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  1. Were there any symptoms besides the error message? If the "power electronic module" is the motor controller and it has not blown up, it should be a repairable item. A repair to the module may only be in the range of hundreds of dollars not thousands.
  2. Car went in for it's now yearly oil change at MacDonald Automotive Performance . $28 for labour. Giving Castrol Edge 0W40 a try this time around.
  3. A narrow tire cuts through snow, making contact with the road, has less rolling resistance. Contact with the road equals more traction in most situations. I have been running 145s in the winter for the last 10 years. I have seen first hand 4x4s with wide tires in the winter get stuck in parking lots with just the lightest of snowfall.
  4. There will be no fitment issues. ESP will not be affected but your speedo will be slightly. I would not personally run a tire that wide in the winter.
  5. Google shows several convertible top repair places in the GTA.
  6. Welcome to CsC. I have never read of anyone who has purchased an ex Car2Go having issues with adding a second key. There are independent mechanics in Alberta they may be more useful, click on Service Options.
  7. Welcome to CsC.
  8. Welcome to CsC. My 2011 does not suffer from those issues.
  9. Welcome to CsC.
  10. I attended a Youtube car meet in Dunnville on Wednesday. There were two modified 450s in attendance, one powered by a 1000cc motorcycle motor, the other with a 750cc.
  11. MAP pressures just over 33 PSI will cause a boost fault. With a factory ECU map, the cdi in proper running order should clip along at 135 kph.
  12. OP states their car is a 2013. Software issues were mainly with 2008 and 2009.
  13. Check the brake fluid reservoir to see if it is empty. If so, you have a fluid leak to find, I would inspect the metal lines first..
  14. 145/65R15 front/rears in the winter since 2009, still here to tell the tale.
  15. Tolson's description does not agree with how the system worked in my 2005 cdi. The booster would function with coolant temps over 70 C.
  16. I have used multipurpose waterproofing membrane to control sound in the rear of the car, works well enough on the cheap. It can only do so much for lower frequency exhaust noises.
  17. There is a good chance the new shifter will need to be setup by a STAR machine or equivalent.
  18. fortwo

    Welcome to CsC.
  19. Removing the shifter surround may make the issue more visible, if it is a physical problem. I think there is only one Torx screw holding it in place.
  20. I can not recall reading of anyone with your particular problem. If you have not posted over on smart Car of America, I would try over there. Are there any fault lights showing or horizontal bars in place of the gear indicator in the cluster?
  21. Welcome to CsC. The key is in position 1 with your foot on the brake pedal?
  22. Welcome to CsC.
  23. M-B London should have received 2 cut blanks for your car. If you still have your receipt, I would be asking them what they did with your 2nd blank.
  24. Above is the procedure for M-B to code new keys when both are lost. I suspect the $1400 price is to replace the SAM, the dealer should be well aware they do not have to do this.