare Fuse Pack $10.50Handy Base $31.00Ignition free window $34.99mp3 console platform $126.00Aux in cable $30.00Raised rear view mount $44.00Scan Gauge II $199.00Bosch Wipers $85.00Ipod Video Nano $240 TOTAL $38,374.73this doesn't include the numerous cleaning supplies, DYI tools, failed purchases, odds and ends... that would probably bring it closer to 40k. This car keeps bringing me joy whenever i drive it..
  2. I can vouch for the Bosch wipers from Parts4smarts!After trying several wipers from canadian tire, piaa and the stock ones... i can say that the Bosch ones are the very best i've used...Yes, they are expensive... but worth every dollar.. who else here have tried the Bosch that Harold sells?Anthony
  3. That's a nice looking install :)Does the cradle lock the unit down or does it just sit with gravity? I see that you used a cradle meant for the desk.. would the unit disconnect if you hit a big bump in the road?(His fourfiveone website seems to have more detailed photos of the unit and install.. )
  4. Congrats Steve on your new plans for your business!It gets me excited to think of the possibilities that i can imagine coming out from Smartie Parts now...I wont be getting a 451 myself.. so i don't know how much help i'd be in suggesting parts for it.. but if you are still open to producing parts for the 450, i'll try to get some good ideas forming.low sales this winter due to lack of product? hmm.. maybe i'll browse your current offerings to see if there's anything i can order right now to help you out.. :)Anthony
  5. Thanks again everyone for your good words :)i just got back from Three Point Motors and picked up the Luggage Coverit's $138.10 ($156.06 with taxes) Part # 0005354V004C73A00I've installed it, and i am quite impressed. It covers the trunk area quite well, and the material seems of quality. I wish i could take some photos for you to see.. but unfortunately my compact digicam was in my bag :(Installation is very quick and it's ease makes it rather easy to fold it away or fold the the top flap to make way for bigger objects. The only small gripe is that there is still a small slit of a gap... closest to the window... about half an inch or so? so if someone really wanted to peek in, with their face right close to the glass, they could see if you had something in the trunk. But it would be hard for them to see what exactly it is.. :)I urge everyone to get one! don't let this happen to you.I'm still waiting on my insurance company to see if the contents of the bag will be covered. They are saying since it happened away from home.. house insurance won't cover it.. and icbc said they won't cover the bag+contents, but to talk with home insurance. heh, silly.
  6. I can't believe how great the repair looks! It looks 100% factory... i tried to see if there were any minor mistakes in the fit and installation.. but i have to say they did an awesome job. I am so happy with it I had a loaner rental car during the time it was being fixed. It was a Hyundai Elantra... LOL it was fun to try something different but i'm so super glad i have my smart car back.I'm definately picking up a Luggage Cover as soon as possible.. thanks everyone on your input on that!In terms of my bag... most of the contents are replacable.. but there were a few things that aren't... it may sound silly, but i do keep a journal that i write in everyday... which is now lost.. It makes me mad picturing some loser reading all my private thoughts and feelings. I never thought someone would want to take a plain looking back pack... i guess that's what i meant about learning a lesson that really anything can attract the attention of thieves... even something that doesn't look of any value.
  7. The most horrifying thing happened on Thanksgiving night... Returning to my parked Smart just outside my brother's apartment in downtown Victoria... I unlocked, got in and closed the door... I suddenly heard some noises that sounded like broken glass falling onto some surface... i quickly turned my head to look behind me, to find my rear window had been completely smashed open. Next i look down to the trunk space where my backpack would have been to find it gone!My smart car was left alone from 9pm-10pm.. and it was damaged, broken into, and my personal possesions stolen.Luckily it's being repaired today... thanks to TPM for having a coupe rear window in stock, it'll be ready to be picked up tomorrow :)It got me thinking about how visible the contents of the trunk really is... I don't have the luggage cover that comes with the passion level. I decided against buying one because it reduced the trunk space so much. But now i'm having second thoughts.. perhaps it's a good investment. i learned my lesson to not have anything visible in the car that will attract thieves. Maybe having a luggage cover also gives the impression you are trying to hide some valuables?I was devasted last night... but today i am feeling much better... and will be 100% once i get my smart back...
