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  1. Rosie and I are up for it. Might even convince hubby to come!1. smartzuuk (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)2. Mike T (2006 Canada1 Brabus cabrio cdi)3. smartcynth (2008 pure coupe gas)4. smartzuuk spare driven by TBD (2005 pulse coupe cdi)5. bilgladstone (2005 Pulse cdi)6. Henry (06 pulse cabrio cdi)7. Monkii (08' pulse cabrio gas)8. Ted (05 pure cabrio cdi)9. FastEddy (2008 Brabus Xclusive cabrio gas by Flying Tiger)10, mimota (2008 cabrio)11.sidneyfortwo (2005 Pulse Cabrio) 12. Catopounce (2006 Pulse Coupe)13. jeremygray (2006 Passion Coupe cdi)14. smartvancouver (2008 Passion)
  2. Love Bob McHugh's article in the Province, especially the last line (Rosie is still blushing! ) and can't wait for part 2 to come out on Wed. with photos! I'll be cutting out Rosie's "pin-up". LOL!
  3. Congrats Mike!
  4. Hi All,I just happened to be picking up Rosie from her B service at 4:15 in North Van. and was asked if I would be staying for the Smart Winter Expedition. I looked at them blankly.I stayed for the arrival and spoke to a few of them. Some of them spotted Rosie over in the ranks of cars and took pictures of her and then the Mercedes group got me to drive her over for a photo shoot next to the expedition car. You may see some photos of her (obviously nice and clean) next to the dirtiest smart I have ever seen!I talked up CsC and was even wearing my SmartVancouver sweat shirt that Deb made for me!There may have been other members there but I did not know who? Anyway, if you were there, I was the owner of Rosie so you would have seen me!
  5. So do you have it yet? Where are the photos!!? Oh, by the way, Welcome!
  6. Welcome and enjoy!
  7. Welcome from another red on silver "gasser". You will love it!!!
  8. Yes, It did have Grandstyle sign on side. It had the Brabus rear rock? guard and the round signal light at the side - was not sure if that came with it or was an add-on.Anyway, really nice looking car!
  9. Saw this cutie (Brabus?) yesterday at Park Royal in West Vancouver. Don't know if they are a member of CSC but loved the green and it's in "mint" condition. Did the 450's come in this green?Sorry Mike, I could not find the Reg. plate on it!
  10. Also interesting that the weight difference is greater between the smart (920kg) to C-class (1780kg) 93% heavier than between the others: Fit (1119kg) to Accord (1468kg) 31% heavier, and Yaris (1050kg) to Camry (1500kg) 42% heavier.Obviously the match-up is not a fair assessment and the smart came out the best!
  11. Hey Duck, sure am glad that you decided to go to the hospital "as a precaution"! Just think if you decided to sleep it off. Not bearing thinking about and I say go with your instincts and obviously yours are "right on"!Get well!
  13. Just had my 1st service at North Van.MB a little over a month ago and they were great. I didn't need a loaner as was working from home that day so they drove me home and picked me up in their shuttle service.
  14. Welcome to a fellow gasser!
  15. Welcome! Looking forward to more details (colour, name,etc.) and photos!