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  1. DRL utilizes the low beams, if activated. There are online sources for MB parts in the US. I would try there first. Or do a web search for the wire harness part number and see what pops up.
  2. I've driven hundreds of miles in a 450 in winter with no TC or ESP. With a good set of snow tires it is very manageable. If you are pushing the limits the electronic nannies could make the difference between staying on the road or not. Once or twice a winter I have had to disable TC on my 451 to get out of parking lots. Once on cleared roads I reset the system if I am going to travel out of town.
  3. A threaded phenolic ball should be a better fix to a metal sleeve.
  4. The wiring and relay are not robust enough to sustain a single headlight, the reason for your failure. Doubling the load on a similar circuit would be a horrible idea. While you are wiring in an extra relay for the headlights, you should do the same for the fuel pump, it is prone to failure as well.
  5. Welcome to the club.
  6. No mention of anything to do with MTO approved trailer hitches for any vehicle. It would appear that is not a real thing.
  7. Yes, YouTube has several how-to videos.
  8. Welcome to the club.
  9. 185/55r15 is only marginally larger than 175/55r15, so they really should work without issue.
  10. You can free up the alternator and start your car or muck about with the starter. I do not care what you choose.
  11. You likely need to free up the alternator.
  12. The 185/60R15 works on a 451 but I'm fairly certain is too tall for a 450.
  13. A 40 mm narrower rear track, does not lead to dangerous handling. Travelling through heavy snow is in fact improved as the rears better match up to the path of the front wheels.
  14. The ride is slightly softer than stock, that could be more due to tire construction then sizing. Handling is similar to stock, car still under steers. On dry roads it is easier to break the rear tires free under power.