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  1. Just dropped off the Smart to the garage, hopefully there will be an answer in the next 2 days.Something off-topic......I found out recently the previous owner went back to MB for this 3 bar engine light thing 5 times during the past 5 years......I'm start wondering if those people at MB were just resetting the engine light and let the car warm and dried up then gave it back to him......
  2. Seems like everyone is having this same problem everywhere.....
  3. 2005 with 163000km at that time.Mine did an average of 3.9L/100km.....summer I mean, but of course with the A/C on all the time. Hope I can have better mileage later on since the EGR was nearly blocked and one of the intake o-rings were cracked at that time. Now they have been fixed.
  4. 2005 Passion, brought May 2010 160000km....171000km now. Changed thermostat, intake o rings and cleared out the EGR. Having transmission problems now.
  5. I think I'm having the same problem. Got my car back from the garage lastnight. They changed the thermostat, intake o-rings(3 green rubber band thing) and cleaned out the EGR. But they couldn't see problems about the "3 bars", and they even unpluged all the plugs(I think he said 6 of them) and checked, and nothings wrong with them. Now I'm finally getting 'real' heat the first time and the temp. gauge will go up to the third. Vibration on the engine is down to the minimum (only a tiny bit from starting off and in reverse) and the best part is that it will downshift calmly at the lights other then jerking down every gear. My love with my Smart went up to highest level..... and then...... while doing a quick left turn @ about 35km.....gear display went blank.....and disengaged......have to roll to the side and turn off the car......try starting......3 bars.......then driving normally again. Called the garage just now, will have to leave the car and let them look at the clutch now.....
  6. I replaced mine four times(Driver side once and passenger side three times ) during the first four months on owning the car. Ended up putting HIDs in them. Fire and forget.But as my installer said to me, the reflectors inside our headlights are the best designs he have seen so far. He had never seen HIDs being so bright. Which I know it's kind of bad for the driver in the front of my car..... :rolleyes:So I replaced the parking lights with huge LEDs. And you can't really tell I don't have 'real' headlights on when you looked at my car since the LEDs are so bright with our reflectors. I usually drive with only the parkings on during rush hours so I don't blind the person in the front and providing I can still 'see' the roads.
  7. My neighbour Seems like we can squeeze 5 on our driveway...... Markham
  8. And I thought I was lucky....I guess not....:(On my way downtown just now, that 3 bars came on again....transmission losted....every time I went to a total stop it'll disengage and I'll have to re-start again. And it won't go over 60KM(if I do it'll disengage again).Restarted over 20 times....hope I didn't ruin the starter this time. And to make matter worst, at one point after re-starting the car I heard about 3 "bang" noise coming behind me, sounded like some kind of misfire from old cars....:(See how much this is going to cost me this time....maybe time to say bye to this little car......
  9. I was looking at the PowerService fuel supplement the other day at Canadian Tire, but the sales person told me the shelf life would only last under 2 days once it's opened...?!?Is that true?....since we have such a small tank, there's no way I can use up the whole bottle.....
  10. Just picked up one from CT....thanks for the idea.$21.99 now.Just one complain.....that rubber stinks....
  11. Small, smaller and smallest.....:)VIN: 205487
  12. Went to my garage today.....code P0715. Got the light reset and everything looks normal now.
  13. I disconnected the battery and recharged it. Now after 4 hours the battery is full. Went out for a test drive for 10 minutes, everything looks normal except for the engine light which is still on all the time. I'll goto my garage tomorrow and ask them to check what codes it's in there and reset the light. See what happens, hope it's just a mis-reading. I'm starting to judge the reliability of this little car.....
  14. I was on my way to work this morning when suddenly the speedo went blank and it feels like the transmission went into neutral. I shifted it to neutral and let the car roll to a full stop. But when I tried to shift it in gear this '3 bars' came up. The car was moving ok by then but the '3 bars' were there thur out the next 5 minutes until I reach my workplace. After work (6 hours later) I try starting the car again.....nope.....the car would start but still having this '3 bars' and the transmission refuse to shift into gear. After moving the shifter back and forth a few times, the transmission finally starts to response. And the '1' came back on the display along with the check engine light.. On my way back I notice something really wrong....whenever the RPM is around 1800 the downshift symbol will come out. And after a full stop at the lights, once the car starts moving and after maybe 3 sec the speedo will go blank and as if it's in neutral again for 2,3 sec and then engage in gear again by itself. And after that the car will run normal again thur out the rest of the gears.I tried using the Auto mode, and the car won't have that 'first gear' problem, BUT....when I was making a sharp turn the speedo went blank again and went into neutral....until I shift it back and forth, then the car starts to move again.....arrrrrHope this is not going to cost me an arm and a leg.......