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  1. Hi All, thanks for all the replys it never occured to me that it might be the fuel gumming up the guage (Diesel is an oil after all) I will try the diesel conditioner that Cameron suggested and hopefully that will help, thanks again
  2. Hi allI,m having a bit of an issue with my fuel guage (in dash LCD bubbles) it doesent read correctly, sometimes its ok and then other times as i,m driving it falls to zero, I,m wondering if it is an electronic fault or the float switch in the tank and wondered if anyone else has had this problem.Any help greatly appreciated
  3. Hi, Do you still have the right (passenger) headlight and if so how much do you want for it?Thanks
  4. Hi All,Just got my smarty out of 3 Point motors in Victoria after its 60,000 B service and was told my high pressure pump is weeping. There are no fuel stains where I park at work or at home so I am wondering if anyone has an idea of how serious this might be? The replacement pump is $1400 + labour it will likley top $2000. Thanks for any help
  5. Tim Hortons, Douglas St., June 5--- 7:00pmI,ll be there, maybe on my own this time though.1) Muriel Calvin & Tuvok 2) Snow_Dogs just Deb; Bill at home looking after pack...3) deezle (hopefully)4) Speedie and 1 "I'll See" I am over to the yellow cloud 2 times but not Thursday5) Serenitie6) MadDog aka Keith
  6. Thanks Deezle, looks good for my sound upgrade . I think I will visit Island Audio as Smartcruzin had such a good experience with them...Keith
  7. Hi All, I was wondering if any of you had any recomendations for upgrading the speakers in my Smart, The radio/cd player is the standard Grundig but the speakers are very distorted at higher volumes (over 15 on the dial) not what I imagined German engineering to be. My Smart is a Diesel Cabrio and I,m sure the speakers are stock.Thanks....Keith
  8. Hi Guys, I love my Smart but am a little confused about biodiesel I get that we can use it but dont understand the differences in type ie B5,B20,B50,B100 and I dont know where it is available, can anyone help?thanks guys....Keith..............Brentwood Bay VI
  9. Hi GuysIt was great to meet Muriel and Calvin at Timmys, I probably asked the same questions all new Smart owners have and they answered everyone as though it was the first time anyone had asked, haha, I look forward to meeting more smarties (lol) in the future.We are definetly interested in going to the rallys you have Deezle I,m trying to free up the weekend of the Saltspring visit right now.Hope to meet more of you soon....................Keith
  10. Hi all anyone know if the meeting is going ahead tonight.Me an the boy would like to join in (hes 9 and loves Smart cars )We can be at Timmys at 6-630 and stay an hour or soHope to hear from someone soon.................Keith
  11. Hi Everyone, My name's Keith and I live on Vancouver IslandI got my first Smart car last Tuesday (22nd) and I love it.