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  1. We have way too many huge SUV's here. But just wait until the gas climbs up again!
  2. Boy that's a long way away from the price that ZAP was selling them "New". I actually test drove one and at that time they were $27000 US !! Needless to say that was 1 year before smart USA began . The dealer didn't even now about that and was really shocked when I told him that they (451's) would almost half the price. I still think the 450 was a better looking car though.
  3. Santa brought (although a couple weeks early) a new Pioneer AVH-P4200 radio to replace the Radio 10.
  4. As he turned and sped away in his smart.......................May you all have Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New years!!!!!!!
  5. Yeah! Let's have a few rounds and then watch 'em plie in the car!!! Entertainment for all!
  6. WE want pichers!!!!!!!
  7. Maybe they could fit twenty inside if they use the 451.
  8. I would appear that way. There is a You-Tube video on another froum site about the 2011 car and the salesman himself refers to it's name as a "smart car". I guess I should go outside and move my Subaru-Car out of the way so I can drive my smart fortwo.
  9. On the 451 the rear wheels do fit the front. I carry one of the leftover front wheels in the space behind my seat for a spare. Also acts as a deterant for others to drive the car if they are taller than me (the dealer at service time). The seat just won't move any further back. If you are travelling down 95 through the states wave to me as you go past the I 95- I80 interchange in NJ., I'm only 4 miles from there.
  10. That's the all weather option for the 2014 model year.
  11. I 'm glad the man is ok, but I just can't the the phrase out of my head....."More powerful than a speeding locomotive."
  12. Unfortunately, it comes down to this....Americans like their bigger than life SUV's and the whole "you're gonna get killed in that thing" attitude. Add Insult to injury, smart USA does absolutely NO advertising of any kind. Buying by word of mouth, oh wait we all did that, is not working any more. Granted there were a few ads in the NY Daily News (or was it the Post?) a while back from the local New York area but since then nothing. The economy may be to blame but I see all kinds of new Toyotas and Hondas and Nissans all over the (crickets). So call me an angry American or what ever but something needs to be done. I've said it before on another topic, smart USA now has the former head of Saturn in charge and where is Saturn now???? Nuff said.
  13. Man , that's nasty! I'm glad I got the optional solid black roof on my Passion coupe. I don't think I could handle having a car look like that! smart should ought to go back to the glass roof !
  14. I have 3500 miles on mine (09) and just shy of eight months old and no issues to report. My local dealer is offering a 'free" A/C system check which I am taking Putt Putt in for as well as an oil change.
  15. That might USA really NEEDS to advertise the car, otherwise sales will continue to plummet. It bothers me living in the home of the brave and the SUV that the mass intellegence still regards our rather safe cars as "death traps"