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  1. I remember my Mom's 87 Lebaron 'vert had the real time mpg display. I think her 300m had it too. Her new Town and Country has it too (not that she likes an avg. of 14.8mpg....) None of my cars have had the real time mpg.Expensive cars have it, cheap ones- get a scangauge.
  2. Are your wheels and tires still available and do they have the wheel sensors?ThanksDan
  3. Has anyone put these Pirellis on their smart. They do come in the 175/55/15 size?
  4. Do you have a 451? If so do they fit ok and do you fit them all around at that size? How bad is the speedometer error? There are more snow tires at that size than for the 175/55/15.
  5. I am waiting for my 451. The one thing that worries me is how does it do (hold up/ and handle) with potholes and frost heaves and generally bad roads. This year seems to be one of the worst I ever remember for bad roads and I'm concerned that the 451 might get eaten up by rural potholes and frost heaves.Am I just a worrywart?
  6. I don't have my 451 yet. How does it go in the snow and also has anyone put 175/55/15 snow tires all the way around and does that make a good difference or bad difference?Thanks
  7. VT also has Cali emissions.
  8. What is everyone using to control their ipod?On the 451 there is the aux in in the glovebox- helpful I would think...Seems to be several solutions-1. Put it in the glovebox and hope shuffle works for you.2. Put it in a cradle of some sort and manually push the buttons3. Get a third party thingie to send the info to the radioor4. Get a system to do all of it for you- like the Drive + Play (1 or 2) or the Alpine ex-10.What are people doing or am I the only one who is completely useless without an ipod?
  9. So heavy snow to get going= heavy throttle?You also mention WRs? What are those? Are they Nokian snowies? IF so what size?Thanks
  10. I think that just came out and it was a 7 or an 8. I saw that on smartcarofamerica's forums.
  11. Vermont, or much of it, is being served through Latham NY, just outside of Good folks. I do wonder about service though. I would hope maybe Burlington would get one, but I don't think we have a local Mini dealer either which would be comparable in some ways I'd think. Anyhow, have fun and enjoy the snow.
  12. Actually a dumb question- will the 451 go up on a regular lift? I'm 3.5 hrs from a dealer and would probably have my local mechanic do as much as he can outside of required work, without breaking the 2/24k deal... or leave the country and have a PQ dealer service it.....