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  1. I always upshifts manually once it goes over 2500. Only time I push the auto button is when I am stuck in traffic. But that doesn't mean I won't play around with the Auto mode. But since day one I have noticed, on the first two auto upshifts the car will shift once it reach 3000, but from third to fourth, the RPM will climb to 3000 and stays there until I floor it, and it will shoot up to over 4500 before it upshifts again. Because of that, when it stays at 3000 then I'll just shift up myself. What do you think is wrong? It's doesn't really bother me but just felt if there is something I can do, maybe just fix it. Second thing, I noticed the muffler is cracking along the side. No leaking yet, but just bothers me. My sister in law works at Mercedes , she just gave me a quote, $550 plus tax for a brand new muffler. Not bad, since list is $766.15. But I'm temped to replace it with a GSXR muffler. What do you guys think?
  2. All makes sense now. That 1 tire showing in stock is for local and since Lexus doesn't use that size it doesn't show up on my screen, I guess if I actually call them then they'll tell me it's available west coast.
  3. Just checked.....Dunlop Enasave.....1 only, Conti....0, Imperial Ecodriver....0 That's from tirelink national through my dealer hub.
  4. I'll go get a bottle tomorrow I guess.
  5. Such a long day. Recharge the A/C, working great now. Mount and balanced both front tires....this 145 sizes were out of stock everywhere, have to fly them into Toronto....extra $30 each....but no choice....see the old one.....then changed the tailgate shocks I got from amazon. Next job will be the front brake and rotors.
  6. Just a thought….eyelids for the headlights.
  7. No no, diesel vehicles do not need a charcoal canister.....it's for petrol, to filter out the evaporation from the gas to keep our earth green.
  8. Yep, I guess that's the fun part of having a Smart. Half the time at the gas station I would have people walking over and ask me how much I'm paying to fill that up. And when people question about the safety on the Smart, I'll tell them to google 'smart ferrari accident' and they'll see what happened in Germany back in 2014. My parts driver's own NX 200T cost him over $100 every week.....4 times more than mine.
  9. First thanks for the warning... I knew about the affect on overheating the fuel pump by drying up the tank, just like overfilling the gas tank and screw up the charcoal canister. I normally will fill up when the half tank light goes off. That photo originally was to show friends as a Smart car owner I can play chicken down to 0.5 liters.....
  10. The first engine gave up at about 210K. My tech said there's a hole somewhere on the right side on the engine block. Never bother ask what happened. It is what it is. I thought of remapping before, but at the end of the day, I think to be able to brag about 3.7L/100Km will be more fun than saying 0-60mph under 6 sec. If I really want to go crazy I can get the hayabusa swap, but then It will turn it into a track car other than a fun daily commute.
  11. Just for reference... On average out of every 100KM, 15km highway doing 100 and the other 85km in the city doing 65 Not bad I guess.....
  12. I joined this forum back in 2008 just to ask for the option if I should get a CDI or a civic si. At the end getting my civic but after 16 months actually got a used 2005 CDI on the side. Been posting a few messages here. Next thing I know it's been over 10 years. At one point I swapped a 80000KM tranny in it because of the 3 bars of death, then the engine went after a year and a 89000KM engine was put in. Showing over 235000km on the dash now. I can proudly say I'm a die hard fan of the 450. Since I worked for Honda before and now Lexus, which I can have company cars for free, but at the end I still prefer having fun with my Smarty.
  13. Just dropped off the Smart to the garage, hopefully there will be an answer in the next 2 days.Something off-topic......I found out recently the previous owner went back to MB for this 3 bar engine light thing 5 times during the past 5 years......I'm start wondering if those people at MB were just resetting the engine light and let the car warm and dried up then gave it back to him......
  14. Seems like everyone is having this same problem everywhere.....
  15. 2005 with 163000km at that time.Mine did an average of 3.9L/100km.....summer I mean, but of course with the A/C on all the time. Hope I can have better mileage later on since the EGR was nearly blocked and one of the intake o-rings were cracked at that time. Now they have been fixed.