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  1. Sounds like you've become Rupert Murdock. Could this whole thing be related to the News of the Underworld scandal?
  2. Mike T and bilgladstone are both excellent speakers, but they're likely not small enough to fit in the back of your car. They also would not likely be inexpensive (OK --- Bil might be) ---- but that might also depend on what you wanted them to speak about. Come to think of it, they're actually not simple either, so probably just cross them off your list.
  3. I was in beautiful Montreal last week and spotted a great looking car that I didn't recognize (I usually know every car at a glance). It looked very European with a clean, understated style (unlike the current popular Hyundai's which are looking more and more garish every time I see one). It was the new Scion tC, which I'm not familiar with, and which is very likely a predictable Toyota appliance. But I kept thinking how good it could be if they just made it a hybrid and put some decent Euro suspension and responsive steering on it. Anybody have any experience with it?
  4. Just curious when that would have been ---- probably a couple years after the 505 was introduced --- guessing '74?Yeah, China seems like the perfect market for smart if they handle the marketing right (and keep the price down). It's halfway between a bike and big behemoth. Are they assembling them in China now?
  5. Bil (or whoever may be assuming your identity in that post), it is really me, but like everyone ---- I'm probably not quite who I imagine myself to be.I'm no longer smart, so am now a bit of an outsider. I occasionally lurk ---- it's a bit like a guy looking at a huge aquarium.
  6. LOL! Without even logging in, I was briefly 'smart-n-happy'. If only. Stupid and sad can be a tad wearisome at times.I know ---- this identity switch thing is Speedie's idea to add a little intrique and interest to the site. Sorta like a house of mirrors at the fair. Just might get the readership numbers up ---- unless of course everybody gets the same identity in which case the readership number would drop to one. Keep trying Cameron!! BTW --- has just the default setting been changed, or have you guys done some major site reno's since I visited last?
  7. I'm always amazed at critics who complain about it's lack capacity for hauling stuff. Just look carefully at it from the outside and notice that it is not actually an SUV. I was always amazed at how much stuff (including countless bags of groceries) would fit in the back.I think he does have a valid point about the tranny. I honestly believe that it has been the biggest flaw in the car's design and turned off tens of thousands of buyers because of it's quirkiness.
  8. Yes, unfortunately truth has a way of making itself apparent over time. (sniffs armpits) But it's still fun to take shots at the messenger, especially when they're paid 7 figure salaries to deliver the news to the ignorant masses.
  9. Where does GM find these guys? Do the 'qualifications' for top management positions mention 'tendency towards lunacy'? Their CEO was recently quoted as saying in a speech that the Toyota Prius is a geekmobile that he wouldn't be caught dead in. I can certainly understand his apprehension that the new Volt won't measure up when prices, performance and fuel economy are considered ---- but why would a CEO make such outlandish remarks in public? Go figure. more
  10. So if there are so may IQ's on the road in Europe, has anybody heard what their real-world fuel economy is? (not to be confused with manufacturers stated fuel economy). Do the fuel savings justify it's size ---- because in North America there is not an extreme shortage of space in cities like there is in Europe and Japan ---- so the only reason to sacrifice size is for great fuel economy (and/or handling).
  11. Nope. Look at that photo, then read the title of this topic.
  12. Looks kinda like a Saab? The kids were probably fighting in the back seat.
  13. Those fuel economy numbers aren't as high as I was expecting. I guess it's their new 2 cylinder 900 cc twinair engine that will deliver the goods forthose of us that like performance + great fuel economy. linkBTW, I read elsewhere that it should get 57 mpg U.S.!!
  14. Here's the list of initial 58 dealers in Canada: link I find the Fiat Canada website kinda lame. Not only is it not possible to configure a car with your color choice and options, but you can't even rotate the cars to see them from various angles. Maybe the site will evolve (and revolve) later. The prices do look attractive. Maybe it'll stop Mini from selling at jacked up prices in Canada compared to the U.S. That has always pissed me off and soured my entire opinion of the mini.
  15. It is definitely in Mercedes' interest to bite the bullet and deal with these ---- otherwise in a few years there will be rusted billboards driving around everywhere ---- reminding other potential customers what can happen.