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  1. Topped up the colant level (it was quite low) and took it for a short ride (10Km), I have heat again and the temp seemes to have remained stable. The collant level appears to have droped a bit when I got back (Maybe there was air in the lines). But where did the coolant go in the first palce?
  2. Took the car for a spin today and had to turn back after five minutes, according to the Scanguage the car temp was up to 120C!!! Yikes!! and no heat in the cabin. It was -5 today so any slush on the windshield would freeze up instantly. Not a fun ride home, motor overheating and windshield frozen. Any idea what is going on here? It’s a 2006 - 450.
  3. Maybe I should be more specific, I am not actualy hooking up the fog lights, I just wanted to use the dimmer switch to activate an emegency light that I wired onto my windshield behind the rearview mirror. I think the easy thing to do is to change out the whole switch.
  4. The switch consists of a small circuit board with two connector pins and a tiny push button switch. So what you are telling me is there is a latching relay somewhere that keeps the state of the switch and the momentary switch simply activates the relay. Where is this relay located?
  5. I have been reading on the forum of people who have changed the usless dimmer switch to activate fog lights. What I cannot figure out is that the dimmer swith is a momentary switch (it is only on when you are pushing the button) so how do they control the fog lights and get them to stay on like a typical toggle switch? Thanks for your help.Calvin
  6. For the past couple of mornings my car can only get up to 3,000 RPM even with the peddel to the floor. It only seems to hapen first thing in the morning when the temperature is neering frezzing. After about 10 minutes and after I turn off and turn back on the car then its back to normal. Any idea what might be the problem, and why would does it appear to be temperature dependant? Thanks. Calvin
  7. Check out fast Eddy. Thats where I got my tires, and the price was verry resonable.
  8. I think that those who are getting both cruise and a remap should count as two towards Eddie's 20.(I am very interested and don’t what this opportunity to pass by due to a lack of participation.)
  9. Count me in for a cruise installation down in toronto. I have to do some more research to learn about this remap beffor I commit to it. Thanks, Calvin
  10. The program works great. My wife and I took a trip form Sudbury to New Yrok City over the summer and were able to enjoy the benifits of half price parking. To start, parking in the Big Apple is expensive!!, about $50 per day. All you have to do is fill out an application form and then in a few days you will recive a "Smart Park" parking card in the mail. The card costs nothing and saved me about $100. The only probelm I had was that the parking attendants did not seem to be familliar with the card and it took some time for them to apply the discout when it was time to pay. Other than that, I caint complain.
  11. I had the same problem just a few weeks ago. A rattle at low speeds comming from the front end. They told me it the barkes were delaminating and I had to chage the lower ball joints. I got both problems fixed and the noise is now gone and since you just got you ball joints replaced my money is on the brake pads.
  12. Why would someone want access to your fuel tank so bad? I hope nothing was put into your tank... unless of course it was a fill up of diesel.
  13. If you have the $$$, a nice set of rims would give your car a real good wow factor!!
  14. Battery box is bone dry. No signes of moisture. I'm thinking it might be the actuater sensor. Where is the sensor located on the car?
  15. While traveling in the rain a frend of mine got an error code and check engine light. The scan gauge says P0702. Transmition control electrical system. He gets the three bars and the engine goes limp. Any sugjuestions?