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  1. 5th Annual Smart car Mystery Run sign up1 - Leadwing & Spike2 - jwight3 - FlossyTheSmart4 - Adelaide J5 - Bill and Shirley6 - Christie and Jeff7 - Amy and Don8 - James and Yuqi - the date is too far out, but I think we can make it.9 - Michael10 - Britney and Potential Guest11 - stickman007 - I will be in GTA area during that week, too far to be absolutely sure, but I'm planning to make it12 - Adele2cats13 - Bill in Darwin14 - William15 - FastFraser Dan & Pam16 -Mark17- Tom & Sherry (IGTSMRT)18- Spadogs (Andy, Julie, Cookie and Wally)19- Liz & Glenn (Lilbitz & smart142)20- James & Dawn21- jp22- jp's folks23-24-25-
  2. Sign up for fun:1.Karen & Jake2.William3.Dillen (and maybe Kayla depending on work)4.Ron & Dot5. John & Elaine (Adelaide J)6. jp7. 8.9.10.
  3. Plunkett's Sign up:01. Bill02. Alberta & Cliff03. Liz & Glenn04. John & Elaine05. Ron & Dot06. Joe & Heather07. John08. Terry & Phyllis09. Norville & Veronica10. Dan & Pam11. jp12.13.14.
  4. was going to come up from Niagara in 2 cars, but dad's not up to it. so will just be me and half the folksSIGN-UP SHEET1) Bill2) James and Dawn3) Joe and Heather4) Liz & Glenn.5) Ralph @ Monica6) Ron & Dot7) jpr & mom 8)9)10)11)12)
  5. Shirl,we 3 all had a great time. cant wait to see what you dream up for next year !!!jp
  6. wont be able to make it after
  7. Sign up list1) William2) Ron & Dot3) Estelle4)Sandra5) jp6)7)8)9)10)
  8. Sign up:1. Liz & Glenn2. Ron & Dot3. Ralph & Monica4. Don & Janet5. Dan6. Joyce and John7. Melissa8. Bill9. Lu & Dave10 jp
  9. Sign-up List 1. Bill (smartnhappy) with the Canada1 Smart car 2. Liz & Glenn (Lilbit, smart142) 3. John (jwight) 4. Ken (KKSMART05) 5. Dot & Ron (Spike, Leadwing) 6. Ian Jay 7. James & Dawn 8. Danny 9. Gordon (driving CHOCULA) 10. Dave & Lu (TANK) 11. Terry & Phyllis (smarting) 12. Don & Janet (DieselDon & A1karaoke) {tentative} 13. jp 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  10. Saturdy July 9th after the Mystery Run. 5:ish to 6-ish startMacLeod's American House324 Dundas St E.P.O Box 1472Waterdown Ontario L0R 2905 -690-10581) Titan Bill and Shirl2) Tiggre- Amy3) Tony4) FlossyTheSmart - Max5) jwight - John6) Elaine & John ( Adelaide J )7) Carole & Mike8) William E. and William H.9) Liz and Glenn 10) Ron & Dot11) Jp12) "mike" & lorne
  11. 1) Titan -- Shirl and Bill2) Tigre -- Amy3) Tony4) AdelaideJ--Elaine & John5) Leadwing & Spike -- Ron & Dot6) Britsmart -- Britney7) jwight-John8) cadillacman -- Bill9) William 10) Smart_fan -- Laura11) John & Nell12) Jay & Tracey 13) Bumble Bee--Jay and Barb14) jp15) "mike" & lorne
  12. 1)Titan - Bill & Shirl2) Tiggre - Amy3) Tony4) Brent & wife5) Huronlad6) Scott7) Britsmart8) DaCoz (Gary) & Mandy9) jwight (John)10)Rich and Tia11) Karen and Jake (Tardis) 12) jp +113) jp's folks
  13. first i'll share my biases then i'll make my inflammatory statements. i'm over 40 (just) male, university educated BA English Lit and World religions (at that time i intended to be a high school teacher, then mike harris did his thing and a bunch of other crap happened all at once) i've voted NDP, Liberal, Green never conservative reform or christian heritage party.violence helps the protesters more than it helps their "opposition". first the media attention on the violence will show their placards. afterwards the protesters will hold a press conference (on their organizations behalf) complaining that the police rounded up their innocent protesters with the "tiny" minority of the agitators; while implying the agitators were probably working for the government. they will then complain about how "mainstream" media focuses exclusively on the violence and not the issue.realistically the mainstream media is in the entertainment business. they attract their audience by showing what they want to see. for example, FOX claims their rivals have a liberal bias and their role is to balance that--at least they are honest about their agenda. the more liberal media try to show multiple viewpoints which widens the audience they can appeal to. while they may choose to not show news that they feel wont increase their audience, they at least are expected to be able to verify what they do show. "alternative media" can make any claim they want--and any question of their "facts" is just big business, big government or what every boogey man they want to use trying to supress them for telling the truth (insert pontius pilate's statement on truth here)protest groups claimed that the police showing off their new arsenal of less lethal weapons was an intimidation tactic. hmm, over the last 50 years protesters have been gunned down by assault rifles, run over by tanks, and made to permanently disappear. right, i can't see how the cops showing how they are trying to not kill you is intimidating.arrested protesters have made allegations about brutality in the containment facility. that facility was thoroughly covered by cameras. when the civilian oversite committe has finished reviewing those videos, i'll believe what they say over any publicity hounds, at least they will have proof to back up what they say.there were riots. businesses that had nothing to do with what was being protested were damaged, police cars were torched, fights broke out. so, any joggers or other "innocent" bystanders that were arrested with protesters and rioteers seem awfully mercenary to me. "i was wrongfully arrested, i was not involved, so i'll going to sue like crazy" the contrast of expected treatment was made between protesters and world cup celebrants. police did show up but when italy lost it was a non-event. however, members of the sporting community did not say that violence was an acceptable form of celebration, where protest leaders refused to condemn violence.i really dont think this form of protest is even particularily effective. massive teacher protests did next to nothing to change mike harris' agenda. however a few letters cause dalton mcguinty to change everything. people screaming in the street is entertainment, it is showy, so it will convince financial contributers that you are doing something. people writing in are voters-- piss of the voters and you lose your well paying job.there are truly terrible things happening in the world. throwing bricks, and whining that you were in a glorified cage, not a cell, and given only a small amount of free food wont make anything in the world better. if someone is serious about changing something they will volunteer to do something constructive, not make a spectacle of themselvesi guess i should stop ranting now as it won't do anything. those who disagree will say that i've been co-opted by the system. those who agree, well no point preaching to the choir. and as for everyone else, some lunatic ranting on a car site about politcs won't sway them one way other the
  14. Sign-up List 1) Tardis ---------- Karen & Jake2) Shirl ------------ Shirl & Bill3) Leadwing ------- Ron4) Huronlad -------- William5) Dragon ---------- Estelle6) Britsmart -------- Britney7) Smarting ---------Terry & Phyllis8) jp ---------------- JP 9) --------------------- JP's Mom & Dad