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  1. Fair comment Ian. However fast is a relative thing. The satisfying blattt of the thing when it came on the pipe near max rpm, and the little extra boost as I dropped some guy in a civic..... well I guess you had to be there. I used to race tiny motorbikes, 125 cc GP, and would venture a bet that measured in smiles per hour, no one beat us.Fast Eddy you warned me that the thing was no good. Peter
  2. I have been running an after market air intake on my 451 for several months now. It has turned out to be a huge mistake. A simple bent tube with a K&N air filter attached, it seemed to make good on claims for a significant performance boost. The first problem was just keeping the filter attached. A spider web of zap straps solved that issue.Yesterday the car would not run. After having it towed to MB I have been informed that the throttle actuator must be replaced and that it did not qualify for warrenty. The mounting tab on the tube is cracked at the weld. this opened up a significant hole for unfiltered air to be ingested. The inside of the actuator is filthy, and apparently the electronics have perished. So far the bill is well over $ 2,000. I won't know finally until the work is finished. I can't say as I blame MB for not covering it. The worst part is that I probably have compromised my warrenty for the future.Sigh!Peter
  3. My old Ford van must be warmed up a bit as it has a very poor cold starting/running circit. Not so with our babies' as they are marvels of computer driven eficiency. If it is VERY cold, give it a min. Drive lightly for the first while and , if milage is important, drive lightly all the time. Me, I roar around and love it and don't expect to set any records. I still get the best fuel efficiency of any car I have had and several motor bikes.Peter
  4. I am getting used to a certain amount of abuse since I got my lovely smart car. An amazing number of people simply start to pull into me after an intersection, I can only assume because I am not supposed to be able to keep up. I am an old biker and I am finding myself reverting to some of my old survival tricks. I assume that they either can't or won't see me. So I keep up or fade back, no coasting just behind on the blind side! I never occupy less than the full lane. I try to be assertive, not aggresive, so that there is no doubt as to my intentions. The first thing I do when the light turns green, is sit there and let the fools rush in through the red light.(A Vancouver special)Not long ago in California I flipped the bird to a large BMW with tinted windows that cut me off as I was cruising on my motorbike. Not so smart as it turns out as the next thing I knew a very large hand gun was beeing leveled at me! It is amazing just how fast you can drive when truly inspired.I am a building contractor and also have a very large, very old Ford van. Funny thing is no one comes near me when I am in that! I cannot remember having so much fun in a car and I will not let the a----holes take that away!Peter
  5. The mass of the piston is kept as small as possible as it changes direction twice a stroke. That is why pistons are made of aluminum which is soft. Also a piston is a complicated casting. Probably hard to do in steel.Peter
  6. When you pushed the button you told the the pressure monitoring system that you were at the pressure you wanted. You reset it. You need to pump up your tires to the appropriate setting and reset the system. When the light comes on, pump up the tires and reset. Your tire pressure is probably low. You can expect poor handling and milage and maybe damage or danger.Peter
  7. Love my yellow! Everybody sees me and little kids smile and wave. Glad they are not bringing it in next year.(Until I need a panel.)Peter
  8. Last winter I sold bank stocks and bought a smart car! I have been feeling clever about that ever since. Sadly most of my savings are in still in mutual funds......Peter
  9. Could not e-mail. Please PMPeter
  10. Might work for skiis!Peter
  11. I still can't buy the basic rack. The dealer now lists it, but no stock! Any one have some insite?Peter
  12. I had a minor problem with the radio that was fixed at the Boundary road MB dealer. Ride home and back, clean car and very courtious. Took two tries but it was fixed and I got two car washes out of the deal:). Peter
  13. Our gallons are, or should I say were, Much bigger.Peter
  14. Last I checked, Fast Eddy had the euro model for sale. Big bucks! I carried my skiis around in the cab since I got my car in Dec. They fit OK as long as I was alone. The Bike inside??? Yikes. I need a rack for my bike also. I may yet lash out for the euro specs one, but would be most interested in options.Peter
  15. The premium system is no great shakes! The speakers are the week link in my opinion, and they can be replaced. There is more competition in sound systems than any other part of the auto world. For me the best part of the passion package has been the heated seats and the Moon roof. The only other disapointment has been the shocks, no rebound damping! It is not uncommon for OEM shocks to be poor, but the short wheel base of the smart does't help.Good luck! I waited a few months for the car I wanted..... but the suspense was something else!Love my car!Peter