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  1. ICE vehicles have been polluting for over 100 years. EVs will never come close to the damage already done. Future carbon based battery tech will eliminate the use of rare earth metals, increase energy density and decrease charge times.
  2. If you have enough range to get to a car rental place, you can save yourself the effort of modifying the ED.
  3. This was not stated in your first post, so it was not obvious in any way. I have read most of the threads on this site. I am nearly 100% certain you are the first with this issue to report it here. I do not frequent smart Car of America anymore, there may be someone over there that has experienced a similar issue. There are more 451 owners to be found there. A STAR machine connected to the car may be able to diagnose the issue, you would be either looking at taking the car to M-B or a shop that deals with European cars. I do not know if faulty fobs or a faulty fob receiver could cause your issues. Hopefully you will be able to get this fixed and will report back.
  4. Welcome to CsC. When unlocking the doors the first push of the button unlocks the driver's door. To unlock the passenger door the fob must be pressed a second time. When locking I have never experienced the 3 flashes if the doors did not in fact lock. Did you physically confirm the doors were still unlocked after getting the 3 cycles of flashing lights? I would recommend reading the owner's manual for your car.
  5. Welcome to CsC. There are about 100 Canadian cdi in the US currently. Possibly the easiest way to get into cdi ownership would be to purchase one of those. If you have not already done so, posting something similar on smart Car of America may be beneficial.
  6. Matt Bosch and Sinister Sand Sports (James' car) converted smarts have reverse gearing.
  7. If it just failed, "out of the blue", I would start by checking the wiring into the temperature sensor in the passenger foot well area.
  8. Last week I had a 450 coupe drive past the Post Office in Dublin, ON. This past Saturday caught 450s and a 451 on the dashcam.
  9. Traveling home from Goderich today, my 451 rolled over 190k km. By far the most km I have personally put on any vehicle I have owned.
  10. Running 145 Toyo Observe GSi5 ice radials all around. Good spacing between tread blocks to get through heavy snow, my 451 has pushed through close to 12" of fresh snow to get out of my parking lot. I drove out, another person in the building has to dig their way out for their fwd Hyundai. They lack the feedback of an X-Ice tire but compare closely to the Blizzaks. Better in deep snow than the Blizzaks. As for snow tires of yester-years and current technology, Of all the vehicles with "winter" tires that ended up in a ditch that I have ridden in, they ran old style hard rubber, deep tread winter tires. I will stick with current tech, ice radials and stay on the road, thanks all the same.
  11. I do not recall reading of any 451 with a failed clutch fork. Did M-B provide you with any paperwork with fault codes to justify replacing major parts?
  12. I would try disconnecting the negative cable from the battery for 30 minutes or so and see if the car will respond. If that helps the next step would be to have the software updated.
  13. Welcome to CsC. I would ignore the M-B diagnosis. Are you the original owner? Has the transmission control unit software been updated? How old is the battery?
  14. 5W30 would be fine for a region that does not see negative temperatures.
  15. Closing in on 190k km on my 451, the TCU software in my car works well, never had a no shift into rev or drive. It is unfortunate M-B did not do a better job of updating the software in the pre 2011s. I do not plan on tampering with the actuator, in my car. If it fails I will replace it. Lubricating the transmission shifter motors seems like a moronic thing to do but it is not my car.
  16. Welcome to CsC.
  17. Welcome to CsC. Keep us updated as the mods happen.
  18. Next month should be the Thursday night Plunkett meet.
  19. The OP needs a brake lamp switch. The US/CAN shifter in the 451 has an electro/mechanical lock for park and neutral.
  21. Came up a bit short of 700km. A/C use and windy conditions. A bit of an odd occurrence, there was about a 1L difference between the count down and my UltraGuage going to work, the UG is pessimistic as a rule. Start the car to go home and they sink up almost exactly. UG showed about 0.7 L of fuel burned to return the roughly 18km home. If that level of consumption was repeatable over a full tank an 850km+ tank would be possible.
  22. smart Car of America has a list of service options in the US for 450s. How have you determined it needs a clutch actuator adjustment?
  23. Make sure car is in neutral when you remove the actuator. When installing loosely install bolts, so actuator can move, push actuator towards clutch and let the spring action move the actuator away from the clutch. That should be close enough to drive the car. As soon as you are able I would teach in the actuator.
  24. Arduino boards can be had for $7 and relay modules for $5.