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  1. I am looking to purchase a great smart car from a smart car aficionado who loves these vehicles. Prefer 2005/6 Passion. Open to anything really wonderful. Please be in the greater Vancouver area Thank you
  2. I am looking at purchasing a 2006 smartie and would like to know where to get the ER valves done so it does not break down like my last one. I am in Elk POint AB so Edmonton or Lloydminster are the closest. thank you

    1. Leadwing


      I would suggest contacting "Uncle Glenn" (smart142) for an answer to this question.  He is the go-to guy when it comes to technical questions and answers.

      Good luck


      Ron :bike:

    2. stickman007


      I'm in Edmonton, and can do your EGR valve...and other cdi Fortwo repairs. pm me for details.

  3. I sold my beloved smartie and am missing it terribly. I love that car. I would like another one just like the other one, but mine stopped starting and no one here knew how to fix it. If you have already addressed that common starting problem and you have a low km excellent condition car, I am most interested. Hoping for under 4 thousand. Keith, I would love your red one, but it is just more than my budget. Thank you.
  4. 2006 smartfor2 for sale. Passion model. Does not run. Was an issue with starting the car. Offers. Located in Elk Point, Ab.
  5. True to Alberta's frigic winter, the battery on the smarty is dead again. I need to push it out of the garage. Do I just put it in neutral and push or does that compromise anything by doing that? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I need to purchase new tires. My friend Bil had larger tires than the stock size and the car drove somewhat better with a bit of a smoother ride. I am wondering what size of tires to order. I need summer tires for now. Thank you. eclectrix
  7. I have an offer for panels for a car, 2005 smart for 2 coupe. I think that is what the passion is, is it not? Only my car is 2006. I am thinking they should work, but need an expert for advice please. Thank you. eclectrix
  8. drat and darn. thanks FlossyTheSmart one. I just need a rear left fender. Any idea where I can get a used one that won't cost two arms and a leg? to fit my car of course.
  9. He responded with his phone for text messages as he does not email so he said. My daughter is coming out by car in spring and could bring it out if it would fit. Anyone know? He says it is from 2007 above, but I am not sure what that means.
  10. It has been crazy weather! The parking area at the bed and breakfast was like ice. I backed out and hit the brakes because the guest's brand new first time driven car was right there, hit the brakes and slid into the car creating a dent and scratch for her and a smashed fender for me. My car was custom painted and the front panel was poorly sanded and prepared resulting in the paint peeling off. So, I am thinking if I could find all 4 fenders in jack black, that would be the best solution, rather than try to paint to match. Alternatively, if I could find a set of new panels for the entire car, I would consider switching colours too. Thank you.
  11. The tire shop CAN balance the tires, sorry. It is align the wheels that they cannot do. I suppose my only choice is the dealership then for that, but I do not want to buy tires from them. Can I buy new tires from somewhere else and go to the dealership to align the wheels?
  12. Living in nowhere land is not so easy sometimes. I do not know where to go to get the wheels balanced other than the dealership. The tire shop does not balance here. Suggestions please? Also I need new summer tires. I kept my winter tires on all summer and this is the second winter for them, because I did not find a place to balance the tires.Is it bad to keep snow tires on all year? I often wondered why people had two sets of tires. Why do they? Are snow tires inadequate for summer driving? I know the opposite is true. What kind of tires would be best if I only had one set for the whole year given that there is a lot of snow and ice here in the winter and it gets pretty hot in the summer?
  13. So, if I get that pump from Princess Auto, is there a video somewhere that instructs what to do ? I am not too thrilled with having to do this myself, mind you, but whatever. It beats driving 5 hours just for an oil change. Then I need to know how to change the one wrench two wrench thingy as well. There is no dealership in Lloydminster and the one in Edmonton is terrible. Pug City is getting busier now. I never want to sell my car, 'cause I love it. I guess I will get the one from Princess Auto since that is only an hour from here or I could even order it online. Thanks again everyone, for the input.
  14. Nope, they do not use oil extraction pumps here. Most people drive big pick up trucks year round. They tease me at the pump when I am fueling with dyed diesel, but their faces change when I ask them how much it costs them to go to say, Vermillion, which is an hour away, and back. They say $40-50 bucks. I say it costs me under 20. The late Bil Gladstone was a friend of mine and designed a hitch for the smartie, then came out and installed it when he parted with his wagon. Here I am in the line up at the poultry processors in St. Paul, AB. I haul two sheep or a bunch of birds, occasionally a dog or two (my dogs weigh 120-140 pounds) in the wagon. I digress.. The garages around here are NOT interested in buying an oil pump and if I had one, I can almost guarantee they would not use it and state some reason such as not using customer's equipment due to safety standards, etc. I had to drive an hour to another town to get the out of province inspection done because the locals did not have what they needed to do the inspection and did not want to try. They are very busy with the oil patch work, of which there is absolutely no shortage, and do not mind turning little customers away. So, it looks as though I might have to go the dealership or back to Pug City. Pug City did not want to share information regarding purchasing a pump due to conflict of interests. What they said was it was taking food from their mouths. Anyhow, they might put the oil plug in though. Is there anyone near Edmonton who is handy, willing and capable of changing the plug thingy?
  15. Thanks everyone. I would gladly go for the drain plug option, even the magnetic drain plug, if it was affordable to have put in,since I am not about to try to do it myself. If anyone in the Edmonton area would like to do that for me....Otherwise, there is a Princess Auto in Lloydminster, just over an hour from me. I could try that. Getting a mechanic to want to use the pump might be another story and I just might have to learn to do that myself. Yuk. I assume there is a filter that needs to be changed when the oil is changed. Is that correct? That might be pushing it for me though. The plug option would be the best if the garages here could put the car up on the hoist. I tried to get some work done here at Canadian Tire and they took the car in but could not hoist it up with their equipment.