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  1. Well, I just made my reservations for the Best Western Mission City Lodge! Right now it's looking like my wife might even be able to join me, and if she CAN get the time off from work, we'll be heading up on Saturday & leaving Tuesday. Figured we'll just make a little "mini-vacation" out of the trip! :>) Since she wouldn't be interested in doing the school on Monday, I hope there's things close by to see and do so that she can kill time while I'm doing the school. Did anyone have a significant other last time that didn't do the course? Could they just hang out and watch, or was that allowed? OR....... did they find something more interesting to do?? :>)
  2. I must've missed the Sunday evening dinner info somewhere, but I signed up anyway! :>)
  3. Members of the Smart Car of America Club, as well as members of smart USA Insider, will be attending the Mt. Si Festival Parade, North Bend, WA. August 8th, 2009. Visit the events page if you're interested in attending! :>)
  4. I agree! My time off from work has already been approved, but we're coming up on 1 month away with only 21 people. I'm going to stay on the list for now and see how it goes, but I'm thinkin' that $325-350 (plus hotel for two nights) , plus food, would bring it up to around $600-650. Makes for a pretty pricey day on the track! :>( So..... let's hope that we can get some more folks interested in the next couple of weeks!
  5. Just "re-posted" another "heads-up!" on the SCOA PNW Forum! We'll see if that helps!
  6. So......based on the number of attendees that we have right now, what would the cost of the course be?? Oops!! Just read back to the first posts & 'kinda answered my own question. Based on LAST YEAR'S track fee of $6500, the current cost with only 21 cars would be $309.52 each.
  7. I'm staying on the list for now, but I sure would like to see us hit "40" drivers or real close to it so that the cost isn't so high! :>0
  8. IS true! Great minds DO think alike!! That's exactly what I said when I heard about this report/video! Just WHO is the IIHS in bed with? Hmmm?? Could it be the oil industry? Smaller cars mean better gas mileage, which equals less profit for them! The American car industry (or what's left of it)? Smaller cars means much less markup, which means less profit! Much more profit on a large SUV that can sell for $35,000 +. Or a giant Cadillac! Hmmmm! Decisions.......decisions! :>)
  9. It does!! Thanks!! I'm thinkin' I'll keep my name on the list!! It DOES sound like FUN!!! :>)Marty
  10. Thanks Bill! I had read the thread earlier, along with the section that you quoted. In reading their description of the course, it sounds like you're being taught "racing" skills rather than "safety" skills; which I believe is somewhat different from the overall purpose of last year's instruction. Is that correct? In other words, will this be a course that can possibly get a reduction on your car insurance, which I believe was a possibility with last year's class; or is this simply to teach you to be able to maintain control while taking the "twisties" at 60+mph?? :>) Although I'm sure it would be great fun doing that on the track, I'm just wondering how much actual benefit would be obtained for typical, everyday driving situations, e.g. hard braking, obstacle/collision avoidance, etc. I'm sure that some knowledge would be gained that would be beneficial on a daily basis, but if I'm reading correctly, that's NOT what this program of instruction is really designed to do!?
  11. Mike T.....Thanks! I think I was looking at the location for last year's meet. If this year's is at Mission, then I want to be as close as possible! Also, perhaps I jumped on the bandwagon a little too quickly! I thought this was a course to teach better & safer ways to handle your car, e.g., emergency maneuvers, braking, avoidance, cornering, etc. If this is going to be simply to teach you how to drive fast or race around a track at top speed, then I'm not sure I would be interested after all. I mean, this car only does 90 mph, so it seems 'kinda pointless to try and make it a race car. If someone has more insight on exactly what the course at Mission will incorporate for smartcars, I'd love to know so that I can make a more informed decision! Thanks in advance!
  12. 1. Gent2. Fast Eddy3. Bil4. Mike T5. Coast Steve6. I M Smrt (Sean)(Need to find out my schedule for August but interested!)7. SmartieUSA (Bob)8. SmartieUSA (Arlie)9. Snow_Dogs (Deb)10. Smartune11. Peter H12. PAS-LTD (Jerdiss)13. ChineseRider (Stanley)14. redsmartbrabus15. For2 (Muriel, Calvin & Tuvok) 16. Ganisa 117. Ganisa 218. BigCritterGent......I've added myself to the list. I was planning on bringing my wife, but she's not going to be able to get off work! :>( I....however....don't want to miss out again this year. Last year we decided to do "Joyce Fest" instead! THIS time, I don't want to miss it. Can you recommend someplace to stay Sunday & Monday night that is fairly close to the track?? Is the Ramada Inn Pitt Meadows pretty close?? Nice place??
  13. I am attempting to track my 2008 Passion Coupe, which should have left port (I'm thinking) some time around the 26th. of March, headed for Long Beach, CA. I've tried using the VIN on the various sites given, but no luck. Others on this forum seem to have better luck than some in tracking a VIN, so I'm hoping that someone can help. Here is my VIN...............WMEEJ31X58K131135. I'm thinking that it's (hopefully) on the London Express, which left Bremerhaven, Germany on the 26th of March, and is due to arrive in Long Beach, CA on the 18th. of April. I received an e-mail on the 25th. of March from my dealer saying that the status had changed from "shipped" to "in port", which I later found out meant "in port" THERE, not in the U.S. If IN PORT means that it was already loaded on the ship, then it SHOULD BE on the London Express, but there was also a Tokyo Express that left 1 April, and a Kiel Express which left 3 April. My dealer said that they aren't given the names of the ships that our cars are on, so I'm hoping that some of you Super Sleuths can help me locate my car. I'd love to track it! I'd 'kinda be like the time my wife flew in to Frankfurt, Germany and I was in the control tower to watch her plane land! Any help with the VIN, or any information, would be greatly appreciated. Like a LOT of others here, I am getting really anxious and very excited about my "Marty's Smarty!" I've been told probably the end of this month, but I'd really love to have definitive information!!