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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'll get the vin tomorrow. I'm likely going to be moving overseas soon so I'm not sure how interested I'd personally be interested in buying it back. There are a few friends that have expressed interest. Or if any of you are interested I can pass on whatever info I can related to its future sale. It was one hell of a pothole. It is known in the area now as quite a big one. I think it opened up after a big snow storm the previous week.
  2. What a week! I hit a pothole on monday with dad as a passenger in my 2006 grandstyle and it caused an airbag to go off, the vehicle shut off and the hazards came on. Dad and I both got whiplash and whatever else. But the worst part is the insurance is going to write off the car! How do I approach it with the adjuster? It's a cabrio, it had a new engine put in around 140,000 km. And is currently around 230,000km. I change the oil every 3-4000km. It purs like a kitten. What would be a fair adjuster price. We know they're going to low ball it. Is $7,000 out of the question? We got new tires and breaks on it in the summer. What a shame! Any input is appreciated in dealing with adjusters or just condolences lol.
  3. thanks for the comments you all!! It IS a 450 diesel. Snapdragon do u know how to enable the auxillary option? I'm guessing the previous owner may have turned the aux option off. If that is not the issue, does anybody know how to enable the premium package so it recognizes the darm aux input? Thanks
  4. I didnt know about hitting the cd button twice. I just tried it and it read "no cd". Still no audio.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a question about the radio in a smart fortwo grandstyle. you see it comes with an auxiliary jack for an mp3 player. the thing is... i cannot for the life of me get the darn thing to work!!! I checked the manual and googled the problem but there doesnt seem to be any information on the subject. I would greatly appreciate any advice on the subject. I commute in Edmonton and it is painful to listen to The BOUNCE every morning and their 5 million commercials. It would be awesome to listen to my mp3 player over the radio. Thanx