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  1. It has been several years since I removed the rear panels. I do not remember any issue with unclipping them, pulled away from the side of the car and pulled the whole works straight back . Hopeless is just fine when just regular maintenance is needed. I lost track of the number of times I had to take the panels off the 450. Rear panels of the 451 removed once in 6.5 years.
  2. I would not recommend any Walmart brand battery, the one I have in my 451 does not perform well at all in the cold.
  3. From owners in the US, M-B is not forcing anyone to rent the battery in used cars but if you do not pay the rental fee the battery is not warrantied for the possible 8 or 10 years.
  4. Did the check engine light come on last year when you lost power? If the car has been sitting a year, front disc brakes will rust up. A front bearing would not leak an oil like substance, could be a brake fluid leak. The car need to be looked at by a competent individual.
  5. The 451 rear wheels would need spacers to be used on a 450.
  6. No MHD smarts in Canada or the US.
  7. If memory serves, an 02 that had to be nearly rebuilt from top to bottom, that does not scream reliable to me. My 451 uses about 1L extra per hundred km of fuel to what my 450 returned. The 451 has heat to spare in the winter. After 6+ years the AC still works like new. The 450 needs regular service twice as often. My 451 has been the best car I have owned to date. Front brakes, 2 brake lamp switches and an alternator are the only parts needed on my 451 in 180k km. The brake lamp switches were under warranty. Only buy a 450 if you have your own shop and constantly enjoy maintaining a vehicle.
  8. Sounds like a brake lamp switch issue. If your brake lights fail to work when the car is stuck in Park, confirmed it is the switch. I am on my 3rd switch in my 2011. The first 2 were affected by cold and moisture. To completely stop the issue, you would need a new switch. Here is a video on how to defeat the park lock. A large universal floor mat fitted to keep snow off the carpet is a good idea.
  9. From my experience the 2009 should be the most reliable.
  10. PM the user that made that post.
  11. The majority if not all fortwos being towed four down are 451s not 450s.
  12. The OE cdi is electronically limited to 135 kph/84 mph and has no issue maintaining that speed following a transport through the hills of Tennessee.
  13. When you disconnected the battery did you disconnect the negative wire? If the battery is dying over a span of a couple of days, I would expect it needs to be replaced. Many auto parts stores in the US will load test batteries for free. When you press on the brake pedal do all the brake lights work correctly? Perform those 2 tests and report back.
  14. Could be a battery issue, could be wiring, clutch actuator, brake lamp switch. Start with brake lamp switch and battery.
  15. Sent the diesel off to a new home in the Harriston area.