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  1. Throwing all those codes after removing and reinstalling a harness would suggest to me a bad or several bad connections. Spraying the connectors with contact cleaner would be a good first step. Are you disconnecting the battery when fiddling with the electrics? Have you touched the clutch actuator or it's wiring harness at all?
  2. Welcome to the club. Specifically what servicing did you perform on the car? A fault code would make troubleshooting easier and more accurate. Have you tried disconnecting the battery for 10 - 15 minutes?
  3. Welcome to CsC.
  4. Being a 2008, refusal to go into gear is likely a software issue. As for jerky acceleration / vibrations, there are many things that could cause this. Fuel, spark, engine mount, clutch. When did you last put fuel in the car? Have the spark plugs been changed? Are there any aftermarket mechanicals or electronics added to the car?
  5. Either there may be a reset in the dash menu or the below procedure will work.
  6. When the mandate for marine vessels to use ultra low sulfur diesel begins, automotive diesel prices are going to rise again, unless production increases. I think diesel is more expensive than premium gasoline right now in this area.
  7. I do not think any of the 2005 cars had block heaters from the factory.
  8. The photo is from a 450 not a 451. I stand to be corrected but I am fairly certain there is no e-box in a 451.
  9. Welcome to CsC. I would try swapping the turn signal bulb holders and see if the problem persists. As it might just be a dirty contact(s) on the right side.
  10. If you are pressing on the light grey section of the wheel (marked with horn symbols) and not the airbag in the center, you may have an issue with the clock spring in the wheel.
  11. Have a safe and very happy holidays.
  12. Welcome to CsC. The windshield seal may have failed.
  13. Comparing a body on frame vehicle like the model T to a current unibody vehicle is a real stretch. The Model 3 would have to be completely redesigned to do this. GM had a concept platform that could accept different bodies, can not recall if it was EV or fuel cell based. A rebadged Tesla as a Mazda or Subaru built in a Mazda or Subaru factory could be done but is not likely economically feasible for either of those two companies.
  14. ESP was added as well as staggered size wheels/tires after the elk test failure of the A Class.
  15. The amount of under steer at the limits from the skinny fronts is more than was really needed. I much prefer the good weather handling with 4 tires the same size, ideally as wide as possible.
  16. I will be working while everyone is enjoying dinner, wanted to pass on wishes for a safe and happy holiday season to all.
  17. Welcome to CsC. I could program your fob if you were to travel to the Seaforth area.
  18. The method on Evilution's site is a much better solution.
  19. It is possible to get into a 450 without a key. I think Evilution has the instructions.
  20. Went and picked up my repaired fortwo this evening from Borrmann's Garage outside of Bluevale, ON. UAP starter was 269.99 + tax, labour was $86. Tomorrow after work I will need to put on winter wheels/tires.
  21. Disabling the TC in the 451 is very easy if your hands are large enough. In a 450 in only takes a little longer to use an OBDII based disabler.
  22. Welcome to the club. I run 4 Toyo Observe GSi-5 in 145/65R15. In the last decade I have never missed a day of work in the winter because of owning a fortwo.
  23. The 5L Castrol goes on sale for around $30 at CT.
  24. The 0W40 version should return a bit better fuel mileage, if you can get it.