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  1. That's the oil cooler. Is it possible that in the process of changing the oil filter you may have damaged the new o-ring when re-installing the housing? Could be that it is just leaking out near the oil cooler.
  2. I would say check the motor mounts, though in truth I have no idea what the motor mounts in an ED would even look like or if the motor is hard mounted to the chassis or what.
  3. If the hose to the actuator is cracked, or if the diaphragm in the actuator itself is torn, the boost leaks out and can't build enough pressure to compress the spring in the actuator. So the rod doesn't extend and the wastegate doesn't open, boost keeps climbing, and you get an overboost code and limp mode.
  4. Glenn was recommending the motor be turned over by hand. You would not turn the ignition on and therefore not have fuel spraying out. His method would be very effective to know if you have enough compression to start the car, and requires no special tools.
  5. For what it's worth, all the equipment I have gets nothing special for fuel, just 87 octane, in winter when I'm storing things I just add some fuel stabilizer that lists compatibility/effectiveness with ethanol fuels, and have never had an issue with the ethanol rotting anything out. Even after a couple years of sitting I just flush the fuel tank out, fill with fresh, and fire it up. In case that might apply to anyone storing their smarties.
  6. Welcome! Without hearing it, based on your description, it sounds like your Secondary Air Injection Pump is getting noisy. It is located on top of the rear subframe on the passenger side. If the noise happens on cold starts for ~5-20 seconds and then shuts off, and does not happen on a hot restart of the motor, I think it's a good bet that's what your noise is.
  7. I'm all for going to higher ethanol content fuels and developing the infrastructure/cars to use it. I honestly can't imagine it would be that difficult, I see so many people on the "performance" end of things building their cars to run E85 for it's high power potential (thanks to it's cooling effect and anti-knock properties). I think the ideal situation would be to sell a coloured "off road" non-ethanol fuel for use in small engines, like they do with diesel for farm/commercial off road use, which should be cheaper due to not having to pay road taxes. Then have an ethanol-based fuel for road use. If you phase it in over a long enough period of time, there shouldn't be any issues. I mean they already sell flexfuel cars, and, like the leaded-only cars of yesteryear, enthusiasts/collectors will just adapt (grumpily I'm sure). If the ICE is going to stick around, it's pretty much going to have to run on ethanol or biodiesel as we continue to tackle the problem of net carbon emissions reductions. I'd rather see biodiesel get pushed but we all know how diesels are being bullied out of existence.
  8. Out of curiosity have you confirmed you have no significant restriction in the intake? Easy way to test it i sto just remove the rubber hose from the EGR to the intake manifold. If the EGR is full of carbon to the point of restricting too much airflow, the motor will start but as soon as it starts to draw a vacuum you lose compression and it will quit. Weird that it would run with #3 GP out though... Anyway, something to try if you haven't already, and a very easy test.
  9. One of our 451s "caught fire". The sound deadening material above the catalytic converter had delaminated and fallen onto the catalytic. It started smoldering but luckily we noticed the smoke and doused the material before it could do anything. I then removed the remaining material from the area near the catalytic. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a common cause of the fires, as I have noticed most of the 08-09 451s I've had hands on suffer from the same issue of the sound deadening material just coming apart and drooping onto the engine. Being in the engine bay, and especially the stuff located near the catalytic, you'd think they would have used something more durable or at the very least non-combustible. Maybe the later versions were updated with that, I'm not sure. Anyway I now know to keep a close eye on our other 451s for this issue. Perhaps failed flex pipes and hot exhaust gases in the engine bay make the material deteriorate? All the 451s I have had my hands on have the telltale melted rear valence from the flex pipe failing and the muffler flopping forward.
  10. In my experience with them, all they ever do is take your money and give you no results.
  11. He means if you return the turn signals to the headlight housing as they are in Europe, you can use the "Canadian" turn signal housing in the grille, with an LED bulb (or whatever) as your daytime running lights, or replace them with fog lights or a different DRL light/housing.
  12. With any luck a glut of Car2Go 453s hitting the market will drive used prices down and mean that I can pick up an inexpensive manual 453.
  13. Hmm, will have to try it out and see. Or I need to figure out how to get significantly more clearance in the front end to run a bigger front tire. I really dig the extra ground clearance from the fat rear tire, would be especially nice when the snow starts to fly.