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  1. Well it seems like the blower moter goes every sixth months. The dealer said that they were trying to get MB to do a fix but I am worried about what will happen when the warranty is gone!!!
  2. Nice to see your staying with the brand and the group. Notice any big differences in the 09?
  3. Xak, welcome and good job taking the bull by the horns and trying to get us Ed/Cal folks organized. Just need to sort out a place. There are some folks north of town and some folks in the deepest darkest Mill Woods, so I would be that coffee or something else around the centre of the city - with a convenient parking lot we could all show up in would be good.I am available until the end of the month, weekends or weekday evenings would work for me.
  4. Glad you are OK.
  5. Fool me once - shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.Might as well get it fixed while it is still under warranty. Seems like anyone who has had it once has to get it changed again around six months later, ie they now know what to look for when it goes.I really don't like it at all when the heater does not work, even if it is just blowing outside air around - yes even in a cabrio.So the bee is in the shop now getting the new blower - interested to see if they do the new programming upgrade for the shifters etc, etc, etc.......
  6. Well I am on the phone with DFMC to get the car in. The heater stopped again. Also I have blown both head lights within a two week period. Just a year old. HMMMMMMM
  7. Still happens all the time in Edmonton, however, there are more and more smarts on the road all the time . Hardly a day goes by when I don't see at least 4 or 5.. But I am still hounded by the muscle brained pick me up truck drivers who feel the need to pass my little car. Or worse - just don't care about any of the traffic laws in town - Ohhh don't get me started down that rant lane!!!!!!!Have a great long weekend!!!
  8. Very nice. Set up a new account today. I like the ability to put in the gas stations you use. Could you put imperial MPG on there as well.Well done!!
  9. You have probably already been asked this question, but what was your fuel status when these issues happened? Were you near the bottom of the tank, or is there a common thread. The engine is finicky with sub optimum premium fuel and if you are getting gas from any non gas company station, ie Canadian Tire/Safeway etc, etc, you may be getting some contaminant that is just enough to stop the engine from turning over. It happened to me as well when we hit the -40 weekend and I drained the battery trying to start it before sending the car to the dealer on a truck. As well, short trips in the city don't give the engine enough time to recharge the battery if it is barely charged. The more times you do start it in quick succession the higher the liklihood that it will be drained if there is a bad cell or whatever. If you are using heated seats or other electric options that doesn't help recharge either. The trickle charger should have sorted it out after that first time - I had to do that with mine shortly after it came back from the dealer the first time - seat belt in the door caused the light to be left on - and now it has held the charge fine for the last two months no issues. On the plus side I have heard rumours, on SCOA and other sites, that there may be a recall to change the batteries in the 451 for a larger one. Hope you don't have any other issues with your smart
  10. Below is some text I found in the latest SCOA newsletter. I was just wondering if anyone here has heard of a similar plan for the Canadian 451? The next question would be when is this likely to happen - I only received my invitation to go get the 10th anniversary package a week and a half ago."All 2008 Smart owners should be getting a letter to schedule (with their smart center) updates for their 2008 Smart Car. The most important one is the transmission update to the 2009 version. If you do not get a letter you should contact your smart center. This will upgrade your 2008 operating mode to the 2009 version. Improving the cars transmission and allowing you to switch to manual mode by touching the paddles. Other updates depend on the production date/VIN number, there are a total of 9 possible updates."Mod's - not sure if this is in the correct forum - please fix if I have it wrong....Cheers
  11. Last week I went into DFMC here in Edmonton. While there I was talking to the salesman who sold me my smart - he advised me that the diesels are reported to be coming to Canada in 2012. I haven't checked the threads to see if this is a duplicate or already quashed rumour - but here you go.
  12. Really nice to see one of the smart mechanics answering questions on this site.


  13. Dare I ask the price for such an excellent mod. How many disks in the CD player and do you still have the ability to add from an auxilliary input?
  14. When I was still in the Army we were starting a trial to determine when it was best to do the oil change. We would run a vehicle to 50, 60K on one oil change and test the oil at various distances. Up to 32K there was virtually no difference to the viscosity or any of the lubrication aspects - yeah it was black, but hey I find it gets black a week after I've changed it. They were still in the middle of the trial when I retired, so I never really got the results. I think it was going the way of - OK the CF could actually prove you don't need as many oil changes but would not get any warranty if they did it. Anyway to bring my comment back in line with this thread my heater is starting to play tricks again!!!