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  1. Hello guys!! I was wondering if someone knew how to plug in and install the alternator for a fortwo. I had to replace it for a new one but now i do not know how to put it back in its place. Is there someone that can help me. All i see are 3 cables. The alterantor has 3 place where all of this cables could go but i do not want to plug them in the wrong place. Thanks!!!!
  2. hello again! if u guys dont remember who i am just look here http://www.clubsmartcar.ca/forums/viewtopi...ighlight=#46438 I would like to know how difficult would be to put A/C to a fortwo since i live in Houston,Texas it gets really hot hahaha really hot and since my car i didnt buy it with A/C just wanted to know how it can be done if its possible, thanks!!
  3. yeah I always use R to park it with the hand brake but I started to notice this when I didnt put the R but still it should hold it without the R, but anyways im going to try to remove the undertray and see what i can do and if i dont get anything im ask again or someone else, thanks a lot!!!!
  4. well I dont use it when the car is in motion, I only use it when im parking that about it, and so is there like a screw or something that I can move so it works better when im parking?
  5. it work all the way, but its a lot!! that i have to pull it up so it can stop the car
  6. are they gonna bring the Roadster?
  7. hello, can some one help me to adjust the hand brake of my fortwo like when ever I use it, it seems that is like weak it and it wont stop the car, the car will still move!!! I dont know how to fix this! please help me!!!
  8. yes I finally got it!!! thank you !!!!!
  9. hello, I need some help I wanted to check the rear breaks of my fortwo but I got the WHEEL off and thats as far I got because, I think is drum brake so when I took the tire off, I dont know how to take that off there is a big star in the middle (I dont have that tool) and I dont know how to take it out, please someone help me!!! thanks
  10. hello, yes!!!!! thats great!!! finally I will be able to do a service to my fortwo here in Houston,Texas greetings!!!!! i55.photobucket.com/albums/g134/BriansCutie09/IMAG0092.jpg i55.photobucket.com/albums/g134/BriansCutie09/e7fa5265.jpg i55.photobucket.com/albums/g134/BriansCutie09/IMAG0080.jpg i55.photobucket.com/albums/g134/BriansCutie09/IMAG0098.jpg
  11. hello, well thats not good for me if they'll bring the smart over here it be much easier for me to get my car service, and finally theyll let me drive it with AMERICAN PLATES!!! GREETINGS from Houston,TEXAS.
  12. hello!! those horns look nice!!!!! in My smart lol THanks SM4RT_JMC I got some more pictures of it and thanks again for your welcomes!!! [/img]
  13. Hello Speedie, Thank you for ur help and the pictures they are always helpful. And that a good idea of finding a wreck with a/c might be cheaper, Greetings JAIME
  14. Hi everybody, Can someone help me I need to know if its possible to install an A/C since I live in Houston,Texas USA the weather is kind of crazy here one day could be really cold and the next can be really hot and during the summer if u dont have A/C they heat is terrible , my fortwo doesnt have a/c so can someone tell me what do I need or where I can get the parts like the botton to turn the a/c on and whar parts might need to install it. Greetings JAIME