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  1. Must have just missed you minimania - I was there about 10.35. I bet we weren't the only latecomers. Maybe I should have waited but I buzzed around the park trying to catch the ? others. I've been a part of many Vespa meetups and rallies and must say that I'm used to their more leisurely timekeeping...
  2. You guyz!!! Where were you!?For a "depart roughly at 11am" you were gone gone by the time us latecomers arrived!I was so looking forward to the meetup, and was late because of course my Smart needed a wash
  3. Hmm, you are asking for feedback - so here goes!I'm a bit of a motoring enthusiast, in that I am enthusiastic about cars - for example, my favorite television is Top Gear - I even re-watch episodes.I have champagne tastes on a more beer like budget! Yes I'd like an Alpha Romeo Spider or something like that but .... life and the bank balance had other plans :)Anyway - I demand my vehicle has "soul" - the Smart Car has this. My Piaggio MP3 has.The suzuki looks like a nice car, well equipped, nicely styled - but truth be told I would be bored with it after a year. After 5 years it would be boring to others too. I'm sure it would make many other people very happy. It just seems to have many competitors.At $29 000 I'd be tempted to save a bit longer and get a VW Golf GTI. I'm fairly certain I'd be happy with a Golf GTI for many many years
  4. I'm confused! April 3 or 4th.There could be many people who check in at the last moment and miss the meeting completely.The title for the thread still mentions Sunday!I'll check in again so see if the change is unanimous closer to the date ....I vote for the sunniest day
  5. Thumbs up for the advice Mike!!I'm wondering if there is a difference between pricing in East and Western Canada!There is no way I would currently pay over $20 K for that car in Vancouver! I have my doubts over the 500 km plus on a demo as well - we all know what some people do during demo drives. "Let's see what this baby can do..!"I did pay just over $20 k for a brand spanking new, non demo Smart Passion in 2008, but now - at least out here, I'm seeing very decent slightly used gas smarts maybe 1-2 years old for no more than $14-15 000. Oh look - there's a 2008 with 15,000 km for $12,800!When I traded mine in after a year, a dealership gave me $14 500 - I had 8000 km on the clock. I would never buy a brand new Smart again. The devaluation of the car seemed more rapid than other vehicles I've owned.I proved that recently by getting a used 2006 Diesel for around $10 000 with 32,000km!I'm loving the diesel - I honestly cannot tell the hp difference around town and really enjoy the smugness at the diesel pump. I found the gas smart wasn't as economical as expected once I factored the cost of PREMIUM ONLY gas into the equation.But clearly, you are interested in the gas smart (and reading all the forums here I see there can be some nasty repair bills with the diesels) - I'm just beseeching you to do more research, call more dealerships, peruse the classifieds for slightly used gassers (auto trader . ca has over 140 Smart listings in Ontario) - even fly out West, buy one and throw in on the train and save thousands :)Di
  6. Just returned from a nice afternoon with Eddy @Flying Tiger in Richmond - add me to the list of satisfied customers!B service and fresh brake and tranny fluids. I want my gem to last for many moons! Sadly at a previous service with a nonSmart specialist the OIL WAS OVERFILLED grrrrr....Eddy - you may call yourself "fast" but you also came across as friendly and competent - a tech to trust.Thanks again (too busy to say more, time to drive!
