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  1. Can I just leave an intercooler leak and keep adding oil? Can I get the intercooler pressure tested and repaired at a Rad. shop? I know how to remove it and pair down the offending air scoop so it doesn't create another leak.
  2. Hi fellow Smart owners; The "boss" and I just moved from Sherwood Park, AB to Abbotsford, BC (we retired here) We special ordered our Smart with every option available in 2004 and took delivery early 2005. We fell in love with these little beauties on many of our Caribbean cruises. So at the 2004 Edmonton auto show, I seen the Canadian version and couldn't put my deposit down fast enough. After that auto show, I joined one of the first Smart Clubs and read everything I could. As soon as my top of the line Smart arrived I went to work making it special. The first job was to make the fog light, turn signal swap back to factory leaning how to remove panels as I went with lots of help from fellow owners in the club. Then I removed the silver mirrors and grill to have them painted black to match everything else. Removal and re-install was a snap. Then I ordered a Brit breather and put my brother to work making a small back bumper and inserts for the engine support tube. His machinist skills came in handy, as the inserts look like duel exhaust. We bought this beauty as a second car but found ourselves driving it as often as we could. The great fuel economy didn't hurt either. Other then regular dealer service it ran like a well oiled machine and we plan on keeping it forever. Now fast forward to last week when I missed a shift. The car wouldn't move and on came what many of you call the "3 bars of death" but that only lasted seconds and everything went back to normal. The next time I started it, the check engine light came on and won't go off. I tried disconnecting the battery for 10 mins.. but the light is still on. Is there an easy at home fix and if not, can I safely drive it to a repair shop (40 km) with check eng. light on and who is the best person/dealer to make this repair? Thanks for your help......Ed