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  10. Use the least expensive aftermarket, ask for a cash quote, the windshield is the same. All dealers I know will farm the job out to a Speedy, Apple etc.Even with our own body shop 28 body men and the best equipment we never put a windshield in. Eithier we took the car to speedy, or they came in to our shop and did it there.Ford invented curved safety galss and still supplies must of it to all manufacturers.
  11. For you who don't know engine parts below the head for CDI smarts are not available anywhere in the world. MB just puts in a new short block a 8,000.00 repair. Same for major tranny gears not available. I have had a car with a blown engine for over a year and I worked in the parts procurement business and I could not source parts. Before you brate MB engine parts for GM ecotechs not serviced. I have heard Prius engine not serviceable either.The explanation is that the cylinder walls are so thin to increase efficiency that they cannot be bored out. The lesson I learned is that you change your oil and don't push it over the recommended interval. Make of oil is not important. Just that it meets the standards. We tracked it with a multi province fleet of 450+ vehicles. Some switched brands every change, others stayed same, others sampled for extended intervals. Extended intervals and drivers who overloaded and got speeding violations had measurably more engine failures.By the way post office mail carriers vans get their oil changed once a year whether they need it or not.
  12. I have a black 405 coupe safety cell only for sale. It is left over from repairing several other cars with bad transmission, engine, and steering rack. The dash was removed to put air in another car as well. The cell is undamaged and was never in an accident. It is black and not rusted. Offers will be entertained. Doors and panels were gone before I got it.
  13. Remember.. if the air bag light is on the air bags will not fire in an accident.
  14. The pads are siezing to the rotors. This happens mostly with metalic brake pads. Mine are metallic (you can tell if you have rusty brake dust on your wheels) I change all my vehicles to ceramic pads on first change, no sticking rotors, less brake fade, no brake dust coating on the wheels.Metallic pads basically have iron particles in the pad material. Hope this helps
  15. The washing is similar to what happens when it was manufactured. First suggestion should fix it. I used to service electronic equipment and I have put misbehaving dirty disk drives, laser drives, motherboards etc. through the dish washer. Alone of course and let them go through the drying cycle. I have even recovered data on disk drives this way after they have been through a fire. Remove the battery, look for any corrosion, usually green, if none strong mix of dawn dish soap in as hot a water as your hands can stand. swish around vigorously, rinse with more clear hot water, place on a pad of paper towel, still hot, blot top with more paper towel, place in oven at 150 for 15 min. let cool and try. good luck. I got a couple of keys off ebay uk. The key portion is a standard MB key available at a good lock shop.