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  1. Congrats to Pat G in Belleville who purchased my 2005 smart Pulse last night. With this purchase Pat has 4 operational and registered smart cars in his fleet. cappytanjack ...
  2. [Hey CANMAN thanks for the reply. The battery is 3 weeks old from CTC and fully charged. The first drive with the new alternator (with a fully charged CTC battery still under warranty) caused it to boil and bulge the battery (a constant 17 volts at highway speed will do that). I then replaced that battery with the current battery thinking I had a battery problem as well. I do know that some (most) new cars these days do control the voltage demand with the ECU even with a built-in voltage regulator in the alternator. I did not know that the smart was also one of them. The technician confirmed this with his alternator repair parts computer software. The car starts fine and charges normally at idle (approx 13.7 volts with slight fluctuation) but with increased engine rpm the voltage output goes up to 17 volts which made me believe it was the built-in regulator at fault. The technician claims it is the ECU (SAM) that is causing this.cappytanjack
  3. The original alternator on my 2005 cdi with 74K died a quick death a few weeks back with less than the required 12+ volt output. While driving the car the battery light came on, then the multiple amber light flashes from the ESP plus two other amber lights, then no turn signal lights would function and finally the 3 bars of death just as I was turning in the driveway. The battery voltage was dropping to an all time low of 9.6 volts. The car then refused to shift out of 1st gear and I drove it slowly in first gear into the garage. I purchased a new Bosch alternator from Rock Auto ($145 USD) and it shipped from the UK. Once installed the alternator's ouput would go beyond 17 volts which had me believing the voltage regulator (rectifier) was bad in my new alternator. This was a first for me as I have never had issues with new alternators previously. The rebuild shop in Belleville insists the alternator and regulator are within specifications with a maximum voltage output of 14.6 volts. One technician claims the smart ECU (SAM) is responsible for sending the alternator a signal to produce maximum voltage and it is the ECU (SAM) that is to blame. Has anyone else experienced this problem after an alternator replacement and if so what was the fix? This same technician claims that NAPA can send out the ECU (SAM) for a check-up to see if it is functioning properly. Has anyone tried this service? Thanks for your help.cappytanjack
  4. Pat G here in Trenton had the recall performed in Kingston last Friday, 15 Feb on one of his 2006 smart cars and has since experienced one of the handles remaining in the open upright position after attempting to open the door. He had to use the bungy cord method once again to keep the door closed. That same handle later in the day dropped to its normal position and the door latched on its own. Perhaps this fix isn't a fix after all. Time will tell ...cappytanjack
  5. By 2015 GM will have a diesel Chevrolet Cruze model in its inventory and so will Mazda. The writing is on the wall; smart in North America is going the way of the dodo, or RIM or should I say Blackberrry, without a diesel option. It is hanging around just to pad the CAFE ratings for MB until a better model is designed.cappytanjack
  6. As of noon today Customer Relations at smart Canada in Toronto didn't know about the recall when I called to update my mailing address and phone number. I called just in case a recall notice gets sent to all smart owners via snail mail. The waiting begins ... tick, tick, tick.cappytanjack ...
  7. Car was purchased in 2008 when it had 30,000 km and was still under warranty. EGR has been cleaned and intercooler checked for leaks and bracket modified to prevent chafing. Owned and operated by a diesel mechanic. Reason for sale: new boat coming and no room for the smart in the garage. Car has the following:glass roofclock & tachipod connectorpaddle shiftersheated seatsK&N air filterMichalak air intake scoop with delipped air intake pipeBRABUS front grill in blackrear cargo coverunder driver's seat drawerE-mail me at for photos.
  8. For sale: Set of 4 Styleline 15" wheels with Continental EcoContact EP summer tires. The rims have zero curb rash and the tires have less than 10K kilometers on them. Asking $400 obo. PM me for photos. Available for pick-up in Trenton, Ontario.cappytanjackUpdate: Wheels and tires are SOLD! !
  9. Hey 3UP. I'm lovin' those wheels as well. I'm in Ramstein, Germany for the week and heading back to Frankfurt on Friday before returning to Toronto on Saturday. Where in Germany did you order the Rondells? I'd be interested in a set in that size if the price were right. Do you mind me asking how much you spent on them and the cost of the DHL delivery? Thanks.cappytanjack ...
  10. CANMAN, are you sure you wouldn't trade even for a 2005 Pulse CDI with 68,000km?Cappytanjack
  11. I was thinking VW dunebuggy 2.0cappytanjack
  12. Gauchorojo, my 2005 Pulse at 68K has also decided not to always start when I need it to and I discovered at lunchtime today that it will start without depressing the brake pedal with the transmission selector in neutral. Has anyone replaced the electrical safe switch at the brake pedal? If so, how much was the part and how long did it take to replace it? Tonight I will replace the ground cable from the frame to the engine in an effort to rule out a potential fault there. Best of luck troubleshooting. I will keep you posted.cappytanjack
  13. Orangemonster, I agree with Duck; at least get proof from the dealership that all of the other PDI items were accomplished. If they even blink before providing proof my guess would be a PDI was not performed; the twats! Not a great way to start an owner loyality relationship after purchase.Cappytanjack ...
  14. Bobb, can you show us a photo of one of your new rims? I'm currently leaning toward Corelines as my next purchase. Thank you.Cappytanjack ...
  15. Seasons greeting from Colorado Springs, Colorado. BTW, you can track Santa's journey today at Merry Christmas!Cappytanjack ...