  7. Thanks so much - advice noted and appreciated.I should have known that black is an OK colour for diesel oil - duh!I'm certainly enjoying reading through the many posts of this awesome forum- when not out driving that is
  8. Thanks for the welcome - and in particular Alex for your helpful words of wisdom! I have been swayed by your opinion to deal with Eddy now, even for my first post purchase service and check. I may well research the suction pump and get a friend to help with some extra oil changes as I don't mid rolling up my sleeves. Should the oil be as black as it is currently - my previous vehicles (including vespas) have always had synthetic that is a nicely tinged brown. I will book with Eddy as I fear the oil is old.... May I enquire about Milligans - is this a diesel additive? And yes it is the intercooler fan at the left rear that is turning on frequently on my rather short stop and go trips around metro Vancouver. I've kept a watchful eye on the engine temp so am pleased to hear the fan is run by software and not being triggered by overheating (well, it is unseasonably warm here in Vancouver right now). Which reminds me - it's time to go for a drive!! Hope to see you at the totem pole meet up in April, Di
  9. 1. smartzuuk (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi) 2. Mike T (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi) 3. smartcynth (2008 pure coupe gas) 4. smartzuuk spare driven by TBD (2005 pulse coupe cdi) 5. bilgladstone (2005 Pulse cdi) 6. Henry (06 pulse cabrio cdi) 7. Monkii (08' pulse cabrio gas) 8. Ted (05 pure cabrio cdi) 9. FastEddy (2008 Brabus Xclusive cabrio gas by Flying Tiger) 10, mimota (2008 cabrio) 11.sidneyfortwo (2005 Pulse Cabrio) 12. Catopounce (2006 Pulse Coupe) 13. jeremygray (2006 Passion Coupe cdi) 14. smartvancouver (2008 Passion) 15. Guinness (2009 Brabus Cabrio) 16. Bruce F (Mike T's 2005 pulse cabrio) 17. Peter E 18.LittleFeather (2006 Pulse Coupe) Count me in
  10. Hi everyone! I've done it again Re-entered the Smart life ...... I bought a brand new 2008 gas Passion in 2008 and we enjoyed a nice problem - free relationship for about a year before life dictated our ways should part. Then in the last month or so a friend purchased a Smart - whilst another stepped forward indicating he also was in the market and off we trotted to the dealership for some lookie-loos and obligatory test drive of a coffee-bean cabriolet. Sunny afternoon, smiles beaming - memories came flooding back. But not the "premium fuel only" memories! You see - I've always wanted a diesel. There is something so intoxicating about the "chug a lug" aural tones. I started perusing the classifieds and used dealership inventories whilst grappling with my conscience "you don't need a second car" blah blah (well conscience, this is not a car - it's a Smart!!) and found a nice 06 Pulse with 30 000km on it and very decently priced. Best of all, it's that nice brighter green with silver Tridion. It came home on Wednesday - I took the long way home lol!! First things first - it needs to have a thorough check and service - the previous service is from a Hyundai dealership *yikes*. From forum recommendations I think I'll head out to Eddie for future servicing - might go to MB first as the engine cooling fan has been coming on/off intermittently and only 6 months of warranty remain. Yes, I have read the horror stories and I proceed with fingers crossed knowing what might arise in the future and the high cost of repairs. But I'm ecstatic to have another Smart to enjoy! Di
  11. Hmm, at this stage we are having one per month. What a disappointment - I've had three episodes in the last two weeks. Time to take my 2008 451 to the local dealership. I usually have to stop the car and wait to correct this....
  12. Hi SmartVan!Same thing happened to me, just under 7000 km, bought the car in April. Took a few days to speak to someone in service and they assured me the wrench was a service reminder coming up one year after the build date. So I'm delaying it, maybe till 10 000 km - can't wait till 15,000 km as the wrench is annoying ! After I hung up the phone I went to my car and the left low beam bulb had blown
  13. Well thanks people for sharing the knowledge! I think I'll give you a call tomorrow Mr Tiger for a quote! I haven't heard great things about the Smart on snow, but surely BC coastal snow would be better managed with the tires than with stock? Even if for decreased braking distance alone! Much thx Diana
  14. I know you said not to ask you - but are these the correct tires for a 2008 gas smart?Vancouver is expecting snow tomorrow Thankyou! Diana
  15. I'm just wondering if anyone is just going along to watch the track meet I'd love to meet the locals / video the Smarts on the track but do not wish to race ...... for fear of wiping out You know the Smart is just a wild machine ....