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  1. My smart will be on display in the main arena of Hara in May. It is being used by one of the antenna manufactures at the Hamvention.
  2. I had Best Buy install an Alpine Ida-x001. It works great and I am going to run the USB cable into my glovebox.
  3. My 451 was in the shop for about one week. The shifter "module" (whatever that is) was broken. Key stuck, no maunual shitt, etc... I am starting to find out, that this is becoming a common problem with the new transmission.
  4. NObody give the Smart driver any credit. I figure we are doing the SUV and truck owners a favor. We are saving so much fuel with our cars, that extra we leave at the pump is left over for them. They should thank us for being such good citizens and being considerate of them.
  5. Well, I received a call from the dealer. They said it was the shifter and they were going to have to order, since they didn't have one in stock.
  6. My big question is: what type of 2m/440cm antennae to install. It appears Comet has a window lip mount, but I am not sure which one to use. 73s, N8PGX
  7. I am not sure what the differences are between the Canadian and American versions of the transmission are. I have been told the US version was required to have a Park position on the shifter. I am finding out, that the problems seem to be an electrical issue. Apparently, the shifter is locking up because of this.
  8. Less than 700 miles and my transmission is broken. I can't get the key out and the manual tiptronic will not work. I can't even get the shifter to move to manual. The car will start only in neutral and I am waiting on the dealer to call me and tell what is wrong with the car.
  9. I am looking for a Radio 9 with RDS. The US version doesn't have RDS and I would like to find one with it. If anyone has one and is willing to sell it, please let me know.
  10. I hope I am not off topic, but I am trying to find out some information about the 451 radio 9. My car was just delivered this week and it has the radio 9. I like the RDS radio (my wife has one in her car) and would like to find an RDS version for my car. Can these be purchased through the dealer network in Canada, or are they sold by private individuals?
  11. My reservation number is: 671015. It has been so long since I registed the Smart, I don't remeber the day I did it.
  12. I live in Cambridge, Ohio and am anxiously waiting on my new Smart. Since I don't have one yet, I guess that makes me "Smartless".