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  1. I have found a small air horn to replace the little "beep beep" horn on the smart. The dealer does not want to do the installation of the replacement horn. Does anyone have any advice or experience with replacing the horn? Keeping in mind I am a beginner with few tools (no metric tools at all) when it comes to car repairs. Any suggestions? I was reading someone did this on an older smart and had to access the horn from underneath the front of the car? Suggestions / advice?
  2. Hi Duck, How difficult is the horn to replace on the smart. I ordered the horn you recommended in your post, I think that should be more than loud enough! Mine is a 2008 US version of the smart. Any suggestions?Thanks,Brad
  3. I was very lucky with the insurance. I contacted Liberty Mutual and we have a great local agent that was just around the corner from Canon where I work and she was able to double my coverage and drop my payment nearly in half! We did the figures on the smart and it would be about the same as what I am paying on my current car (Lincoln Town Car). She is also working on my condo insurance, looks like she will be able to beat allstate on that too! I have never had a traffic violation or an accident in the last 9+ years so my record is spotless. I am impressed so far! I had geico, but since they couldn't give me a quote and were badly under-insuring my Town Car I thought it was time to switch.
  5. All things being equal I would agree, but here in the states where I live, too often people will merge into your lane without looking carefully first, they just move over, the horm is that "hey look, I'm over here, don't run me over!" It is rare I have to use it, but when the need happens it has to be loud enough that the truckers and those with the radio too loud can hear it alike... Cute in VA turns you into road-kill. (SPLAT!)I wish people in the states were more courteous, on reason I enjoy going to other countries, I have found people are just nicer too.
  6. Well, I like the cute horn idea an all, but a lot of my driving will be interstate back and from work, there are lots of tractor trailers and a mix of people from all over the country with dare I say... different... driving styles. It can be nuts during rush hour here because we are so close to Norfolk, VA, most of the sailors haven't driven anything but an air craft for 8+ months, then they get in a car and expect to go just as fast... That being said, I think I like the air horn idea. I actually took the already semi-loud horn out of my town car and installed an air horn in that too. Being the smart is so little I would think you tend to mix into the blind spot much easier. I think the air horn might let people know you are there, or make them soil their pants, either way they shouldn't hit me...I like the Bad Boy horn, I wonder if I purchased it if the smart dealership would install it for me? ( I don't want to void the warranty/extended warranty... )Trust me, in Hampton Roads, VA a loud horn can save your life on these interstates. It isn't like CA or NY, where everyone drives the same way, people are either very aggressive drivers here with no common sense or they do the speed limit exactly... The two don't mix well. LOL
  7. 1. Can anyone tell me how loud the horns are on the Smart?2. I got my ETA email today... Aug - Oct 2009 !!!! Ouch! I hope it was a fluke, the dealer told me in about 8 month, not a year and 8 months...
  8. I didn't think about testing the horn? Do they make up for the size of the car?
  9. I just contacted Liberty Mutual, Progressive, eSurance, State Farm, Allstate, and Geico....Liberty Mutual was the best at $84 a month Geico needed a vin number, would not even talk to me without one. Progressive was a bit high at $117 a month ESurance was $116 a month based on the Yaris, the don't list the smart car. State Farm was a bit better at $91 a month Allstate told me they have decided NOT to cover the Smart car at this time, but they do get a lot of calls about them.... That is what I found out so far...
  10. I just called Allstate 866-621-6900 and was told they have made the decision NOT to cover the Smart Car at this time.. I asked why and was told they don't know, but a lot of people are calling about it... Not a good sign...
  11. I have been hunting for insurance to get an idea of what it might cost to insure a smart car... Can anyone give me an idea, and maybe a list of insurance companies??? Thanks again,Brad
  12. I live in Suffolk, Virginia (USA)
  13. Well everyone... I did it!I just got back from a TEST DRIVE! I also have a bad back and the upward seating was perfect. The only think I was concerned about a bit was my knees hit the steering wheel when I entered and exited the car. Aside from that....I LOVED IT! We drove through some really bad roads, and it didn't bother me at all.I ordered on the spot. I ordered the fully-loaded passion coupe - silver panels and black trinion. Thanks for all your input. It should be in 8-10 months... I am also getting the 6 year 100,000 mile warranty to be on the safe side.Oh, does anyone know what the oil change interval is? Do they use sythenics? Any other advice? With gratitude,Brad
  14. I have been to the websites and even sat in a smart but I have not yet driven one on real world conditions. My question to any owner is how does the smart car ride? I am going from a Lincoln Town Car into a smart within the next year, a friend has a Honda Civic Coupe that is very close to the ground and tends to be a bit of a rough ride. How would you compare a smart car??? Please reply: bradgarbus@gmail.comThank you!PS- I am also interested in learning the service/maint. intervals for the car. How often does it need oil changes, etc?