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  1. A 451 can be unlocked using the key in the driver's door. The transmission park lock can also be defeated. There is a tab to pull situated under the shifter housing.
  2. It is a SCT it shifts as one should expect from such a setup, at the cdi's price point.
  3. Welcome to the club. Check out Youtube for cdi videos, for engine sound comparisons.
  4. Welcome to the club.
  5. No such option. The lights flash and if you are close enough to the car you can hear the doors lock.
  6. I would change oil once a year.
  7. When I still went on sCOA, there were a few posts of ring replacements on 451s. I have treated mine a few times (anti rust spray), through 8 winters now, so far, so good.
  8. The first thread that comes up on Google, there may be something there.
  9. In some locations wheel adapters are not road legal. If they are manufactured and installed correctly, there should be no noises or real safety issues. I have run 5mm spacers to fit a set of summer tires I have, with no problems, under hard driving. I have 16" wheels and the ride quality is reduced enough that I would not run 17" on a smart.
  10. I did the Barney-O budget intake mod on my car, there is a thread of sCOA. Very easy to change the filter now. The stock filter is more than fine for turbo applications, no need for more in a stock or near stock car. Noise is the only gain from an aftermarket exhaust.
  11. 200k km on the 451 as of last night .
  12. Certain companies should be able to replicate the look in vinyl. Depending on the damage to the panels it may also be repairable, plastic welding is quite good now.
  13. Welcome. I have owned both the diesel and gas versions, there has only been about a 1 litre per 100km difference in fuel consumption for me. The overall reliability of my 451 over the 450 I had, eclipses the one-trick-pony fuel mileage of the cdi. My gasser has returned about 5.2 lhk over the last 199k km. There were mechanical and software issues in the first couple of years of the 451. Depending on budget, the closer to a 2015 model year you can get the better.
  14. Panels are "scratch black". The panels are on the rare side.
  15. SIGN UP 1. Bill 2. Ron & Dot 3. Liz & Glenn 4. Todd 5. Bob & Candi 6. Larry & Gail 7. William 8. 9. 10.