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  1. If you compare the 451 ED to the 453 ED, the 453 is more efficient but has less range. That is just flat out wrong.
  2. Plunkett's is cancelled due to weather.
  3. Weather permitting my Father and I will be there.
  4. Do you know how long ago that was? Otherwise it may be a wiring issue at or near the transmission or clutch actuator.
  5. Has the battery ever been replaced in the car?
  6. If nothing else it looks less douchey than a lifted pickup truck.
  7. The offset of the rear wheel is the reason they rub when placed on the front. There are steel and alloy wheel sets that would permit 175/55R15 to 195/40R16 to be run on the fronts., lists all the available OE wheels for the 450 smart. I run Roadster steel front wheels on my 450 with 175/55R15 all around.
  8. 165/45R15 is miles from an OE size of tire for any smart. What year and model do you own?
  9. Welcome to the club. I think there have been 1 or 2 reports of battery replacements on smart Car Of America. Current quoted replacement costs of the ED battery are many times more than $5000.
  10. Looks like 31 453 ED are at the terminal waiting to ship to Canada.
  11. The Bluetooth was a factory option
  12. service options If there is an independent from the above link, take the car to them. M-B should be a last resort.
  13. Welcome to CsC. How many kilometers on your 2013? The car should just need regular maintenance until you get closer to 200k km.
  14. Might be time for an eye exam. A 451 not a 450. 450 451
  15. Existing stock of gas powered cars will be the only ones available and could possibly sellout before the end of year.