  8. Way to go Hannala! that looks cool... i love the black background for your licence plate
  9. Finally got caught by the police for my european front plate. I was at a gas station in Richmond, BC and was approached by a police officer. He asked "where are your front plates?" I thought for a quick second on how best to respond to that. I simply said "i don't have any officer, sorry." He was so nice and let me go with a warning and told me...1) first warning and ticket for $105 (he waived my ticket, cuz he was super nice)2) if i don't put the BC plates back on, it's a $500 ticket (since there is record of a warning now)then he asked me all these enthusiastic questions about how i like the smartcar, how much gas mileage i get.. he laughed and told me he puts in $120 for every 400km in his cruiser, hehe..So this afternoon, i put the BC plates back on. I don't need to take my chances on being caught again. $500 can go towards more upgrades and mods than a ticket for a front european plate. So many police officers have passed by my car and never said anything about the euro plates, but it's a game of chance.. eventually you may get caught.. or you may go the entire life of your smartcar without.I prefer to keep the dollars for better use. But Euro plates look hot! makes the front more streamlined and emphasizes the Brabus front spoiler more.. but I'll learn to love the bc plates.. if it means i'm one third closer to a brabus sports steering wheel.Anthony
  10. whoa the trilines look so cool too! i think that's my second favorite next to the crossblades... mmmmmUPDATE:the new wheels and suspension... are attracting so much attention around victoria.. people ask me all the time where i got them... if it was a dealer option.. heh..I find myself driving my smart car even more.. it's like the first time i got it, and i would make little errand drives.. "oh! i need to pick up some paper towels.. be back soon! there's a sale in nanaimo"The handling is just awesome... and the lowered ride is different.. but very nice. Turning really really fast is too much fun boy those tires sure grip the road!I think if someone went from having a stock smart car.. then dropping it off at Eddy's... and getting back their smart car with wide wheels + sports suspension + remap .... they would be freakin amazed...anyone still thinking about it.. it's definately worth it...
  11. I had my brabus sports suspension job done by Eddy... he did an awesome job!I wouldn't say i'm not a handy DIY kinda guy.. but not having the right tools/expertise/time to do such an upgrade made me go with someone who does it for a living. I love the handy ones on this site.. the ones who are always taking apart their smart cars to tune and clean... simply inspiring.for anyone feeling a little unsure, and if you are close to vancouver/bc.. get Eddy from Flying Tiger to do it. If you are close to Victoria (where i am) i'm always open to let you test out the suspension in my smart car. (the crossblade wheels are attached)Anthony
  12. oh do i hear a challenge? hmmmm.. <reaching for my visa card and getting smartieparts webpage loaded>
  13. I'm always trying to design a good interior upgrade.. colors scheme.. materials.. shiney bits.. non shiney bits... It's hard cuz my girlfriend really doesn't like the feel of leather upholstery.. darn! maybe i can convince her about suede leather... eventually i'll lock down on a perfect design and get that happening.. by then, DANG will probably blow us away with even more extreme mods... hehDerek, your ride still makes me envious.. love the all black look.. but i like my baygrey/black combo... second to yours... heh... i'm so glad you decided not to sell...As long as i don't tell my girlfriend the actual prices... she's ok with me customizing my car.. she's been pushing me to get a whole new crazy paint job... "new wheels? they only cost two thousand dear... you think the car seems lower? oh, i think the bigger wheels just makes it look that way.." I keep telling myself i gotta get my smart fully pimped out before i get married... cuz it'll be harder after that.
  14. I left all my suspension bits to Eddy... but i took my old styleline wheels. I couldn't believe they all fit in the back trunk space.. I'll be fitting some winter tires on them next year.Everytime a police car passes me, my heart kinda jumps.. "is this the day i'm gonna get a ticket for my front plates?" but lucky so far!the EU rear fenders are sweet.. i'll have to do that sometime in the future... the canadian rear pods are funny... and that reflective oval sticker on the back is just ugly... i'm tempted to remove that reflective sticker and put some decal on it or something. (but that's probably another violation of some kind)i'm undecided about the front grill... i do like the stock one since it'll be different from the more brabus style one that's on the new smart cars coming out... but the brabus one is pretty cool too... maybe i'll take Spinner's advice and try a different color on the front grill... hmmmm
  15. The wheels i've been drooling over since i first started looking at photos of smart cars... The crossblade wheels... wow.. they are simply awesome. Added to a brabus sports suspension (that also lowers the car) just makes it a complete package that i love. For anyone thinking about upgrading to wider tires, definately a YES! The new suspension makes the ride.. oh so sweet... thank you Eddy from Flying Tiger!I find myself taking corners a lot faster now.. never drove a car that handles this well before... too much fun!Thanks to DANG and DEREK for inspiring me with their cool smart cars... and Mike T for always promoting the need for wide tires... and GENT for showing us how great a sports suspension can be...