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  10. Use the least expensive aftermarket, ask for a cash quote, the windshield is the same. All dealers I know will farm the job out to a Speedy, Apple etc.Even with our own body shop 28 body men and the best equipment we never put a windshield in. Eithier we took the car to speedy, or they came in to our shop and did it there.Ford invented curved safety galss and still supplies must of it to all manufacturers.
  11. For you who don't know engine parts below the head for CDI smarts are not available anywhere in the world. MB just puts in a new short block a 8,000.00 repair. Same for major tranny gears not available. I have had a car with a blown engine for over a year and I worked in the parts procurement business and I could not source parts. Before you brate MB engine parts for GM ecotechs not serviced. I have heard Prius engine not serviceable either.The explanation is that the cylinder walls are so thin to increase efficiency that they cannot be bored out. The lesson I learned is that you change your oil and don't push it over the recommended interval. Make of oil is not important. Just that it meets the standards. We tracked it with a multi province fleet of 450+ vehicles. Some switched brands every change, others stayed same, others sampled for extended intervals. Extended intervals and drivers who overloaded and got speeding violations had measurably more engine failures.By the way post office mail carriers vans get their oil changed once a year whether they need it or not.
  12. I have a black 405 coupe safety cell only for sale. It is left over from repairing several other cars with bad transmission, engine, and steering rack. The dash was removed to put air in another car as well. The cell is undamaged and was never in an accident. It is black and not rusted. Offers will be entertained. Doors and panels were gone before I got it.
  13. Remember.. if the air bag light is on the air bags will not fire in an accident.
  14. The pads are siezing to the rotors. This happens mostly with metalic brake pads. Mine are metallic (you can tell if you have rusty brake dust on your wheels) I change all my vehicles to ceramic pads on first change, no sticking rotors, less brake fade, no brake dust coating on the wheels.Metallic pads basically have iron particles in the pad material. Hope this helps
  15. Just bought a Smart with a damaged engine, It was looking for a "B" service some -28,000 km ago. Upon pulling the valve cover a broken valve rocker was found. It was traded in to a Chev. dealer with the (Blown) engine. I bought it from a junkyard sight unseen. Picked it up today and that is what I found. Steam Green Cabrio Pulse 2005 w 150,000 km.Does anyone have a parts breakdown for the engine? Smart Dealer says no internal engine parts are available. Is this true?Does anyone know of an engine I could buy for parts? Block looks good as in no oil on floor. Possibly looking for a head complete.By the way I have an 05 passion cabriolet as well.
  16. The washing is similar to what happens when it was manufactured. First suggestion should fix it. I used to service electronic equipment and I have put misbehaving dirty disk drives, laser drives, motherboards etc. through the dish washer. Alone of course and let them go through the drying cycle. I have even recovered data on disk drives this way after they have been through a fire. Remove the battery, look for any corrosion, usually green, if none strong mix of dawn dish soap in as hot a water as your hands can stand. swish around vigorously, rinse with more clear hot water, place on a pad of paper towel, still hot, blot top with more paper towel, place in oven at 150 for 15 min. let cool and try. good luck. I got a couple of keys off ebay uk. The key portion is a standard MB key available at a good lock shop.
  17. Drove a tow truck attended, cleaned up after, aggressive drivers. Don't want to think about the innocents lives changed or deleted. But I remember one guy who said plainly but I had the right of way as his life seeped out of him.Of all the things I noticed, fatalities and poor tires went together.We are all human, we are never right all the time. Don't be dead right.Car crashes hurt and kill people, many are just innocent kids. Faster car, right of way, mines bigger than yours becomes very unimportant when the smell of death is in the air, it's un-mistakable, un-forgetable.I have also spent time in the saddle of an 18 wheeler. Part of my run I carried sides of beef hanging on hooks, if I had to swerve or make a sudden move they came off the hooks, any on the floor came out of my pay. I didn't do that for long but someone still does.Another load I have had behind me is steel pipe. Stop fast and it come through the cab. The driver is aware and doesn't want to look like he went through a cheese grater.Now I teach kids safety. I drive big rigs, excavators, dump trucks, loaders like my wife says anything on wheels. Yes even a staem and diesel locomotive. I have been lucky well over 2 million logged miles. I didn't hurt anyone. Hope you drive for 55 + years and can say the same.
  18. I teach High School my students had some fun so I undercoated mine. Fingers that come up greasy go away.No problems since.
  19. My Air failed too, I have my own hoist, recharge equipment, etc at my home. When I dyed the system and let the car sit ovenight no leaks. Drove it to school and back and checked again, very slight leaks at the ends of the pipes at the back of the cell. This is where all the flexing takes place when the motor torques up. The refrigerant pipes are held rigid from that point forward so they won't rattle. The pipes to the engine compartment are also rigid. My cure was to inject sealant into the system. If that fails I will cut out the joint and replace with hydraulic hose and fittings.By the way the Smart uses very little ( a small amout) of refrigerant so a little leak is a big thing. Domestic maufactures have run the air on defrost for years. Helps take the moisture out of the air so it doesn't frost up the windshield on the inside. By-product it lubes the system. Foreign maufacturers generally have a separate AC button of some kind, these do not exercise the system on defrost.I leave my Smart on the single light most of the time maybe that why mine has lasted so long (05 98,000)By the way stay away from R134a its straight propane and contaminates your system so dealer equipment is ruined if they hook up to it. They might charge you to repair their equipment (Big Bill).
  20. I have 8 vehicles in my driveway. One each one I have change to ceramic brake pads because I live close to salt water. The Smart comes with metallic pads. This is probably not a problem any where else because the do not have the salt content. I have experienced the problem many times running the used car lot at three different major brands. Metallic pads as stated in the label contain small iron particles to help with heat dissipation. This is the same material that wears and falls on the inside or your wheel rim and turns it rusty brown. Any vehicle we washed and put on the lot especially in the back gravel section would drag a brake until we hit the pavement. With heavy cars and trucks the beak free is suttle with light weight cars or disk equipped rear brakes on empty half-tons it's sometimes a problem.The Smart is light weight I own a carwash and check it every night often washing my smart to check a bay. I live 4 km away and I lightly ride the brake to heat up the disk drying it on the way home when there is no one behind me. I do that to all my cars when they are going to sit wet. I also have a Ford Excursion Diesel the brakes lock but at 9400 lbs the wheels don't drag. Changing the pad material cures the discoloration, pads sticking, and gives better pad life.This is a common problem that will be extreme on lighter vehicles such as the Smart I have not had to replace my Smart brakes yet 96,000 km. When I do I will look for Stainless Rotors and Ceramic Pads. Thats what I run on my plow Jeep TJ.Sorry to ramble, hope this helps.
  21. Had the same problem the part I'll call it the cam latch with a tooth that holds the "C" shaped latch latch part closed is above the C shaped latch and out of normal spray range. The C shaped latch is the part that engages the latch hoop on the door frame. Take a lube can WD40 or your favorite and tuck the spray tube up shooting above the C latch soaking the cam latch it to free it up and wash out the corrosion. When it works freely then give it a good soak with a quality spray grease to hold it.
  22. Does anyone have a clock pod for a 450?
  23. Yes I am, please advise price to
  24. I need to replace the round black plastic end on my smart key. One of my students popped it apart and broke half of the case. My circuit board and key blade are fine.
  25. Hi interested in the floor mats, aluminum antenna, and possibly the summer tires? are they conti? how many KM. I have a same=day account if I bought the tires would you arrange pick up? Do you have a paypal account?