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  1. Well, I got my 450 back and $1500 later I have a new SAM and a new connector. I had them leave the old SAM in a bag for me. So I examined the connector and found that two connection points were melted.Here is what I think happened:The car drives on some bumpy roads. So the connector is subject to vibration. This makes it jiggle and move slightly. As the wires relax into their rest position from the factory installation, they allow the connector to vibrate free. So the high current on the pins is now create a small resistance when the connection is disturbed. This heats them up. The plastic begins to warm (not melt) which makes the connection more relaxed. The pins soon begin to arc, creating a lot of heat - melting the connector points - which allows the metal contacts in the connector to move out of place - breaking the electrical connection - killing your fuel supply.My recommendation is for everyone to check the connector NOW, and see if there is any enlarged holes. It's the forward most connector (towards the driver) when you pull down the SAM. I would zip-tie the connector to something that will ensure the wires have no chance of moving. Do it so there is some slight pressure in some direction. Perhaps if you see enlarged holes, you should add some dielectric grease to keep it happy, and check it periodically.Had I found this before I brought it into Mercedes, I could have easily fixed the issue. But since I didn't think this sort of thing could happen, I never suspected the connector. Sucks to be me. Oh well, I'll watch for it on my other 450 now.
  2. To get my smart into a trailer (another story) I removed them from the doors. Quite easy.
  3. Yes, I asked to keep the old SAM. Thing is, I can't use it as a spare, as the keys will be coded for the new one.I've never had the window changed, and I already asked if water was the cause. The answer was no.
  4. So if your pump killed the SAM, why wouldn't the fuse for the pump blow?
  5. Apparently I've wasted my money. Someone in another thread (Smart Car Discussions/General Discussions) had the same problem and has identified the issue. AGGGGHHH!! I could have fixed it myself!!
  6. I've just gone through this exactly. Only the dealership has said they must change all connectors and the SAM unit = $1500!Wait a second... what dealership are you going to? I'm at Ogilvie, and the car is still there.
  7. BAD / GOOD news.I toed my 450 to the dealership and they told me the SAM was shorting out. They said the connectors going into the SAM are beginning to melt. They have to replace all the connectors and put in a new SAM. 3 hours labour + Connectors + SAM = $1,545.00!!!!!!
  8. ya... but then the glow light would stay on.
  9. Oh joy... that would be fun to get at. Ok, considering that perhaps it's at the SAM, can anyone tell me what wire & relay is responsible for the either pump system?
  10. Update:My guy at the dealership asked a tech if there was anything I should look for. He said check the fuel pump connection on the SAM. So I pulled the SAM and wiggled stuff around. Everything looked clean a dry. For the fun of it, I tried to start the car. It started... and ran. I let it run for 20 minutes. While it ran I juggled the SAM looking for something that would make the car stop. Nothing. So I figured I must have wiggled something back in place. So I buttoned up the car and was going to call it fixed. I turned it off, then tried to start it again. Nothing. Same story over again, cranking forever and won't catch. I tried wiggling the SAM to see if I could get it going again. Nothing.So what if there is no power to the fuel pump... at the pump. How can I check that connection? Does anyone have a photo of that section?
  11. The oil light never came on when it was running. When starting the oil light will of course come on until the car is running.I'll have a look at the SAM, but I don't imagine that's where I'll find anything.
  12. Nothing shows up on the scanguage. I think the oil light is on only because the engine isn't running... it only goes off a few seconds after you start the car, and I can't get it to stay on but half a second.
  13. Well, I let it dry overnight and it's clear there is something the computer is doing. The car will start for a brief moment, but then shut off. If there was water in there, the water separator light would come on. No? The computer isn't happy with something, and it doesn't want to tell me.