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  1. Sorry but we can't take card payments over the phone, only via the HSBC secure e-payments server. Oh and if you choose the USA Courier option the shipping is about $20 less :)Kate
  2. They are the 450 mats which we can supply. The RHD ones used to have a smaller logo but both LHD and RHD Euro supplied 450 mats are like this. Kate
  3. Actually although the car did it's job & they guys got out without too many injuries we used a brand new complete Tridion on Benny's Roadster. Most of the damage was done when the recovery guys dragged it down the road to a wider section before they flipped it back onto it's wheels!Kate
  4. Gav our workshop manager had a crash in his 450 Cabrio. The car was a write off, both airbags went off and both him & his mum got out with just a little bruising! The roof open and closed still and it even ran and drove onto the recovery truck!Kate
  5. Are the tools going in the car or the trailer?In the car it should be OK, in the trailer as Bil says I wouldn't!Kate
  6. ALL 451 models, Europe, USA, Canada, wherever, Including the 61, 71, 84, CDi & Brabus models ALL have the same flat panel filter which we have had produced for us by itg.K&N ARE wrong! There is only 1 air filter listed for all the 451 models so there is no chance that the old cylindrical one will have fitted into one in their workshop!Kate
  7. I'd say not to bother to be honest, the paper element that is fitted as standard is often larger than the filter material inside the canister filters!Kate
  8. Cool, it's only about 10 days now till we go with
  9. Why would you try to write an article on something you don't understand and have no experience of yourself? Who is the article going to be aimed at, how technical do you need/want to get?The Dual-Clutch systems are a type of automated manual as used by VAG.Kate
  10. TAN codes are STAR specific in the UK ie the code needs to be used by the machine that it was produced for not any other. Also they expire after 5 days.Is it different here? Might be worth a try if it is as we can buy TAN's in the UK for our STAR.Kate
  11. Paul & I have a handful of the itg 451 filters with us here in the US, if anyone wants one shipped from here ie no import taxes please order it through the online shop and then email us and we will ship it whilst we are here! We go back to the UK next weekend though! Kate
  12. We have some of the mirror triangle badges on our online shop, if the passion ones aren't there drop Jamie an email ( P and I are in the US atm) and ask him to add them for you, choose royal mail international signed for postage for the cheapest price. Kate
  13. The 450 filter is a cylindrical one and the 451 is a flat panel so they are not interchangeable!Kate
  14. The intercooler hoses for the 84bhp are already in stock, as soon as the 71bhp & 84bhp (they are not interchangeable like the old Brabus version was) are in they will be added to the shop. Paul stayed up until 3am yesterday (this morning) to yell at our suppliers (we are in the US currently and they are UK based!) as we should have had them 2 weeks ago, including one for Steven to ensure works 100% on the US car (and to give him a boost on his 'onelapofamerica')As soon as they arrive at the workshops in the UK they will be on the online store, the US store is coming soon too!KateWellSmart USA LLC
  15. Hi Guys,We have the itg tri-foam filter and the silicone air intake hoses already made and available for the 71bhp 451. We have found on the 450 model that the itg actually gives a better flow-v-filtration than the K&