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  1. I once brought a beer fridge home in the cabrio, just opened the top and stuck the fridge in the passenger seat. By the time I got home the top 8" the cardboard box was covered in bug splats.
  2. Well I figured this one out. It was the fuse for the SAI in the passenger footwell by the battery. Never thought to look there, assumed all the fuses would be in or around the fuse box. Silly me. It didn't even look burnt but the multimeter told the whole story. Also, the SAI pump was seized. Which is why the fuse blew in the first place. Replaced the fuse, replaced the pump, all good to go now.
  3. Tons of smart cars around here. Back in the day I attended a meet in Kemptville/Merrickville area and we had about 15-20 cars IIRC. I still see tons driving around but like you guys have said, the people willing to attend a "meet" are few and far between.
  4. Nah so far not really any interest at all from people around here.
  5. I tested the original SAI still in place using DAS. I tried using the known-good pump "loose" though it was touching the frame. I measured the ground from the pin in the plug to chassis and got no resistance. The SAI pump is in a plastic case and isolated on rubber mounts so I would be really surprised if it needs to be grounded to the chassis. When I bench-tested the known good pump I just connected the power to either of the terminals and it fired up (no need to ground the chassis). This one's really annoying me. I can't figure out what to test from here. It's gotta be an issue with either the power lead between the SAI relay to the pump (tested the plug and got about 6Mohm to ground... which come to think of it, should be an open circuit when the pump is not in use). I just wish I knew what wire to connect to on the SAM or relay block to figure out resistance between that and the plug. I just hope that the SAM hasn't gotten fried or something. I have a spare SAM but I'm nervous about swapping it out and messing up the mileage on the cluster.
  6. Good morning! So one of my 451s had the check engine light come on. Reading the code the issue was "Fault in secondary air injection system". I couldn't hear the pump go on startup, so it made sense. I tried connecting the plug to a known good SAI pump and tried activating the system through DAS. I heard relays click in the area of the SAM, and could hear the changover valve clicking away, but the pump didn't come on. I tried again, this time with a voltmeter connected to the plug, and got no voltage on the plug while running the pump in DAS. I went through all the fuses and they all appear to be good. I can hear a relay going when DAS switches on the pump, but I'm not sure if it might be another relay for something else going. I'm having a real hard time figuring out which relay might control the SAI pump, to try and swap it out for a test. I'm also having a heck of a time trying to figure out which wires to check continuity on at the SAM to see if I'm getting voltage on that end but just experiencing a broken wire between there and the SAI pump. So if anyone has any ideas please post them up. Sean
  7. Actually not very difficult at all. Just need a 90deg rubber or silicone hose and short section of straight pipe.
  8. Speaking of emulators... I was about to order up a couple more emulators from Tafmet which I have been using and have been reliable. Then I noticed the shipping is now $40 each piece which is luda since even ordering two of them, would fit into a tiny bubble mailer. Brought the total up to $200 for a pair of them. Anyone else sourced a good quality emulator for less dough?
  9. Anyway the paintjob looked sharp, but for some reason the back plastic window was all loose and weird, looked like a shower curtain. Not sure what would cause it to go like that unless it had been replaced at some time with poor quality plastic or if it was sewn in weird.
  10. There was a set of Spikelines for sale in SW Ontario about a year ago for what at the time seemed like too much money, but now I'm wishing I had picked them up.
  11. That looks like the one! It's parked outside the local "Inn" so they may be just passing through.
  12. Who's got the 450 Cabrio painted OD green on a black frame, with the shark-face nose art?
  13. When you heat the bolt it stretches and relieves the clamping force.
  14. As the title states I'm looking for a left tail light for a 450 cabrio. LEt me know if you have one. Thanks, Sean
  15. When I had the belt off I checked the tensioner pulley to be sure it was spinning freely, and it seemed fine. Might be worth changing it completely as preventative anyway. It's certainly possible that the "spare" was on the way out too. The battery is only a couple years old, Interstate. And it starts the car like a champ every time, so I'd be surprised if it was causing an issue, but you never know. I'll run the scangauge in the car for a while after I replace the alt, so I can monitor voltage over long periods and see if I can find anything that might pull the voltage way down like turning on the heater fan, wipers, etc... something that's pulling way more juice than it normally should. The plan is to pull it and take both it and the old one I took out in to be rebuilt so I'll have a spare for later. Will be interested to see what if anything the rebuilder says about what went wrong with them.