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  1. Hi Misty I live too far from you but would also like to meet more smart car drivers.They are so much fun to drive and when passing those rednecks smile and wave. We, my friend and I both own smarts and were thinking of driving across Canada next summer, but find out we have to put our plans on hold for another year. We live in Alberta and love to drive together. We have girl cars and have put eyelashes on them so they really do stand out. Welcome to club smart car.
  2. I have had my smart since Easter 2007 and have loved every minute of driving it. Loved it so mush I bought another one in 2011 albeit it is a gas one but still love my little smarts. By the way I have the 2006 for sale but don't care if I sell it or not
  3. I would love to come to a Smart Meet can you give me a date I am only 2 hours out of Calgary and love to drive. Especially in my Smart
  4. Hi, from Tilley AB. I have had my baby since Easter 2007 it now has 51000 km on her. She is excellent to drive and we have so much fun in her. We even go off roading to find swimming places for our fur kids. I am stopped a lot by people wanting info on the Smart I always tell them she was one of our best buys and wouldn't have anything else, Of course we also have a small truck because living in rural Alberta you need a truck. She has been in 2 parades one as introducing the new green era and one as a Dragon advertising the Medieval Fair in Brooks Alberta. A hit all the way around.
  5. Has anyone had this problem, turning on their Air conditioner this year and finding it dead? There are two of us in this southern Alberta City and both of us have lost our air. I had to go in for a part to be put on and asked them to check out my air conditioner, They said they checked but could not fix it that day as it takes 5 hours to do it. I made another appointment and asked why I had lost it. They told me that the rocking of the motor had caused the little cup to move and it let out the freon. Don't ask, I don't know what cup, but I do hope it isn't going to happen every year. We live in a very hot area. I then met the other smart car owner and he too is having problems he was told that he needed a part for his and it had to come from Germany. I have also lost my block heater cord for the second time since I have owned the car only 1 year and this time they gave me the whole assembly at 176.00 to put in myself Not happening they are getting the part back and They can fix it on warranty. I pulls out of the socket and runs along the ground till it is wratched. I love my car but not the service I have been getting. We drive 2 hours to make our appointment time and wait all day for our cars to get out only to find they are still not fixed.
  6. I have been searching for a camper trailer to pull behind my Smart. Thanks to a resourcful fellow in Medicine Hat I have found the perfect one. Though at the momment I can't quite afford it , but it is something to work for. I will post this web site and picture for all of us to see. www.tinymitetrailers.ca
  7. Good Morning

    I have had my Smart since April and absolutely love it. Because I am in Canada I have a desel and it really saves me money. I drive every day around 100km and feel absolutely safe. I have even backed into a telephone pole and there is no damage at all and I really hit it. I am glad to see they are now in the U.S. They are an awesome little car.