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  1. Just before a courtesy cop got into a fight with a profanity user and got my thread shut down I learned that another saskatoon resident has also had parts stolen. I had my wheels and tires taken, but he had a crank sensor taken. I think we need to keep track of these local thefts because it sure sounds like there's a dishonest smart car owner in town ordering parts off our cars! So I'm starting a new thread for this, if you are in Saskatchewan, or even the prairie provinces, and have parts stolen, please tell us here.
  2. who? Me? I could, everyone around me uses it in every day language and it comes as freely to my tongue but I'm pretty sure I avoided it here? I'm usually pretty good with my written language.
  3. I don't think things are worse than they used to be. I read a lot of historical stuff, novels, fiction, non-fiction, etc. and people have come a long long way. But yeah, I wish we could bring the thief to justice
  4. Ok, well, here's the upshot. Unless they're caught, the thieves are getting away with it. I've moved my car to the backyard and when I can physically manage it, I'll move the shelter too. But I've been too weak and sick to do much. Insurance is covering the cost of the tires and wheels and custom caps. They would cover the cost of the fluid but since I bought extra last time and can't be fussed to arrange an invoice I'll not submit that for reimbursement. What's weird is the insurance called me and said they would NOT cover the valvestem caps and fluid but then in the estimate it says they will. I dunno, but ok. I have a deductible of $350 to cover and we can put that much aside in time to pay it when the wheels ordered come in. My car will be pretty again.
  5. Where's the owl?
  6. No, just my neighborhood. It's an "economically depressed inner city" kind of place. I'm one of those beleaguered land owners picking up litter and shutting my windows on hot nights to close out the sounds of drunks fighting and dogs barking. I know for a fact Scotland's got similar neighborhoods. I've seen the video.
  7. I wish I lived in a nicer neighborhood but i just don't have the bux.
  8. Awww, thanks! Actualy insurance is covering the cost for me so you can donate those to someone needier! I just wish the thief would get in trouble for this.
  9. Well it sounds like they're giving me the cost of replacement minus 20% depreciation on the tires specifically, so we'll be paying a deductible of only $350 plus 20% of the tire cost. He was shocked to learn I had less than 73,000 km on the car and had only put 3k onto the tires since they'd been bought in 2014. I told him I'd stopped driving entirely for a couple years when I got sick with cancer, which I did, and that the car was just a grocery getter and I used the bike as often as I could besides. I think he was going to devalue the tires a lot more than 20% till i read off the odometer for him
  10. well my passion came with them and now they're gone. I'm waiting to learn if insurance will replace them. I just figure maybe the community here might hear about someone buying my stolen rims.
  11. Thanks for the attention and the compliments on my colour! I'll be filing an insurance claim today. I really don't expect to see my wheels again but I do expect to be on new ones for summer. I hope it doesn't take too long to get the claim sorted. I'm not going round to the scrap dealers. I see the sense of the suggestion but I've had bad luck trying to dialog with the typical grease monkey, they tend to laugh at me instead of listen. Yesterday afternoon as I was moving the car to the back yard to protect it better I saw some neighbors down the block watching. I don't know them, they ar elikely new, one of the rental houses. There I was suspiciously wondering if it was them. I don't need that, yet here I am, distrusting every stranger I see in my neighborhood. I hate living in a depressed economic neighborhood. Yeah, that's my theory, some scumbag just bought a cheap pulse smart and it needed new tires. So they put out word to the criminal friends who networked till one of them said "I know where there's a smart" and I may well be lucky they didn't jack up my car and take the wheels off the car!
  12. Please first let me apologize for not know for sure where this belongs. If anyone can move it or tell me where to repost it I'll gladly do so. I just had the summer tires and rims stolen from my yard and I strongly suspect it was a to-order job The tires were contis mounted on passion alloy rims with Ride-on TPS fluid in them, an orange slime looking material. No tire shop will touch them because of the fluid, and only smart cars can use those rims. So either the theives are very very stupid or they were going after me because they knew I had a smart car and they had an order for tires. I am in Saskatoon. The car these are destined for could be anywhere from davidson to prince albert. So while they're rare here, especailly the 450 models, it's still a huge market if it's to order parts! If you know of anything I can share with the police please PM me. I'll be keeping this open in a browser window for the next couple of weeks. Thank you. It's a terribly insecure feeling to know someone's got their sights on your baby.
  13. I really can't keep up with social media is why you never see me around.  In for all or none, that's how it works. I've been active here in the past and since then have had to repair my car after getting slammed, which is why it's green, not blue. I've also battled and won a fight against cancer but it left me with health issues ongoing as these things usually do. I'm trying to convert a bus and bring the car along inside the back of it so I can get out of a place that does not please me.

  14. I was a frequent poster on here for a while, but summer came along and I don't have time for socializing online in summer. Come winter I'd get dragged into something else and that's how it goes with me. I've had my smart car since 2008 when I bought a 2006 dealer car as a "new but scuffed" car. She did have a little scuffing here and there and a great need for TLC but with a little work and a few bucks here and there I got her all spiffy and loved loved loved her till 2012. In that Annus Horribilis, while struggling to figure out how I felt about losing my dad over christmas, some bonehead drove into me.Here's the thing, boneheads frequently do this with my car. They'll be staring at me as they pull out of a dead stop on a side street to run right across my path, staring and giggling at my car the whole time. I'm forced to yank the wheel to one side or the other to run around the end of them and manouever out of danger. Well last December the roads had become hard packed shiny white ice with ruts, 8" thick at the thinnest point. The city, pleased with it's surplus budget, was saving money on sanding and other luxury infrastructure work, so with no traction my usual trick left me slapping sideways at low speed into this metal moron.My car got cracked panels front and back all around and a bent rod in the front wheel. Seriously, a sprained ankle and some broken skin! Poor iris. She was totalled by a heartless system of 2nd hand parts sales and kickback from body shops who overprice the estimate.Knowing enough to realize how little actual damage she took, I bought her back for $1700 off the insurance payout and we fixed her. Thanks to Dave from Edmonton who sold me a pulse with no motor we were able to fix her, paint included, for about 5k, half the estimate and actually as much as they gave me for her.I took the disassembled panels in to Lazer Auto Body nearby and they did the spray work. Iris passed her two safety certs last month and is now on the road with a lovely "Synergy Green " paintjob on her panels and the original silver on her cell. Seriously, she was in such good shape we didn't have to repaint the tridion. Heck, she actually still smells new when you open the doors.We put up a fabric shelter in the front for a garage for her and she's just peachy there now. It's where we repaired her after the snow melted, and where she spent the winter in a coma after her accident. The first day we charged the battery and put the headlights back into her front end it was like a family member waking after a eight month coma!