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  1. Finding someone with a STAR machine nearby would be a very good idea, codes should be stored from the most recent issues. Mercedes have you fiddled with the clutch actuator on the cabrio? Just wondering if it is an electrical problem or a mechanical one. At 51k km can not see it being a clutch or transmission issue. At the Ohio meet I performed an actuator reteach on the Applecrate. The actuator had been removed to be cleaned and when reinstalled was not quite in the same place, clutch engagement was rough. A STAR reteach and it was back to normal.
  2. Besides the 3 bars did you get and ABS or ESP fault light? As you now own multiple 450s, I would recommend you purchase an AAA membership.
  3. Send your questions to Daystar.
  4. Search for "Daystar", a 451 owner on the site installed one. I do not think there is a lift kit for a 450.
  5. The remapped cars tend to smoke and stink a bit on startup. If ti is more than a puff or two of un-burned fuel, there might be an EGR issue or something.
  6. Thank you for the link but that would not explain the reason for the AC belt being "worn out" as the tech described it. In addition the Tech found no issues with pullies or the like. Best guess (without physical proof) is that the mb tech in London did not change the belts when the alternator was changed. I have to find my receipt for that work. The brand new belts were not in my car when I got it back.
  8. I took part in the scheduled Saturday event for about 5 minutes. One of the Ohio smart owner's was kind enough to take me on a Sunday tour of Dayton, Wright Brothers historical locations, Dayton Air Museum, Oregon Historic District, Dayton University, etc.
  9. Car repaired this morning, made it safely back to Seaforth.
  10. Welcome to CsC. Daystar lift kit..
  11. The alternator belt failed on my 451. Had it towed to Cincinnati, to be repaired Monday morning. Only 5k km on the belt, do not know if the belt was defective or the Tech in London was not quite on the ball when it was installed. Much thanks to all the smart owners at the Ohio rally that came to my aid today.
  13. IIRC there was a European article that stated there would be a new Twingo in 2020 or 2021 and that MB and Renault would share development of it and the smart variants.
  14. How are you Noah? Many of us are still around 3 years later.
  15. Welcome to CsC. The dealer will be likely be the most expensive option. Auto recyclers may have used fobs. For someone without a STAR machine, I would just buy a Chinese made replacement fob and have the locksmith cut the key and do the programming if they are able. Searching for "key fob" on the site may bring up some existing threads on the subject.
  16. I am not sure if you are displaying BAR or atmospheric pressure but it is low. My cdi would display up to around a 32 PSI MAP value, the CPU throws a fault around 33.5 PSI. My guess would be that your waste gate is not set correctly/ functioning correctly or you have a fueling issue.
  17. Mercedes, if you experience further transmission gremlins confirm the brake lamp switch is working correctly, the next item to check would be the battery.
  18. I will bring my camera and tripod, so we can get a group photo or two. I also have a new dashcam for videos.
  19. I did not stop to collect the VIN but there is an all silver 450 Coupe located at a used car lot on Hwy 23 between Listowel and Palmerston.
  20. Another day another smart on the dashcam. Between Mitchell and Dublin.
  21. If you are only putting 15L in the tank you are a long way from empty. With the tank good and full you should have close to 24L before the count down would hit 0L, still leaving almost 2L in the tank.
  22. I had an all black 451 follow me from the east end of Mitchell to the west end of Sebringville this afternoon.
  23. Welcome to the club. I have 183k km on my 2011.
  24. Remaps produce around the 95 to 100 lbs/ft of torque, similar to the powerbox numbers. HP numbers are better with most of the remaps.